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    Here We Go Again...

    Sorry, no posts for a bit because it would have been too depressing - as in not much cycling and lots of back pain. While I couldn't ride my back, I did start trying to loose weight though - thought it would be pretty hard without the carbs being burnt off by cycling but it was easy - I just didn't eat unless I was hungry. Changed the diet a bit though. M&S do these great crayfish / mango / rocket salad bowls and I had them for my evening meal. During the day I pretty much fasted, if I got hungry, I'd just have a coffee or diet coke and then when the salad landed in the evening, with some wild rice etc. my body seemed to really fuel up on the unrefined ingredients. Did 2 hours junk miles with my brother today - he's naturally got the body of a pro cyclist and is 10 years younger than me and looks the business on the bike. I'm down to 12st7lb now and 23% bodyfat and although my legs were a bit weak form the lack of miles, I could still hang on to his wheel on the drags (he was on single free though!) Going to stick to the diet as for some reason it's not hard work as I don't get hungry and I'm very motivated. I will just add some more quality calories before rides so that I've enough in the tank to train and avoid the bonk.
  2. Guy_Watson

    Family Duties…

    Paul - thinking of you mate - all the best - keep keen.
  3. Guy_Watson

    So Looking Forward To This Year

    Really enjoying my cycling at the moment - still only getting out on Saturdays with the club but the rest of my life has really become sorted now and I know I will start training soon - I can feel it in my water! Still, I'm actually starting to feel OK - I've lost 2KG since xmas just by not drinking and not snacking - the first weel was tough but I don't really feel like I'm missing out at the moment because I can stay with the club ride going up hills! I had a bit of a mad moment today and tried to go for a gap that wasn't there and ended up on the deck and broke a rib. It ached a bit when riding but when I got out of the saddle - wow - pain. I could take it, just but only if I held my breath. I've been a bit reckless but that's just me - I have to do these things to feel alive. I am so keen though and I am definitely out on the bike tomorrow!
  4. Guy_Watson

    A Painfull Start

    I did an hour on the rollers on Sunday, I then did 30 min every day Mon - Thurs. All seemed to be going OK, so I went out for an hour spin on Friday expecting big things but it just didn't happen. Riding on the rollers with everythig controlled is one thing but out on the road I could feel every bump - I was really cursing my stupidity - I was going OK but I just couldn't get out of the saddle - so no Saturday ride for me this week I spent the morning stripping down the DeRosa that I threw together xmas eve and doing a proper job building it up. I really appretiate a well maintained bike and the result of 3 hours spannering was well worth the effort - the brakes were the most impressive - just getting the ends of all the cables square and finishing with Campag ferrules made a massive difference. I love it when the blocks hit the rim and there is absolutely no compression or flex - it gives you an amazing sense of control when you are descending at speed. I went out on my own for an hour though and riding at my own speed, it was bearable and the bike felt fantastic but I knew that I had to give the Wareham Feeler's reliability trial a miss. So I went out for a couple of hours today at 10am. I took a double dose of pain killers and had a pretty good ride to Buriton and back over my Bogey Hill to Clanfield. From Horndean to Rowlands Castle I winced as I got down onto the drops but once there, I felt really comfortable and went into one and was really reving on 53x15 and 16 - 25-27 mph. It was only 5 mins worth but I was quite chuffed. Weight going in the right direction - 12st 12lbs and 26% body fat - watch this space.
  5. Guy_Watson

    Sciving Off Work - Shhh!

