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  1. Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! :)

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      Have a great Christmas Guy and Happy New Year - .......and to the rest of the iteamers too xx

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      And to you & your family Giuy

  2. Very Sorry Everyone but the Mince Pie Ride Has Been Postponed until 2nd Feb 2019 - see forum for more details

  3. There is a window that closes at noon tomorrow (29th November) for ordering club clothing that will be delivered before Christmas - see post in clothing section

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    CTT Time Trials & Club Records

    Official i-Team.cc CTT Standard Distance Club Records: 10 Miles: Senior Male - Ben Williams : 20:00 : P881R : 25 July 2018 Senior Female - TBE Junior Male - David Sinclair : 21:42 : P881/10 : 29 April 2006 Junior Female - Caitlin Peters : 22:00 : P883 : 7 August 2018 Juvenile Male - Matt Hickman : 21:19 : P883 : 14 August 2018 Juvenile Female - Caitlin Peters : 22:48 : P883 : 16 August 2017 Veteran Male - Warren Hannington : 22:06 : P901 : 9 July 2017 Veteran Female - TBE 25 Miles: Senior Male - Matt Doe : 56:14 : P885/25 : 2008 Junior Female - Caitlin Peters : 56:16 : R25/3H : 2018 Youth Female - Caitlin Peters : 57:15 : R25/3H : 27 June 2016 Veteran Male - Mark Sterling : 59:03 P881/25 : 23 July 2017 To be established / claimed: Youth Male / Junior Male / Junior Female / Veteran Female / Senior Female 50 Miles Senior Male - Dan Cole : 2:00:02 : G50/50 : 29 June 2014 Veteran Male - Mark Sterling : 2:06:31 : P417 : 17 May 2016 To be established / claimed: Youth Female / Youth Male / Junior Male / Junior Female / Senior Female / Veteran Female Please send a PM to Guy Watson if you have beaten any of the above times or have established a new club record in a CTT Event. Interested in Riding a TT? CTT time trials offer all abilities an easily accessible way of measuring your performance against others and against your previous performances - with a bit of research on the internet, you'll find that there are a suprising amount of events availble for you to take part in: Links: Link For CTT South DC course and events, including all local club events Link for National CTT Open Events Training for Time Trials What are CTT Time Trials? CTT Time Trials are a uniquly British institution, the events began when racing on British roads was illegal. Staggered starts at 1 minutes intervals meant that those competing could claim to be “just going about their business” and participants often wore all black clothing to be as inconspicuous as possible. What does 'P901 or G50/50' mean? Because racing on a public highway was illegal until 1960, courses were given codes, such as “G50/50” to maintain a secretive nature, so only those 'in the know' would know where the event was taking place. Because the codes were never changed to be more user friendly, (e.g. 'A3 - Liss - Liphook - Liss') - an element of mystery still exists around where CTT events take place. Thankfully the courses are now listed and easily discoverable on the main CTT website and the excellent CTT South website Where do I Start? Many clubs organise a weekly evening club time trial during summer months. Club events are open to all including non-club members and are a gateway into the sport of cycling. Events vary offering something for every rider, from courses on quiet country lanes to busy dual carriageways. Weekly courses are often 10 miles long, riders just arrive at the agreed time, pay £3, before being given a number which signifies what time they will start their race. The day and time is usually stated on the promoting cycling club’s website - so do a google search of cycling clubs in your area. If you want to specialise in CTT Time Trails, there are also 'Open' events. For Open events. you need to be a member of a club that is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials and enter the event about 10 days in advance. Do I Need a Special Bike or Special Equipment? All you need to start with is a serviceable bike and a helmet. In it's purest form, a Time Trial is about beating your previous personal best time, or beating a rival, with an effort that was better what you have managed perviously. However, for the same effort, a rider can go faster with a more aerodynamic bike - so you will see riders with expensive bikes who are on a mission to see how much time they can save with aero lightweight equipment. What's it Like to Ride a CTT Time Trial? It’s best to arrive at the event HQ about 1 hour before your event – giving you time to change, get your number, and use the toilet (multiple times) – then get to the start. which may be a few miles from the actual H.Q. MAke sure you have a chat to the organiser and other riders - tell them you are new to the sport - everyone should be more than wiling to help. Once the rider before you has been set off, you’ll be called forward and given the option of either being held up, with your feet in the pedals ready to go, or you can choose to start yourself. A time keeper, (probably a rather elderly individual, who was once a lot faster than you are!) will tell you when you have 30 seconds before your start, then 10, then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: GO! At this point – you’ll either push on the pedals, and go, or clip in and go. For about 30 seconds you will be full of adreneline and will probably be going a lot faster than you can sustain for the distance - this is normal for most people! You may get caught by someone who started behind you, or you may catch someone who started in front of you - whatever happens you must not draft behind another rider - that's cheating - this sport is all be about unassisted individual effort. Make sure you keep your head up and look ahead, obey the highway code, and don't take risks on corners etc. that your skills cant match. Once you’ve completed the course, try and shout your number out as you pass the finish the time keeper, then roll back to the event HQ – where, you'll have quite a bit in common with about 50 others who will have taken part. You'll soon learn that Time Trials are all about pace judgement and maintaining as high a constant power output that you can over the distance - it takes practise! CTT time trials are similar to the Olympic Time Trial discipline in many ways, but unlike being the 'Race of Truth,' you will discover that sometimes, the biggest factor in how fast a competitor goes is how busy the course is with traffic! Each car or lorry that passes a rider disturbs the air that the rider is trying to push through, this results in the rider going faster than they would if the road was traffic free. Some competitors will actually travel many miles to seek out the busiest courses to set a 'traffic assissted' personal best time - this is a long way from the spirit with which the sport was founded, when legends like Frank Southall and Ray Booty set the standards - but it's an option open for you to explore if you like that sort of thing! The key thing to remember, if you discover that other riders finished an event with a PB that's faster than yours, it could be that they finished a long way down on the winner in a very fast 'traffic assisted' event.
  5. Hi guys - I've had a pretty tough few months so haven't been as on top of things as much as I would like on the club admin side but - I'm back :)

