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Joining / Renewing / About i-Team Membership

  • For us, it's not about the bike you ride - IT IS ABOUT YOUR PASSION FOR THE SPORT OF CYCLING. i-Team works because 'what you see is what you get' and everyone buys into its unique format that hasn't changed much since day one what you see is what you get.

    This has enabled i-Team to build up a loyal membership base of cyclists who take part in virtually every aspect of our sport.

You Only Get Out What You Put in...

Whether you like to cycle solo, or as part of a group, you can still take an active role in our club. As is always the case with any organisation or club, you may need to make some form of initial commitment before you get anything back. To get the most out of being a member of i-Team, you ideally should try to stay in touch with other members either using the member's web areas or by taking part in club rides when possible - i-Team is definitely a club that rewards do-ers! B)

Typical Member Profiles...

Thanks for your interest in - details on how to join with a link to where you purchase memberships can be found at the bottom of this article - but first, here is a bit more information about what our members do...



Club Rider:


(All Ages) - Ride with other members on club runs and chain gangs, U.K. Sportives such as Ride London, Tour of Wessex, Dragon Ride - or overseas sportives such as Tour of Flanders, Etape du Tour, Marmotte - overseas cycling holidays organised by members for members

Female Rider:


(All Ages) - Ride with other female members on club rides, U.K. Sportives such as Ride London, Tour of Wessex, Dragon Ride - or overseas sportives such as Tour of Flanders, Etape du Tour, Marmotte - overseas cycling holidays organised by members for members



(All Ages) - Although we are not a club that is dedicated to novices, we all remember what it was like to be starting out. perhaps a bit unsure of riding in a group, or a bit afraid to look daft by asking basic questions - fear not! - If you are keen and want to improve your cycling, bring a positive atitude and are willing to learn - there will be a special welcome for you and lot's of encouragement garanteed

Off-Road / MTB / Dirt:


(All Ages) - has it's own off-road circuit in private woodland for exclusive use of members. We organise weekly group MTB rides and also in the summer evenings we organise coaching sessions, delivered by our British Cycling Level 2 MTB coaches.

Membership Benefits For All...

  • Membership of an active, friendly and professionally run club - proven track record for providing a quality cycling club service for it's members since 2003 and acreddited with Sport England Club Mark & British Cycling Go-Ride status
  • Membership of a club affiliated to British Cycling, Cyclists' Touring Club, Cycling Time Trials, & more - so you can represent in races and organised cycling events, wherever you live in the U.K. or Worldwide. (N.B. i-Team has the largest number of British Cycling members in the South division)
  • Access to discounted introductory British Cycling Membership packages - B.C. membership provides adequate 3rd party insurance when riding  - If you ride with us, you'll know that other members have some level of insurance
  • Access to organised Club Rides - members can take part in club rides and activities - (non members are allowed a maximum of 3 rides to make up their minds if we are the right club for them before joining)
  • Access to purchase our professionally designed, pro-team quality club clothing - as previosuly worn by riders like Dani King, Jon Dibben and Joe Truman
  • Access to our own integrated Cycling Club Social Network that pre-dates Facebook & Twitter - Uniquely to i-Team - everyone uses their real names and photos, so it is easy to get to know everyone online, ready for when you meet them out on the road - Interact and ask questions and receive qualified answers from experienced and helpfull team mates, including our British Cycling qualified club coaches.
  • Access to Our British Cycling Qualified Coaches - Save time and money by talking to our British Cycling Level 1, 2, & 3 Qualified Coaches before you purchase that expensive set of wheels, or start following that training program you've downloaded from a source on the net (how can the source know what is right for you - why do tennis players, track & field athletes, pro cyclists etc. have coaches?)

Types of Membership...