    Still struggling to find the time to do more than the Cowplain group ride but even on just 2 hours a week I feel like I'm improving. Mentally I really felt up for the PTTL event on Sunday and actually felt pretty good (as in I didn't drink the night before sort of way.) I knew my limitations and so just rode on 'feel' - well below threshold, untill the last mile and then opened up a bit - but not to the max. I didn't want to push to the max for psycological reasons - I just wanted to enjoy it - and I did. Also really glad that my minute man on a super low profile didn't catch me. If I'd tried to go for it, I think that I would have set myself up for dissapointment because I would have just compared myself with when I was a lot fitter. This chilling approach has really taken the pressure off. I'm enjoying my cycling a lot more now - and I'm starting to think like a bikie again - and I'm starting to take an interest in bikes too. For the last few years I've suspended all thoughts of posing on an Italian dream machine. The last time I had anything remotely bling was a DeRosa Merak 5 years ago (It was one down from the top of the range.) On Monday I was deep in to some horrible design calc, the sun was shining and I had a spontaneous urge to go and visit my mate Mike Perry at FS Maestro in Pagham. If you've not been there before, you are garanteed an interesting experience. You can easily miss it - only a small sign and one-way glass blocks the view into the shop (looks a bit like a sex shop.) Then the door is only unlocked by Mike using a button under his desk - if he likes the look of you. Many a time I have been in the shop and there has been some poor guy trying to see if anyone is in the shop and knocking on the door - if Mike doesn't want to drink coffee with you, then you are not allowed in - surely a truely unique aitiude to business! Once inside, it's a unique shop - 50 or so Colnago's, Patrick Sercu's Superior that he won the Green Jersey on, trophies and pictures from his 2 son's wins in Belgium. It does make you feel a bit special being allowed in the 'inner circle' - I hate cliques becuase it normally means that someone else is loosing out - but Mike is Old, Old, School - and he isn't going to change. And not everyone will want to hear his stories about American bike companies being responsible for a whole generation of cyclists that don't know what a good handling bike feels like - good old Mike - he comes out with some crap but there are not many people that know as much about race bikes and racing in belgium - so you listen to every word he says. He went into a great rant about his UCI Div3 team - he spent £38k on it last year and 2 East Europeans & a Canadian did runners with his bikes - so he's binning the team next year - a great story...
  6. Guy_Watson

    I'm Back And So Is My Back!

    Forgive me again Father for it has been a long time since I did Blog... Highlights since last Blog Entry: * Finished the Grenwhich to Cantebury British Sportive The boredom was more of a challenge for me to overcome than doing 120 miles with nothing in the tank. Went to wedding the night before and only had a few hours sleep but I just felt great on the day and only had to grind it out for a couple of hours or so and had to stop a few times to stretch my back out for 5 mins. The last hour was great fun though, ripping along at 25-30mph with a strong tailwind all the way home. Felt great to finish - not to bad a time either - about 7h30min I think for the 120 miles. * A couple of days with CSC Thanks to Richard Goreman I ended up being in the Team Car leading the CSC team for some pre Tour de France training - awesome and inspiring. * New sponsor lined up An old friend who loves cycling and who really buys in to the i-Team concept * Clothing re-design 90% completed A very big weight is almost off my shoulders * New look to main website It started with a few tweaks and I ended up spending a week at it but I'm really chuffed with the look * Back to riding with the Southern Crew on Saturdays Great to be a regular again - new faces but still a tight ship out on the road - a real pleasure to ride with them * Under 13st for first time in years Words fail me on this! * First race in ages I'm back with the 3rds but I still couldn't finish the race - this is new teritory for me and I could easiliy have got despondent but looking back I think I was ill, as I got dropped on a tail wind section - something that I've never had before but it felt good bieng back in the bunch. * Fixed my bad back I've had back problems for 25 years but I have been able to control things since 2001 by doing a lot of yoga and stregthening excercises. Then last year I stupidly lifted some very heavy, awkward machinery on a building site and I've been in pain for a year or so. It hasn't affected me too much on the bike (in fact I think cycling really helps my back these days) but off the bike I've been hobbling about and if I stay in one position too long it all locks up - early morning was worst. But on sunday, I was laying in bed and I knew things were different as soon as I was stretching. I pushed a bit further on one of my twists and relaxed as much as possible and to my releif there was a loud clunk as my L4 lumber moved back into position for the first time in a year. For the last couple of days I've felt like superman and have been running up stairs etc - something that I couldn't do before. Happy days
  7. Guy_Watson

    4 Days In... ....4 Days Of Riding...

    Good to hear you are cycling regularly Barbera - little and often is the key and then maybe a longer weekend ride when the summer finally arrives - keep keen
  8. Guy_Watson

    Shaved Legs...

