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In The Midst Of Winter Training 2011/2012

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It's coming to that time of the winter when I am thinking about upping the intensity of the training, and that is after the i-Team winter training camp at the end of January!!

The winter has been all about the base for me, a combination of rollers, turbo and club rides with the emphasis on controlled work. For each week between November and February has been...

1 roller session - 65% ftp power session, 5 x 15 minute efforts

1 turbo session - CTS Hill Repeats session

1 track session at Mountbatten - high intensity session

1 or 2 road rides at the weekend and out on the road if I have a day off

Since Christmas I have also added a Monday night circuit training session in the local village hall, I used to do this a couple of years ago and I have been really pleased with my fitness improvement since the and can feel the benefit of doing this 'off-bike' training too

And the next phase to the clock change at the end of March...

With the upcoming Sportive and racing season it's time for me to increase the intensity and with 2 winters of base in place I think this will be ok.

I have started on the following...

1 turbo session - CTS cycling for fitness or criterium training (for variety)

1 roller session - 85% ftp power session

1 circuit training session

1 Mountbatten track session (weather permitting), I know rule #5 and all that...

Weekend -

try to get in two rides each weekend, The increase on last years is the phased increase in the Saturday club rides to riding to and from home to them (an additional 40 or 50 miles depending on meet point), I already ride to and from Rowlands which means a metric century every other weekend and am riding home from the Cowplain ride (using the train to get almost there in the morning), thanks to all who have kept me company on the return...

There is also a pretty busy looking Sportive and racing program in place so it's looking like a very busy spring!!

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