  • Full Standard Senior Membership (£25) - i.e. you intend to ride with other members - and/or you intend to take part in British Cycling sanctioned Races and Events - N.B. MUST be your only or 'First Clain' cycling club
  • Full Standard Concessionary Membership (£10) - i.e. you are under 18 years of age or over 65, or on limited income (unemployed or full-time student) - you intend to ride with other members - and/or you intend to take part in British Cycling sanctioned Races and Events - N.B. MUST be your only or 'First Clain' cycling club
  • Family Membership (£1.50 when purchased with a Full Membership ) - For non-racing members who are close family of Full Standard Members - N.B. It is strongly recommended that this is added to under 18's membership so that a parent can access club forums to check for upcoming events, access feedback from coaching sessions etc.
  • Associate Membership (£15) - For non-riding members (but sometimes this is made available for former members  etc, who want to maintain links and ride with ride with their former club - please contact us first to discuss)

Terms & Conditions...

  1. All members must agree to read & abide by our Membership Guidelines
  2. All members must agree to read & abide by our Child Protection Policy
  3. If you plan to take part in any group rides or coaching sessions you are requested to become familiar with the i-Team Group Riding Guide
  4. All members must agree to join i-Team and take part in any events at their own risk and not hold i-Team as a club, or other members liable for any loss or injury
  5. To remain a member, British Cycling 'Ride' / 'Silver' or Gold membership must be maintained and membership must be maintained by purchasing a membership subscription on the first of January each year (except if you joining after September 1st. in any year, in the following year's subscription will be included.)
  6. If your membership subscription is not renewed by 31st January in the year that it is due, your membership will lapse, and you will not be eligible to ride with other members on club rides, or access the members website. If we do not hear from you by June 1st., you will be deemed to have left the club and we will delete your membership profile
  7. N.B. With the exception of 'Associate / Family Membership' must be your first ‘claim club’ (i.e. you don’t race for another club and then expect to benefit from our club rides, coaching sessions, chain gangs, or training rides,)


Joning i-Team is now easier than ever before..

  1. Click on this link to purchase membership via British Cycling's website
  2. Complete all sections of your British Cycling membership profile - especially next-of-kin details
  3. Click the Terms & Conditions & also the B.C. Terms & Conditions links at the payment gateway
  4. Because uses the British Cycling Club Membership Tool, your personal details are automatically added club records
  5. You will normally be sent an email to the address on your British Cycling profile within 24 hours, with the disclaimer form that you will need to sign and return to complete your application


  1. In the rare event (it hasn't happened yet,) that your membership is not accepted, you will be notified and will recive a refund of your membership fee in the form of a cheque, sent to the address that you regsistered with British Cycling.
  2. You will then be sent a welcome email with your log-in details for the members areas of club website, where you can access lots of information about club activities and get to know your fellow team mates better.
  3. If you send a stamped self-addressed envelope - we will send you an plastic 'credit card' type membership card and QR code ICE helmet sticker

Individual, and Family Memberships - Example Total Costs Including British Cycling Membership

Example One:

You are a single adult member over 18, who rides with other members:

  • You will need  to pay £25 for i-Team membership and £35 for British Cycling Ride membership - total £60.00 (price correct of 01/01/2016 - see Britsh Cycling Website to check)
  • That's £1.15 per week, for having the peace of mind that if the worst happened and you were held liable for damage or injury whilst cycling

Example Two:

You are over 18 and you and your wife and 2 children want to accompany you on some club rides with other members:

  • Purchase Full Senior Membership for £25.00
  • Plus 3x Partner / Family Membership £1.50
  • = £29.50
  • Add British Cycling Family Ride Membership at £75.60(price correct of 01/01/2016 - see Britsh Cycling Website to check)
  • Total £105.10 / £26.28 per rider, or £2.02 per week for the family to be a member of a club and be adequately insured whilst cycling B)

Example Three:

You are not a cyclist yourself but  your 8 year old child want's to race:

  • Purchase Youth Membership for £10.00 (includes Associate Membership for you)
  • Purchase British Cycling British Cycling Under 12 Youth Silver Race Membership for £22.00(price correct of 01/01/2016 - see Britsh Cycling Website to check)
  • Total: £32 for both of you to be members and your child to race

If you have any enquiries - please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP


Edited by Guy_Watson

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