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  1. Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! :)

    1. Andy_Redding
    2. Karen_Lillington


      Have a great Christmas Guy and Happy New Year - .......and to the rest of the iteamers too xx

    3. Wendy_Hall


      And to you & your family Giuy

  2. Very Sorry Everyone but the Mince Pie Ride Has Been Postponed until 2nd Feb 2019 - see forum for more details

  3. There is a window that closes at noon tomorrow (29th November) for ordering club clothing that will be delivered before Christmas - see post in clothing section

  4. Hi guys - I've had a pretty tough few months so haven't been as on top of things as much as I would like on the club admin side but - I'm back :)

  5. New window for ordering your club clothing now open - See Clothing Section below

  6. New Ordering Window for Club Clothing now open until the end of April


  7. Oops! I broke the website! (my new update didn't work on the latest software) I've had to do a restore back to 16th of April so some of your post will have been lost - 'will try harder next time :)

  8. Guy_Watson

    Hall of Fame

    New Article Coming
  9. Hi Guy,have you got my Flandrian jersey ? If so do you mind posting it when you get back from Belgium.

  10. New clothing ordering window now open until the end of September - See Club Clothing Forum at the bottom of the Team Hub Page - http://www.i-team.cc/forums/topic/12467-september-2017-club-clothing-ordering-window-open/  See Club


    1. Eli_Tucker


      thanks Guy I have finally managed to order a new shirt for Eli - he is still wearing one from aged 10 when he first joined! It works better on the Mac than on my iPhone which was probably the problem I had before.  S

  11. 22:37! Caitlin sets a new Youth / Junior / Senior Female club 10 record! http://www.i-team.cc/articles/ctt-time-trials-club-records-r74/

    1. Helen_Boarer


      Well done Caitlin !!!

  12. Amering Youth Series - July Raiding Party!


  13. New ordering window for club kit open until 21st April - see topic in Clothing Forim

  14. Latest clothing order has arrived - see forum topic for details on collection :)


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