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  • From Go-Ride to Gold Medals!


    Olympic Champion Dani King, World Champion Jon Dibben & National Champion Joe Truman all have at least 1 thing in common - They first learned to race bikes with Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing!

    The Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing is a voluntary cycle sport coaching organisation based at The Mountbatten Centre Cycle Track, PO2 9SA, and was originally established in 1970 by Portsmouth Cycling Club coaches Jack Smith & John Hayles. In 2004, P.S.o.C.R. was resurected by i-Team.cc, one of the first clubs in the U.K. to achive British Cycling  Go-Ride status and prioritise Youth & Grass Roots cycling.

    The Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing is essentially a Club Cluster of Training & Coaching, for all clubs in the area including: i-Team.cc, PNECC, Chapel TriStars, Fareham Wheelers, Ditcham Park School, Meon Valley Cycling ClubSolent Pirates, Southdown Velo, Hampshire Road Club and more. Our key focus is talent identification & development, and to steer riders towards British Cycling's Rider Development Pathway. Here's how we do it:

    • Being open to all riders regardless of what club they are in and whether they are already in a club or not
    • Provide beginner friendly, child friendly, sessions in safe, traffic-free environments
    • Organing sessions for Youth, Junior & Adult cyclists who want to maintain a wide range of skills and improve technique, from novice to elite racing cyclist
    • Encourage participation in the sport of cycling - especially track racing, road racing & MTB
    • Provide coach training, mentoring & development for i-Team.cc and other youth cycling groups & clubs
    • Always strive to be a forward thinking, dynamic & friendly organisation that is open to networking with other sports organisation's, local cycling groups, NGB's, L. A.'s & schools, for the purposes of improving facilities & access to Cycle Sport, especially at grass-roots level
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    Road Bike Sessions

    Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing Road Bike Session
    • Fridays 18:00-19:00 - Beginner - Intermditate Skills for 8-12 years - >>>Details
    • Fridays 19:00-20:00 - Intermediate - Advanced Skills & Fitness for 12-16 years - >>> Details
    • Fridays 20:00-21:00 - Advanced Skills & Fitness for +14 years - >>> Details
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    MTB Sessions

    Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing MTB Sessions
    • Wednesdays 18:30-20:30 - MTB Skills (Private Woodland Circuit) 8+ years to Adult >>> Please Contact Us For More Details
  • How to Take Part & Become a Registered Rider

    If you can ride a bike, we can teach you to race it! We all had to start somewhere and we remember what it was like to be a beginner, so newcomers are always welcome to come along and watch one of our sessions, and if you want, and if we have the capacity, you can have up to 3 free coaching sessions before signing up to become one of our registered riders. Before you take part in one of our sessions, you will need to work through the following list:

    1. Send us a message to enquire about a place in one of our sessions and ask any questions that you may have - you can also come along to one of our sessions and have a chat with one of our coaches
    2. N.B. Our sessions are open to all riders, whether or not they are members of i-Team.cc - but if we are over subscribed, priority will be given to members of local British Cycling Go-Ride clubs who's coaches organise one of the >>> Club Clusters of Coaching & Training.pdf
    3. Once you have been advised that there is a place, under 18's must get their parent or guardian to complete and sign a >>> Parental Consent.pdf
    4. Under 18's and Parents / Guardians must read through our >>> Code of Conduct For Youth & Juniors.pdfCode_of_Conduct For Parents & Guardians
    5. All bikes must be suitable for the rider, (See note below on Gear Restrictions,) in good condition and well maintained, with tyres pumped up before the session starts. Before you arrive at the session, be sure to have read and be prepared to comply with >>> Bike_Helmet_Checklist.pdf and >>> Ensure Your Bike is Race Ready guidance as appropriate
    6. Under 18's must ensure that their bikes gears are restricted in accordance with >>> British Cycling Rules
    7. All participants must abide by our >>> Track_Saftey Rules.pdf
    8. Road cycling is an all weather sport and we run our sessions throughout the year and rarely cancel due to rain or high winds - but always check our Twitter Feed before traveling to the sessions in case of any last minute cancellations
    9. Remember to smile, say hello, encourage others and have fun!
    10. Be sure to read the coach feedback from the sessions, which is posted on our >>>Facebook Page
  • Useful Links

    Information & Guidance For Riders & Parents

    For most people, starting out in the sport of cycling can be a bit daunting - learning to ride your bike was just the start! Next comes bunch skills and tactics. Not everyone is born to be a champion & not everyone wants to become an Olympian. Some people are naturally gifted and competitive, some are happy to ride bikes for fun & fitness. Statistically, the chances of achieving anything like Olympic success may seem to be virtually impossible and so some may ask,'Why bother trying at all?' For young riders and their parents, our advice has always been:

    • Learning skills and developing fitness correctly, in the formative years between 8 and 16, can be just as important as any natural talent you were born with
    • You will never achieve lasting success unless you enjoy what you do - it has to be fun
    • Cycling with better riders will make you a better rider
    • Focus on being the best you can be, take each ride as it comes but try your hardest, ride your bike regularly and see what happens from there
    • You can always talk to and network with other parents at our sessions
    • And of course you can always talk with the coaches and ask questions before and after the sessions
    • Please read our child-protection-policy.pdf
    • i-Team.cc is a coach-led club and the Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing forms part of the club rider development pathway that has been devised by Head Coach, Guy Watson, to mirror British Cycling's 'Rider Route'


    What 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Dani King Says:

    "....at Portsmouth track with i-Team. That was my first cycling team with Guy Watson and Rob Hayles' dad and they've helped me a lot..." (Sky Sports Article)

    "Big fat tweeeeeeeet for my first ever cycling club #iteamcc #portscycling... without them i wouldn't be where i am today!" (Twitter)


  • Riders Take Part at Their Own Risk! - If in Doubt, Ask!

    i-Team is proud to be sponsored by our friends at InTandem Systems


    On 19/11/2003 i-Team became one of the first clubs in the U.K. to become Go-Ride registered (child friendly & safe) and on 28/11/2014, i-Team was awarded Sport England ClubMark status.

    i-Team is a Sport England Accredited Clubi-Team is a British Cycling Affilated CLubi-Team is a Go-Ride Registered Clubi-Team is a Go-Ride Accredited Clubi-Team is affiliated to Surrey League


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    Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - Est. 1970

    P.S.o.C.R. Facebook Page P.S.o.C.R. Twitter Feed P.S.o.C.R. Facebook Page


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