    Forgive me Father for it has been a long time since I did Blog... Reading that previous post seems an age ago. OK, I've only ridden the bike 4 times since Hungerford-Gloucester but the great thing is that my knee is fine now and my back is finally improving - I can now do things like crucnhes and back extensions - so things will improve a lot quicker now. Just as well - if I had to carry on as I have been riding on the bike lately, I think I'd have to pack it all up. I always like riding the bike but I like being the fastest in a group or in a race about 100 times more. I recently found the 'My race history' function on the British Cycling website and was horrified to see that my last race points were earned on the 10th August 2004 - where has the time gone? what have I been doing? I think I've been in some sort of twilight zone since the end of 2004. 2004 was the last time I was race fit and even then I was along way off from what I used to be able to do as a Junior. I remember that last race so well, it was at Barnsfield Heath and me and our club Junior star of the time, Richard Heathcote, broke away and Richard pipped me in the sprint (well it was uphill :rolleyes: ) I can't take it anymore! - it's going to be $hit or bust - I've decided that I'm going to race before the 3 year anniversary is up - if I get dropped, well at least I can justify why I ride a road race bike and not a flat barred shopper that is probaly more inline with my performance on the bike at the moment! So next race is Portsmouth-Velocitybikes.co.uk Circuits 14 on 08-08-07 - where's my razor... :rolleyes:
  9. Guy_Watson

    -Team PTTL - 35KM

  10. Guy_Watson

    Ground Zero

    I'm on the way back! I haven't shaved my legs or anything just yet but I do really feel like a bike rider again. I've stuck at it with the physio and feel so much better now that I've been out on my bike a few times. It's really been touch and go though, a couple of days before the MBMR Hungerford-Gloucester-Hungerford 125 miler, I had a real bad spasm - I had to laugh though. My back is always worse in the morning (I've checked that my bed isn't the problem,) but on the Thursday before, I got out of bed and as soon as I tried to stand up, my back locked and I fell to the floor with the pain (if you've ever experienced a bad back, you'll know I'm not exagerating.) The funny thing was I was desperate for a waz and had to crawl to the toilet - but then I couldn't even kneel up straight to get (ahem) 'level' with the toilet. Thankfully Maria (laughing her head off) brought me a saucepan and I managed to go 'side saddle' as it were. (Saving the saucepan for the next time I build a wicked curry ) So it was touch and go whether to do the big ride or not but once I read a few post on the forum about guys thinking about dropping out, I had to get myself there and try and get everyone fired up. And once I made the decision that I was doing it no matter what, my back started to sort itself out. Positive thinking no doubt but to be sure I spent 3 hours using the gym ball on Fri and Sat eves and it really helped to keep me supple. I was so glad to be there with the guys for the start of the ride - I really was riding into the unknown, 125 miles is a big ride no matter how fit you are but when you've just about managed 125 miles in the previous 3 months and only 30 miles a week for the 9 months before that - well, I was bricking it a bit. Once I was riding in the bunch it was in my element though and even with so few miles in the tank, I think I would have been OK but being 2 stone overweight was a real killer. I was OK on anything that I could get over in less than 30 secs but anything else and I just lost all momentum as I went all the way through the gears like a coach that taking you to a mountain ski resort. What kept me going was the thought that if I could wing it through this ride, then it would definitely proove to myself that I could still do something, if I ever started training again. I had to let the guys ride on at the 95 mile point - Gerry knew how I felt - when I said "Look, I'm OK, I need to ride on at my own pace," - he gave me the words of encouragement I needed, "Fu$k off then!" (he was only joking!) I was a bit down at first that I couldn't hack the pace and then I took a wrong turn at Highworth that took me into Oxfordshire! - that nearly cracked me - but as all bike riders will know, the only choice is always onwards. Once I started digesting my food again I started to feel better and the last 10 miles along the B4000 alone, on a great bit of road, with the sun going down - really enjoyed that. But I never, never, want to be this unfit again - this has to be ground zero for me. I've done a couple of Saturday rides since and I do feel like a bike rider again but need to try and get some mid week riding in. Work has eased up now to a sensible level and it's looking good.
  11. Guy_Watson

