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    Retro Team Jersey

    From the album: 2015-Team-Clothing

    What is our club had been founded in 1963, instead of 2003? This is our take on what how our jersey would have looked back then! The 'Retro Team' team strip is a version of our club kit that was designed as a nod of respect to those who've blazed a trail before. N.B. This is not our offical team clothing as registered with British Cycling for racing and so can't be used for racing - more info Only be worn with all black shorts or bottoms!
  2. Guy_Watson

    Pink Team Jersey

    From the album: 2015-Team-Clothing

    The 'Pink Team' team strip is a version of our club kit that was designed with our Ladies Group in mind (but if any guys think they can get away with wearing these we won't stop you! N.B. This is not our offical team clothing as registered with British Cycling for racing and so can't be used for racing - more info
  3. Guy_Watson

    Official Team Jersey

    From the album: 2015-Team-Clothing

    The 'Red Team' team strip is our offical team clothing as registered with British Cycling for racing - more info
  4. Heard a rumour this morning that 'everyone is struggling with the new website?' but if no one tells me I can't know and I wont be able to fix it! :( - can you use the following link to feed back to me: http://www.i-team.cc/team/index.php/topic/11652-website-development/#entry111203

    1. Steven_Evans


      It was a bit of a struggle to begin with, but now I have got used to it, it's fine.

  5. Had a bit of a rest up last 2 weeks so it's back to back metric centuries planned for Sat and Sun :)

  6. Guy_Watson

    Go-Ride Racing at Ditcham Park

    Calling all Under 16 Keen Cyclists - would you like to attend a coaching session and try some fun bike racing? On Saturday 28th March, we will again be organising a Go-Ride Racing event at Ditcham Park School, Nr. Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 5RN This event is organised by our British Cycling Qualified coaches under the Go-Ride Racing format, which is British Cycling's exciting entry-level competition programme, which offers local competition for novice cyclists under the age of 16, helping young people to make a gradual transition into competitive cycling. Racing events are delivered across the country by Go-Ride Clubs and British Cycling’s Go-Ride Coaches, with a range of prizes awarded, including certificates, medals, wristbands and trophies. More Information: Please arrive at 1.30 for signing on - races start from 2pm and will run to around 4pm. Cost is £2 per rider for the whole afternoon's activities This is event is open to all under 16's whether thay are already in a club or not A British Cycling racing licence is not required and the events are strictly aimed at novice racing cyclists As a guide, the minimum age is 8 but the main criteria for all riders is that they are confident in riding their bike in normal conditions Coaches will be there to give guidance & help - please listen to them Everyone takes part at their own risk - the coaches will do there best to make things as safe as possible but riding bikes always involves an element of risk Parents must remain in the vicinity - if your child is unfortunate to have an accident, they will want mum or dad to be there We will be using a grass surface which will be suitable for all types of bikes Suitable clothing including a correctly fitting helmet must be worn and bikes must be well maintained with 2 brakes fitted - please refer to the following guides to check that your bike, helmet and clothing is in good order: Bike & Helmet Checklist & Bike Maintenance Checklist Check out our gallery from our last event here Check out details about our weekly youth coaching sessions here Check out how to join our Youth Cycling Club here
  7. We'll be collecting spare change for Comic Relief tonight at PSoCR Langstone youth coaching - riders, bring your red noses and deeleepoppers! :)

  8. Sales from Paul & Wendy's club calendar and other contributions have raised £163.10 each for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - thanks to all who helped

  9. Fantastic Weekend for the British (in the cycling anyway)

  10. I've forgotton who borrowed my blue and grey Tacx rollers - could I have them back please? :)

  11. Hi guys - I'll be playing around with the website settings for the next few days, so please bear with me - you'll need to refresh using the F5 key from time to time and if you get lost, start again from www.i-team.cc

  12. Guy_Watson

    revolutions 2015

  13. Guy_Watson

    Joe Truman vs Jason Kenny

    Junior member Joe Truman taking part at the Revolutions event on 31/01/15
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    photo 4

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    photo 3

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    photo 2

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    photo 1

  18. One for the next long turbo session?

  19. Guy_Watson

    Chris Boardman Team MTB

    Last time I had an MTB was before front supension and disc brakes were standard, bars were narrow and stems were long - so I'd been meaning to treat myself to a new MTB for ages. It took me a few months to get my head around the new MTB specs - what wheel size to go for took a good while to ponder over. I wasn't fussy on the brand as long as it didn't have any Shimano on it ( ) - so in the end I went for a Boardman Team 27.5" = with 15% off in a sale + 10% BC discount I don't think I could have got a better bike for the money - the frame is brilliant quality for the money. After a few initial rides I made the following tweaks: I wasn't impressed with the tyres so converted to tubeless Michelin WildgripperThought the white grips, saddle and seatpin pin looked really naff and so swapped over for some spares I had already - gives the bike a much better overall look I think1cm longer stem - slammed down (still higher than a pure cross country position, so I can still play - it's just with my long back I needed itA longer stem slows steering, so I cut 1cm off each end of the bars to compensateBefore my knee op I went and found some really steep rutted drop offs that I used to do 20 years ago and I can't beleive how capeable this bike is - looking forward to getting up to QE Park & the Kingley Vale regularly again
  20. Guy_Watson

    2014 - A Year To Be Thankful

    A hell of a year and well written Andy
  21. P.S.o.C.R. Road Bike Coaching at Langstone Technology Park Until we regain use of the Mountbatten Centre Cycle Track, we will be using Langstone Technology Park for our Friday Night Go-Ride (Youth Coaching) sessions until further notice. WHAT: Road bike coaching for youths at a 200m - 300m closed road area. These sessions are primarily organised for i-Team.cc youth riders but youths from other clubs are always very welcome Newcommers aged between 8-16 years of age are always welcome to come along and watch or try a few sessions free of charge - they will be looked after and given instruction on the basics (just make sure you bring along a completed consent form please) Once novices have registered and can demonstrate that they have the required level of skills, they are introduced more and more into the main group. N.B. These are not 'Training Sessions' where the main focus is just to ride hard to develop fitness. Youths will be pushed physically (especially the 7-8pm group) but the main focus is on finding the limit of bike handling skills (i.e. very close group riding and cornering in a group,) under the watchfull eye of up to 4 British Cycling qualified level 1-3 coaches, in a professional but fun and friendly atmosphere. Our pre-registering / pre-paying system means that we can always ensure that there is the right balance between experienced and novice riders - this helps maintain steady but safe progression for all abilities. WHERE: North Car Park Area, Langstone Technology Park,PO9 1SA WHEN: Fridays, 6-7pm (under 12's) & 7-8pm (12-16's) WHO: Registered / Prepaid riders (i-Team.cc members & guests from other clubs very welcome) - email info @ i-team.cc to enquire about joining in Please ensure that you have completed and submitted a registration form for 2015, along with your payment See this article for more information
  22. Knee surgery has gone well - should be back on the bike next week - looks like I'll soon be out of excuses not to ride! :)


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