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Chris Boardman Team MTB

Last time I had an MTB was before front supension and disc brakes were standard, bars were narrow and stems were long - so I'd been meaning to treat myself to a new MTB for ages. It took me a few months to get my head around the new MTB specs - what wheel size to go for took a good while to ponder over.

I wasn't fussy on the brand as long as it didn't have any Shimano on it ( ;) ) - so in the end I went for a Boardman Team 27.5" = with 15% off in a sale + 10% BC discount I don't think I could have got a better bike for the money - the frame is brilliant quality for the money.

After a few initial rides I made the following tweaks:

  • I wasn't impressed with the tyres so converted to tubeless Michelin Wildgripper
  • Thought the white grips, saddle and seatpin pin looked really naff and so swapped over for some spares I had already - gives the bike a much better overall look I think
  • 1cm longer stem - slammed down (still higher than a pure cross country position, so I can still play - it's just with my long back I needed it
  • A longer stem slows steering, so I cut 1cm off each end of the bars to compensate
Before my knee op I went and found some really steep rutted drop offs that I used to do 20 years ago and I can't beleive how capeable this bike is - looking forward to getting up to QE Park & the Kingley Vale regularly again :)

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