    A Bit Snowed Under...

    I can't beleive I'm still sick with a chest infection and no energy - doctor says it's viral - the enforced layoff the bike is also having a knock on effect on my back, which gets really stiff if I stay in the same position for too long and makes me feel a lot older as I hobble about until the Ibuprofen kicks in. The good news is that after seeing my Doc, I get 30mins a week on the NHS with a lady called Sasha at Waterlooville Physio Centre - she's a bit of a Drill Instructor but I feel great afterwards. So I know that stress is playing it's part at the moment but things will be a lot better soon and I will one day be back racing and having fun in the bunch with The Team - I really miss it at the moment. I think the main difference this year is that my real job is taking up a lot of time - sometimes I do think to myself, what would it be like to just be a member of a bike club instead of fronting this one - I'd actually be able to ride my bike! Today is the hottest day of the year but I am working in my loft, catching up on work after spending Thursday sorting i-Team Admin. At least I know that I wasn't feeling good enough for the Southern Team ride today. The main things that play on my mind at the moment are the GFC (Even though I have total faith in Jonnie and his team, especially after last year's success - but it's such a headline event for i-Team) - plus there's the little TT that we organise in the South on the 12th of August, plus the Surrey League Road Races - I definitely wont be able to do those on my own, so thanks for the guys that have already said they will help - but looking forward to getting them done well. The main thing that is making life easier, is that I am comming in for a lot less flak these days. Including myself and the new guys that I am about to announce as new members, we now total 167 i-Teamers. Quite a few guys didn't renew their membership this year (good luck to them and I genuinely hope they are happy in what they are doing now.) There's one thing I have definitely learnt - above a certain level of membership, it is difficult for one guy to keep up with everything and so I am much happier with the level we are at now and I definitely want to only grow the club at a sustainable rate. I may even cap membership at 200 for everyone's benefit, untill a management team is in place - I could advertise when places are available and it would drastically reduce the amount of cash tied up in stock. Nearly all of the guys that have not renewed never posted on the forum, or submitted their picture and so probably just wanted a jersey and a shop discount - not the easiest type of people to build a team spirit with and also it wouldn't be supprising if they didn't get a lot back form their input. So the idea with insisting on the pic for new members acts as a filter for the guys that either get what i-Team is about and benifit from it and those that don't. I definitely don't want 'sell' i-Team membership as such, I want people to see that their subs are an investment in something that they will either directly benifit from, or beleive in what i-Team stands for - like getting cyclists together online and swapping information and experiences. So that's why the quality of posts on the forum is so important to me. Everthing else has developed from this forum - it's pretty unique. Team Internet folded in the UK last year (they only had 25 members) and it has all but folded in the USA. Sussex based In Gear have started a new Internet Cycling Club (wonder where they got the idea from? ) and it wil be interesting to see how they get on - good luck to them though. It's a lot easier to start something than to keep it going is all I can say - unless you get the team spirit like we have now in i-Team I'd like to think that we now have on board either the die-hard i-Teamers that were with me at the beginning, or they have come to i-Team via the new website and area hubs - and so have a better idea of what i-Team is, a community of cyclists that prefer to keep in touch online via the members forum and also meetings for rides with local hubs and meetings at races and sportives if you are able. So my focus this year is to prepare for delegating more by continuing to streamline the whole operation and divide processes like membership sign up and clothing