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The Marmotte Est Arrivee

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Well the time to depart has arrived, i am picking up the Rookster at 1pm and MR Thew at 4ish.

I want to get this straight from the outset, i have been known lately to get a bit competitive in recent Sportives, as far as the Marmotte is concerned i am only concerned with finishing in one bit :)

There have been some rumblings from certain quarters in the I team of some competitive talk, this is not for me (maybe next year) my sole aim is to finish, if i start to get the red mist i am going to get off the bike and take a rest......

What am i concerned about?


I am worried about the descents, from a safety point of view and from a getting cold point of view, i have climbed several cols this year and have frozen my nuts off on the way down each of them, i tooks half an hour to warm up each time.


As you all know i am a cold morsel, but i dont do well in the heat either, i stop eating .... i can drink but not eat.... so lots of forcing food down my pie hole whenever i fancy it during the week.

The Climbs

The climbs go without saying, what i have learnt about the climbs is not to get anaerobic in the first miles .... once i do that i dont recover for the whole of the climbs

What am i looking forward to?

The days before the Marmotte give a great opportunity to tackle some of the climbs at a leisurly pace, maybe even take a foray into Italy.

Time away with the lads looks to be a real laugh also.

To paint GO ITEAM on as many cols as we can!

What are my targets?

Finish in one piece! B)

Enjoy the majesty and privilidge and history of the Alps :)

Enjoy my time with the Team :D

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