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Can It Only Be 13 Days?

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As I sit here on Sunday evening it has been an eventful week.

The horrible bit first, our computer decided to create a new my pictures folder on Thursday night and this removed all of our photos from our last 4 years of holidays etc. It is still restoring and recovering now and as you can imagine this has been edge of the seat stuff (and I work in IT :lol: ).

Now the good bit....

30 plus miles on Monday seemed a good way to warm up for Galloping at Goodwood on Tuesday and so it turned out. The handicap race started well enough, if only someone hadn't been trying to teach us through and off. As a rule I don't go to the front and would have happily pootled around waiting for the catch. As it was 8 (yes eight) tried to do a through and off quite unsuccesfully. The biggest fear I had was that I would be on the wrong side as the catch was made by the 2/3's. Luckily things fell apart as they arrived and the welcome sound of Andy Redding shouting "jump on Alan" could be heard by all. So who was I to argue on I jumped and stuck...

My coach has suggested Itry the BreatheRight strips to improve oxygen flow and it seemed to work (this was the first competitive attempt). I did not get dropped, only looked like dropping once when a kind man from either Waites or Fareham Wheelers talkede me back onto the back of the group. From then on I determined to stay in the front third and this is where I piled through the bunch and ended up at the front. Even freewheeling couldn't get me back to them. I have an image of everyone sitting up and laughing a the old 4th cat floundering in from of the bunch...

'Til the end it was pretty uneventful really. Preparing for the sprint I could see someone who started with me, so I made an effort to get in behind them. out of the last corner and chicane I had enough left for a sprint finish (no don't laugh 'twas true). Looking at the results I was 3rd in category and thought I was in the points. Sadly it appears that there are no points for category finishes so I will be tarting myself around the south after the Marmotte looking for 4th cat races.

Wednesday saw me out in the rain in penance for whimping out the previous Sunday, a wet start but a dry finish and only 30 minutes to get the bike clean too.

On Friday the new Boardman AirFrame arrived, what a beauty. An unusual colour that is striking and unlike any other I have seen. Friday night saw me checking the build and setting all the heights and lengths I could before stabbing myself with an unguarded brake cable :angry: . This was a not so sublt reminder that I had promised Andy Sayner some of the cable ends for Sam's bike which was also sans ends :( .

Saturday's club ride was a hilly affair of around 2 hours. It was good to see Guy teaching the youngsters about sprinting for signs, well one anyway. Sadly I had driven over so could not accompany Bob who was on his way to Goodwood which was a shame.

Yesterday afternoon was the first time out on the new Boardman, and wow, I tried a couple of standing climbs and the acceleration was brilliant. It is Ultegra finished with a standard double chainset, this is my first time on the standard and I thought it was great, at the Gallops and on the faster club rides I feel as if I am spinning out somewhat. This'll put pay to that I think. My Marmotte approved 27/11 cassette will probably go on for the most past too until I get a bit stronger.

Cycling Plus News - the mag came out this week and there are a couple of mentions for I-Team in it, one for members pushing me up the hills on my first club ride!! I think this was Chris Powell but I might be mistaken. Hopefully those of you who have read it found it entertaining. Although I must admit all four of us are the same pretty much, I would had thought they might go for 4 different types of rider to get different stories. Anyone with any ideas on what I might do please let me know.

This week sees me off to Claremont Hospital in Sheffield on Tuesday for a day of VO2 max stuff, a biometric assessment and someone telling me how short my muscles are and giving me a regime to improve my riding. Should be fun, three 2 hour sessions so I'll be cream crackered coming home that evening.

As for the Marmotte, I have the list from Mr Webb of things to take and a comprehensive list it is too. If we all take everything on it I fear he might be leaving Andy Rook and myself behind :P

Cheers and have a good week

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Yes it was me who gave you a helping hand at the beginning. I think you might be pushing me on the Alpe with the progress you've made! :lol:


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Greener and Greener and greener :P

Alan count me in on any 4th cat races after the Marmotte, you and Gav have inspired me to get off the fence!

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