orders, in to seperate seperate chunks that can be handed over to members that want to become more involved in their team. Also I'm sorting new cash sponsors to keep future clothing costs down and enable us to plan for the future. I was putting pressure on myself trying to ride the bike again and get fit but I'm happy to wait until later in the year and do it properly. Now that I've let that go, I am getting better each week and things will get easier later this year. The main problem for me has allways been that I have to think about i-Team every day and the bigger i-Team got, the more I'd worry. Don't get me wrong, it can be very rewarding when I read someone's post about a good ride they've had, or when I see that someone has got something out of the Team - or especially when I see how much some guys are putting in to i-Team too. So cheers for letting me get this off my chest - rest assured I haven't cracked up yet and I'm looking forward to how things pan out later this year.
  12. Totally ignored all coaching advice re. recovery from flu etc. and went out with the club on Sat morning. Even if it wasn't the best thing to do physically, it sure sorted me mentally - I was getting cabin fever. It was a good turn out and even though I'm climbing like the Shanghai Stock Exchange at the moment, I ended up following quite a hilly route. Going from 0 to 30 miles took it's toll big time on my legs and my knee was really sore but it was great fun - especially as I got Dave, Andy and Rob introduced to my world of off-road short cutts - I mean, do people think that we waited for MTB's to be invented before exploring all of the bridle paths and Green Lanes? Great Fun - and such a nice change of scenery when you are so used to your local roads. Best news was not one puncture today. Woke up today extra keen for a 60 mile trip up to Thruxton to watch the i-team race and was all suited and booted and ready to go at 09.30. Ouch! - I was still saddle sore from just 30 miles! Headed North into the wind and the long climb up to Old Winchester Hill when the weather closed in and forced me to do a quick calculation - at this rate I'd be pushed to get to the race before it finished! So I bottled it and took to the dissused railway line that runs from Alton to Wickham. The mud was still pretty dry and fast and I had it in the big ring with an even bigger smile as I headed south parallel to the A32 along my private, car fee corridor. I overtook a few MTBers as if they were standing still - I'm such a poser when I want to be - as soon as I was far enough up the track to be out of site, I had to ease of and get my breath back - I was chuckling to myself between coughs! Great to be back on the bike - now, do I start training or take another 3 weeks off?
  13. ...well, I didn't actually get out Sunday in the end - but I'm determined to not make this blog turn into a list of why I'm too busy to train (which, if I were less selfish with family, I'd probaly have to conceed.) Monday went by without even looking at a bike and then in the evening I got a call from a mate asking what I was up to on Tuesday? Him - "What you up to tomorrow mate?" Me - "Er, I'm really busy - got to survey the fire suppression under the escalators at Bond St. Tube Station and do a report...." Him - "...only me and (so and so) are bunking off work and riding to Goodwood Cafe for a bacon sandwhich.) Me - "...er - OK!" It was just what I needed really, just a ride with some old chums, just for the fun of it - plus I needed the miles in the bag. It was misty on the way out, with no wind and we had a good blast, sprinting for the village signs - at one point, I got behind a cattle truck went a couple miles up the road for a laugh doing about 40 mph! - stupid but fun. Needless to say, the bacon sarnies and coffees were excelent. Got back at 1pm and then had to work in London until 11pm but it was worth it!
  14. Guy_Watson

    Bunking Off, Getting The Miles In...

    Nothing horrendous obviously but these are bridle paths with the odd tree root and flints which have to be bunny hopped - I use 23c Continental GP3000's and don't puncture that oftern but I am constantly scanning the road ahead and you have to go slow when it's really rough - that's the beauty of MTB's - you can let go and shred it.
  15. Guy_Watson

    Oops - A Month Off The Bike!

