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    Normandy 2019

  3. Stephen_Eneas

    Bikefixers Sunday Shop Ride

    Hi Everyone, For My Bikefixers Sunday Shop Ride on the 8th September I'm planning on doing a 100 mile Ride from the Shop to Brighton and Back. It's going to be a steady no drop ride with a stop in Brighton for Ice Creams. It would be great if some of the i-team club members could join the ride and every member who does I'll buy them an ice cream 🍦 😁 when we get to Brighton. All I ask it that you register for the Shop Ride at the Bikefixers Website (https://www.bikefixers-portsmouth.co.uk/new-registration-page) just so I know who is coming & I have emergency contact details just in case (needed for the Shop Ride Insurance cover). I'd like to use my shop rides a feed ins for new members to join the i-team, so any help would be very much appreciated. Steve Eneas
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