Please take a moment to review these guidelines & rules. If you use this board, you must agree to be bound by the rules & try to follow the guidelines.

A Few Simple Forum Rules

PLEASE: All material posted must be suitable for the youngest member in the club to read. Do not post anything that you would not want your 10 year old daughter, nephew to read etc.

PLEASE: No 'Fanning the Flames' or 'wind-ups.' They have back-fired so many times and I have to sort it out when I could be riding my bike! smile.gif .

PLEASE: No blatant advertising. If someone requests a recommendation for a product or service - please use discretion if your recommendation might possibly conflict with one of the i-Team Sponsors. If in doubt - please advise by Private Message or email.

PLEASE: You must not change your user name or password from the one that was allocated to you when you joined.

PLEASE: Your avatar image should be an image that allows other members to recognise you. It should ideally be of you on your bike in your i-Team jersey. Please refer to the News & Information Forum for more information.

PLEASE: Do not be offended if your post or topic is deleted or mofied without notice, as there is not enough time to maintain the forum and send out advice messages or explainations.

PLEASE NOTE: The Team Manager reserves the right to adjust these rules as situations arise, as he sees fit. Please remember that this is always done in the best interests of the club and never take it personally.

Theses guidelines basically outline the way that this board has been run since we started in January 2003 and are certainly not meant to stop everyone having fun.

Rules may come accross as a bit inconvenient sometimes but anyone who has met me in person will know that I am NOT the most politically correct person smile.gif - but as the provider of this service, I am the one responsible for ensuring that both existing and new members get the best possible service, that is suitable for members of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Purpose of the i-Team Forum:

This forum has been developed and is admistrated by the Team Owner, Guy Watson, with the help of appointed Moderators.

The purpose of the forum is to provide an exclusive web space where all members can stay in touch with club development & news, and share information with other members.

To maintian high standards and a friendly & positive atmosphere, there has to be some rules - in the same way that you have to have some organisation for group rides to ensure that everyone benefits. The Team Owner and the Moderators largely rely on members to regulate themselves - so that everyone knows the score - the rules & guidelines are spelt out here.

Forum Guidelines

Most important - don't just read the threads - have fun & start a topic or post a reply!

In general the forum should be kept as a place for posting information or for discussion. Please keep one word / one liner responses to a minimum and try not to 'hijack' the thread so as to take the discussion off topic. Instead, just start a new topic thread. One-liners tend to flood the thread and subsequent visitors often miss the original subject and skip reading the thread..

Always try to be respectfull, courteous and positive - even if, in 'reality,' you know the other member really well. Chances are that most people reading a thread only 'know' of you online or may even be a new member. A certain amount of banter and humour is perfectly acceptable but the best place for banter is face to face in a group, or by private message. Please remember that it is VERY easy for other's to take a post the wrong way. Something you might think is funny when you say it in your head, can come accross to others as sarcastic for instance - because others can't hear the 'tone' of your message or see you laughing.

By the same token - please give others the benefit of the doubt. If something comes accross in a way that upsets you, please remember that the poster may have meant the message to be read in a different way. Also, we all come from different backgrounds and have come into cycling by many different ways.

Try to be as inclusive as possible and refrain from 'one to one' conversations. These can be easily taken to private messages and e-mail.

Please read the post back to yourself before posting. You have the ability to edit your posts, please use this function as opposed to double posting. Use your best judgment before hitting that 'send' button!

If anyone is offended by a post - please contact the Team Manager so that the issue can be fully understood and resolved

Before posting a new subject - you might want to use the forum 'Search' or 'Help' functions - but never be put off asking a question - it's one of the main purposes of the forum - chances are that if you don't know, a lot of others don't know either - and remember, all of us were beginners once.

NO 'Net speak!' Some of the more well known abbreviations such as LOL (laughing Out Loud) and the like are fine but we don't want things such as: "U R so gr8! R/Hr 4Evr & evr!" and the like. Not only are such things hard to read but it tends to disrupt the flow of discussion. Same applies to cycling jargon - try to use plain english as appropriate.

You are entitiled to your opinion but this forum might not always be the best place to air it. For instance, do not be deliberately devisive. It is perfectly possible to prompt an open minded, many-sided discussion without dividing the whole club into 2 camps - e.g. All those that think a certain rider took performance enhancing drugs and those that think the some rider is a saint. Try to be open minded and never expect everyone to agree with you.

N.B. Banter:

A certain amount of banter refelects healthy club atmosphere but too much of it in the wrong context can quickly backfire. For instance, allways try to think of things from the point of view of a club mate who has not met you before and who only logs onto the forum once a week. If when they click to select 'View Recent Posts' the majority of what is listed is inane and irrevelant, from people they don't know, it makes them more likely to not come back. THIS IS THE MOST COMMON REASON WHY WE GET MEMBERS WHO JOIN BUT WHO NEVER POST ANYTHING - THEY JUST CAN'T RELATE TO IT.


Please remember that the Team Manager is not responsible for all of the messages posted and does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this any of the forum functions to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this forum.


Cheers Everyone,


Thanks for reading and have a great time chatting on our forum! I look forward to seeing you here and hope you enjoy yourself!


Guy Watson - 10/12/06