    Oh well, my 'training' has been a bit stop start to say the least, mostly stop, I'm afraid. Still - If I'd got raving fit before xmas, I'd have lost it all anyway by now! At least I've pigged out a bit and I am ready to train like a bike rider again. It's taken quite a bit of planning, I'm freeing up spare time (what's that?) by winding up my Limited Company, cancelling VAT registration and just concentrating on my direct employment with Thameside Fire Protection. i-Team is coming along OK at the moment, just spent 2 days solid catching up with admin and signing new members up etc. This has now freed up an hour or so a day that I can ride my bike. I need 'ideas' to keep me motivated and my current one is to see how fit I can get on 1 hour a day's (average) training. What I mean is 7 hours a week, split something like this: Mon - 30 mins rollers (steady high cadence Zone 3) Tue - 30 mins turbo (Lactic Tollerance) Wed - rest (commute Portsmouth - Basildon = 14 hour day at work) Thur - 30 mins rollers (steady high cadence Zone 3) Fri - 30 mins track (Sprints & Power) Sat - 4 hours - 1 hour solo, 2 hour group then 1 hour solo (Endurance Day!) Sun - 1 hour road (recovery ride) I'll let you know how it goes. Also decided at the last minute to do the 120 mile TdeF Sportive - should give me some motivation! As I've not got a lot else to write I think a sexist/bikist joke (not at all suitable for the forum ) is in order: A Cyclist was riding along the California Highway when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, the Lord (Marco Pantani, RIP) said, "Because you have trained hard for the past 3 years but have been broomed in The Etape every time, I will grant you one wish, in recognition of your dedication." The Cyclist pulled over, took off his Oakley's and said, "Lord Marco, build me a bridge to Hawaii so I can ride over anytime I want." The Lord Marco looked taken back and replied, "Your request is extermely materialistic. Think of the enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking. How every concrete support will be required to reach the bottom of the Pacific, the concrete and steel it would take! But of course, I Marco can do it - but it is hard for me to justify your desire for such a worldly thing. I ask you to first take a moment and think of a reward that would demand less of my time and the Earth's natural rescources." The cyclist thought about it for a long time. Finally he said, "Lord Marco, I wish that I could understand my wife. I want to know how she feels inside, what she's thinking when she gives me the silent treatment when I say I want to go out on my bike, why she cries when I come home, what she means when she says nothing's wrong, and how I can make a woman truly happy. The Lord Marco then makes a quick decision, "OK - You wanta two-a lanes, or four-a lanes on this bridge?" :D
  16. Guy_Watson

    Up & Down

    Last week was good - 4 days on the bike - totalling 7 hours but then this week I had 6 days off with a cold and shivers. Felt OK today on the club ride though and was climbing heaps better - quick check on the scales when I got back revealed the reason - under 13st - HAVE IT! Cycling is just so much more fun when you are not so overweight and can do what you want to do. I've got a couple of hectic weeks at work and then I am going to go for it - 10-12 hours a week - I've got a September target that really motivates me at the moment - if I don't make it, at least I'll be fit & healthy.
  17. Guy_Watson

    Northern Hub Ride

    First group ride of the year! 20th January 2007. Starting from Costa Coffee in Alderley Edge, we will go down Ryleys Lane to Chelford, then through the back lanes to Middlewich, turning towards Knutsford at Toft, circling round Tatton Park, and back to Alderley Edge via Rostherne, Ashley, New Mills (No Dean, not that New Mills), and Chorley. Current list for the 20th is: Me Deano David and Stuart Percival Steve Evans. Suggested route here unless I get lost of course mad.gif 35 miles, flat and easy. Alisdair
  18. Guy_Watson

    Portsmouth Area Randonee

    Fareham Wheelers CC Randonee 30m/50m Wallington 0900
  19. Guy_Watson

    i-Team Century Day

    This is a National i-Team event but it does not clash with anything because whatever you do today will count towards your century - just top up the miles after the event! There will also again be 3 rides from the West, North & South converging on Gloucester Docks.
  20. Guy_Watson

    i-Team Gran Fondo Cymru

    This is an i-Team National Event - no other calandar entries for this day allowed. This is your club's flagship event - make it a target!
  21. Guy_Watson

