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  2. New window for ordering your club clothing now open - See Clothing Section below

  3. Hi, my bikes been off the road for a while, now all fine again.  I came round for last Saturday's ride only to find Rowlands Castle cafe closed.  No one else turned up so went for a solo ride.  Where is the new meet up location?

    See you all again soon


    1. Alan_Thew


      Hi peter

      it is still the same place and time. 10.00 am. There were around 15 last Saturday. 

  4. Please note new start venue for chaingang from tonight (5th July): Bird in hand PH on Lovedean Lane for 6:30 start on the Hinton Daubney circuit 😳 Or just stay at the pub for a pint! 😋

    1. Stephen_Eneas


      Stay in the pub sounds good 😀

  5. Is there any interest for the curry night this Friday?

    1. Neil_Lucas


      Can’t do Friday, shame it’s not a pork pie evening!!

  6. New Ordering Window for Club Clothing now open until the end of April


  7. Oops! I broke the website! (my new update didn't work on the latest software) I've had to do a restore back to 16th of April so some of your post will have been lost - 'will try harder next time :)

  8. Has the club got any Mediumbib shorts and jersey for sale? 

  9. Guy_Watson

    Hall of Fame

    New Article Coming
  10. Hi Guy,have you got my Flandrian jersey ? If so do you mind posting it when you get back from Belgium.

    1. Alan_Thew


      I’ve got it Dave. 

    2. David_Shaw


      Cheers Alan.

  11. Hi not sure if this is the correct place to ask. Is there any group rides this Sunday? 

    I may be able to get a few hours. 

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    2. Guy_Watson


      It's the perfect place to post quick questions Steve :)

    3. Steve_Hiscock


      Oh great cheers Guy. See a few of you all Sunday then.


    4. Paul_Webb


      9:30 - for 10 Steve 

  12. 2018! 2018! OMG! I have been a member of i-team for 11.5 years. I have just enjoyed Dani Rowe (nee King!) winning the Madison TT with her team mate Kirsten Wild at Revolution in Manchester. Inspiring and proud to be a member of the team, when she and Jon Dibben were still clints in Guy's coaching eyes.

    This year will be a cycling year...  I'm determined... I have a goal to ride the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive finishing in my home city of Leeds this year - crossing the finish line very near to where I work. 

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    2. Gerry_Mcdougall


      Happy New Year and good luck with the sportive B)

    3. Guy_Watson


      Good to hear from you Barbara - make it happen! :)

    4. Barbara_Becker


      Thanks Everyone. - just cycled 2 days in a row - very small distances, under 2 miles and coughing years of polluted gunk out... from small begiinnings...:P

  13. Nige

    There are some of us that are interested in coming across in the first week of March, do you need us to arrive on a certain day or for example could we arrive on 1st  departing on 8th March. Would be great if you could come out on a couple of rides with us. We would most probably hire a minibus at Palma to get us to you. Look forward to hearing from you in the meantime I will try and get 6 of us together.


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    2. Adrian_Stace


      Ok thanks Nige.



    3. Nigel_Bowley


      Hi adrian

       The apartment is  available for the 1st week of march. 

      The landlord is giving me a price today. 

      I Can’t find your contact details, could you send them, via email please? Nigelbowley70@gmail.com 

      Thanks Nigel

    4. Nigel_Bowley


      A few pics from today






  14. Hi Everyone, 

    if anybody would like to get away for some winter training, in Jan/Feb/March, I have some accomadation in Porta Pollenca,Mallorca. Its a beach front apartment that sleeps 6 and I have use of another apartment that also sleeps 6. It’s shared accomadation, with single beds, which work at £75 a bed, per week. Transfers from Palma airport are around £75.00 return, cheaper if there’s more of you. 

    Please message me if your interested, I’m there most of the time and I can show you some routes if you’ve never been before. 

    Merry Christmas Nige

  15. Hi Matt

    Karen and I are keen to join you all and Karen says that Mandy Middleton is also keen. At present we are OK for all the dates which people have mentioned.  Many thanks for taking this on. Cheers?

    1. Matt_Doe


      Thanks for the reply Tony.  I'll get a confirmed date up on the thread shortly.

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