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  2. Hi all,

    I’d like to bring my fitness up with some midweek training. Can anyone recommend a turbo trainer? Ideally I’d like to sync my Strava account to it and have it mimic real world routes. I’d be using my Condor Classico with it but I guess they are pretty universal. That said I know that Direct mounts can be awkward with compatibility. As you might tell I don’t know much about them so I’d like to get some advice before I go making purchases on eBay.



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    2. Neil_Oakley


      Hi Matt,

      I've been using the Wahho Kickr for a couple of years and I cant fault it. (not cheap thou).

      Set it up on your PC or tablet and give Zwift a go and you'll never go outside again !


    3. Matt_Laakvand


      Thanks both, 

      I think I’ll go with the Trax Flow t2240 then. Christmas is coming!

      sorry Craig. Don’t think the rollers will help me as I want to build my climbing ability so I will need something that will give me resistance. I don’t think the rollers will do that. 

    4. Matt_Laakvand


      Lol, if I never went out again I’d miss you. Thanks for the advice peeps. Now just need to save some pennies up.

  3. Thanks for the ride today Luke (I assume I have the correct one, think photo might be a bit out of date). Good route and well led.

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  5. New clothing ordering window now open until the end of September - See Club Clothing Forum at the bottom of the Team Hub Page -  See Club


    1. Eli_Tucker


      thanks Guy I have finally managed to order a new shirt for Eli - he is still wearing one from aged 10 when he first joined! It works better on the Mac than on my iPhone which was probably the problem I had before.  S

  6. Hi, How do I go about purchasing a jersey. I've read the articles on the site but I can't work it out even so.

    1. Guy_Watson


      Hi Matt - Scroll Down and check out the 'Club Clothing' Forum Section - we are probably at the point where I need to open another ordering window - anyone after more clothing yey guys?

    2. Matt_Laakvand


      Thank you Guy. I will keep an eye out for the order window 

    3. Neil_Lucas


      ....yes please Guy.

  7. Venue and circuit change for the last few chaingang sessions folks. Meet at the Bird in Hand pub in Lovedean at 6:30 for a few laps of the Hinton Daubney circuit - or just stop at the pub!

  8. Hi All, is anyone around this Sunday for a spin? I'm starting to struggle to get out as much on Saturdays and need to switch to Sunday rides more and more. I'm told there is an unofficial club ride on a Sunday at 9:30am. 

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    2. Matt_Laakvand


      Hi Niel,

      Great see you at Rowlands. I don't have a plan but I'm sure any Sunday regulars will have a route.

    3. Andy_Redding


      There is usually a small group of the usual suspects at the cafe from 09:30 onwards Matt, although quite a few are away for the next couple of weekends.

      The Sunday rides vary between a gentle bimble and a total tear up - depending on who is there and if anybody is hung over!

    4. Matt_Laakvand


      Hi Andy, funny I was just typing a message to you but saw this notification pop up. I've stayed away from the 9:30 from RC as I know the standard is quite high and I didn't want to hold people up, though I'm feeling stronger and stronger these past weeks. I'll come along on Sundays from now on and see how it goes. Doesn't mean you won't see me on a Saturday, just less of them. 

      Went out with FWCC last Sunday but I felt dirty afterwards nice as they were. If you'll have me I'll see you on a Sunday once you get back from France (good luck BTW). I'd like to see where you think I am in terms of my ability as I've been working towards joining the Cawplain group but not until I'm strong enough, which I know is a way off yet.

  9. For everyone going to France this week, please see final admin notes in the thread.

  10. 22:37! Caitlin sets a new Youth / Junior / Senior Female club 10 record!

    1. Helen_Boarer


      Well done Caitlin !!!

  11. Amering Youth Series - July Raiding Party!


  12. Please confirm you are still coming on the Etape/TDF trip in the thread if you have not already done so. TVM

  13. I'm looking at a place for the etape if anyone has a place going? 

  14. Hi Guys and Gals time to pay up for the Remembrance ride please


  15. New ordering window for club kit open until 21st April - see topic in Clothing Forim

  16. Thank you fellow i-teamers for the flowers that arrived today. They will most certainly help me on way to my recovery......and to match that I had a little spin on my turbo this afternoon.  The ribs didn't complain so I think I will give it another go tomorrow.  I don't want to be starting from scratch in 6 weeks time. or I will never keep up.  Thanks again great to be part of such a lovely biking community.


    Karen xx

  17. First formal chaingang is tomorrow (Thursday 6th). See thread for details!

  18. did anyone pick up my scarf at tea on green charity night? Ta

  19. Latest clothing order has arrived - see forum topic for details on collection :)

  20. I've checked my profile picture and that's how I feel on most climbs. 

  21. Clothing window has now closed and manufacturing of several £1000's of your club kit is now underway - delivery should be with me by end of March - I'll post up when it arrives :)

  22. Ordering window for Club Clothing is now open until 19th Feb


  23. Just had to reject a 7th proof for small errors (stuff like pin stripes not lining up and stitching going over logos on some or the cuts like the RAZOR jersey) - hopefully this will be last one!

  24. Club clothing ordering window should open up tomorrow - there has been some delays in getting proofs back to approve from Champion System but I've been promised that all should be good by tomorrow - standby!

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    2. Steven_Evans


      That's cool, thanks alot :D

    3. Stephen_Eneas


      Will you be putting a link up to the CS Order Page??

    4. Guy_Watson


      See latest status update Stephen and post in Clothing section :)

  25. Ben

    Have you entered the Etape on 16th July ? Most of us going on the summer trip have, to that end if you are interested it would be worth while trying to get an entry.



  26. Currently tweaking the design for the Red and Pink Train 2017 jerseys and training tops. Nothing major, but a revision is necessary as KSL as are no longer a club sponsor. So I have taken the opportunity to also do some small changes to the top of the sleeve where it meets the collar to make for an even better match with the shorts - should be ready for ordering this time next week depending on how much toing and froing is needed between me and Champion System to get the revisions right

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    2. Helen_Boarer


      Thanks Guy we need to put an order in too.


    3. Rosie_McNaughton


      Is the kit ready to order?  something nice to start off the new year!  If so, can you share the link please.


    4. Guy_Watson


      Sorry Rosie - been flat out - next on the list

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