    Out For A Spin

    Got back from London early today, picked up some LED's from Liphook Cycles on the way home and managed to get out on the bike for 90 mins in the last of the daylight. Quite an easy ride averaged 135 bpm / 90 watts (upper zone2) @ 90-100RPM - perfect for what my body needs (and can handle) at the moment and it felt good to be a bike rider today.
  22. Guy_Watson

    Dumping Jennifer Aniston...

    If Brad Pitt were a bike, he'd probably be a Trek. The image is well established, no need for gimicks - you know what you are going to get from a Brad Pitt film - reliable entertainment. That's what I get from my Trek 1500. OK a Madone it ain't but it handles really, really well - in fact it's probably the best handling bike I've had, including 2 DeRosa's (Pacino & DeNiro ) But like Brad got fed up with good old reliable, never-let-you-down Jennifer, me and Shimano have had to call it a day. I liked riding my Trek but something just didn't feel right. After using Campag for 25 years I felt like I was missiing out on something and as good as Shimano is, it just doesn't suit me. I hate the big ugly brake levers and the shifting is a bit too light for me. OK - I admit it - I just don't find it sexy, the sad thing is Campagnolo is like Angelina as far as I'm concerned. Went out today for a spin on the new sexy 1500 and it was like being reunited with a old freind. I was gutted to miss riding with the guys today - I missed the start of the Hantspol reliability because I decided to fit an Ergomo power meter at the last minute and was faffing about getting it calibrated (the stuff I have laying around my garage!) I was glad I got out - lovely sunny day and I've only been out once since New Year's day. I'm toying with a goal for the season now - I'm not going to mention it yet because there's no point even thinking about it any more until I can ride the bike more regularly, I reckon a minimum of 3-4 days a week. Getting the bike sorted with a powermeter is part of the plan (I now can't wait to get out on it again) but the following stats say it all: Weight = 13st 4lbs (10 kgs overwieght ) Gut = 37 Inches (7 Inches over ) But the good news is, with precious little training, my RHR is 54 and I managed to average 300 watts for 15 mins today.
  23. Guy_Watson

    Guy's Campag Trek 2

    Got these ITM bar grips in Italy - they clip over normal bars & offer more comfort by increasing the size of the contact area. I've never seen them anywhere else. I used them on the 154 mile Etape in 2004 and they were great. As part of the rebuild, I've taken my time to get everything how I like it - the brake and gear cables have been cut to lengths that make the steering is 100% nuetral - check out the thin rubber sleeve where the rear brake cable would otherwise be exposed (prevents damaging paint when clamping the top tube in a workstand or boot rack) plus the short peice of clear soft plastic tube on the cable outer to prevent chafing the paint on the head tube. Also I've decided to do some training again and I've fitted an Ergomo powermeter.

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  24. Guy_Watson

    Guy's Campag Trek

    After using Campagnolo on my bikes for 25 years I was prepared to give Shimano a go because I wanted to buy a Trek after they decided to sponsor i-Team - and Treks come with Shimano - so why not I thought. I'm genuinely interested in techie stuff and I was interested to make a comparison. After a year I can say that Shimano did everything I needed to do and didn't let me down once but I definitely prefer the positve & clunkyCampag gear change, being able to brake and change gear at the same time and being able to go from the big sprockets to the 11 tooth in one shift and not have to do it one sprocket at a time. I think it just comes down to which one was on your first bike. Anyway, I really love the frame and there can't be too many Campag Treks - nice to be different.

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  25. Guy_Watson

    Lapierre x-lite carbon

    I've seen your bike in the flesh when you came down th race at Goodwood Pete and it's lovely - very rare in the UK too ('like that ) Very, very light too!

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