  6. New window for ordering your club clothing now open - See Clothing Section below

  7. Enthusiastic Youths & Juniors can sometimes arrive at their first race, nervous, excited, eager to compete - only to be told that their bike falls foul of the regulations, 'because their bikes gearing is not compliant with the rules.' This can be confusing and frustrating for rider and parents, especially if a brand new bike was purchased in good faith and the shop said that the bike was 'race-ready.' Far from being over-zealous kill-joys, race oficials must follow the regulations set by international and national cycling organisations, which limit the top gear for all youth and junior racers participating in road and track races. This is because gear restrictions teach good pedaling techniques that will be essential later in life, help prevent injury, encourage good race tactics and level the playing field when children are developing at different rates. Above - All i-Youths and Juniors use gears appropriate for their age category IN TRAINING as well as when racing. WHY DO WE HAVE GEAR RESTRICTIONS? Young riders develop at different rates, restricting gears helps put all riders on a fair and equal standing, rather than always favouring the strongest children who happen to develop early. (Such early developers might win lot's to start with but then struggle later when it comes to Junior and Adult racing.) Young bodies repair quickly but are vulnerable to overuse injuries, restricting gears helps to avoid injuriies due strength imbalances in fast growing children. To be succesful as an adult in bike racing, you have to pedal big gears fast - not push big gears slowly. So you first have to teach your body to pedal restricted gears fast, ready for when the real strength comes later in life. Restricted gears encourage young riders to succeed in races using tactics, as opposed to races being dominated to who can push the biggest gear in the group. This will help to support the riders in learning the techniques which they will need throughout their competitive career. WHAT GEARS ARE MY SON OR DAUGHTER ALLOWED TO USE IN RACES? All bikes should be checked prior to the event and the first three riders plus any picked at random in addition to those using gear locking should be rechecked as soon as the event finishes. If a bike does not meet the regulations the rider will be disqualified. Please note that the sprocket and chain ring combination cannot be used in isolation to assess gear size. The absolute measure for gear restriction is the distance travelled in one complete revolution of the cranks. Tyre dimensions; please be aware that although the manufacturer may detail their tyres as a standard dimensions, there will be variations from brand to brand. For example because it says “23” on the side does not mean it’s the same as another tyre with “23” on the side, HOW TO CHECK YOUR GEARS The test to see if a race bike is legal, i.e. if it's top gear is not over the biggest (hardest to push) gear that is permitable for each age category, is called the "rollout test" - it checks the distance that a bike travels in a straight line with one full pedal revolution, when in top gear. Click Here for video on how to perform a gear check BRITISH CYCLING AGE CATEGORIES & MAXIMUM GEARS ALLOWED: YOUTH A (Under 16 - from 1st January in year of 15th Birthday until 31st December in year of 16th birthday) Maximum Gear = 6.93 metres (e.g. 39x12 / 42x13 / 47x15 / 52x16) YOUTH B (Under 14 - from 1st January in year of 13th Birthday until 31st December in year of 14th birthday) Maximum Gear = 6.45 metres (e.g. 39x13 / 42x14 / 45x15 / 51x17) YOUTH C (Under 12 - from 1st January in year of 11th Birthday until 31st December in year of 12th birthday) Maximum Gear = 6.05 metres (e.g. 39x14 / 42x15 / 45x16 / 48x17) YOUTH D (Under 10 - from 1st January in year of 9th Birthday until 31st December in year of 10th birthday) Maximum Gear = 5.40 metres (e.g. 41x16 / 43x17 / 46x18 / 49x19) YOUTH E (Under 8 - until 31st December in year of 8th birthday) Maximum Gear = 5.10 metres (e.g. 39x16 / 41x17 / 43x18 / 48x19) N.B. For track and roller racing events where an exceptionally talented Youth A, B or C rider has received dispensation from British Cycling HQ to compete against riders of an older category, then that rider shall be restricted in gearing to that of the older category. JUNIORS (Under 19 / OVER 16 - From 1st Jan of year in which 17th birthday falls to 31st December of year in which 18th birthday falls.) Maximum Gear = 7.93 metres (e.g. 52x14) Click Here to Download a chart of gear ratios COACH, GUY WATSON ANSWERS SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: "I've done a roll-out test on my son's road bike but the gear is too big - what can I do?" If your gear is not too far over, the easiest thing to do is to adjust the rear deraileur, using the limit screws, so that the chain will not go onto the smallest sprockets and/or adjust the front deraileur so that the chain will not go on to the large chainring. If this is beyond the adjustment limits of the deraileur, you will have to buy a new cassette for the rear and possibly new chain rings. You can buy after market chainrings in lots of different sizes to fit any cranks - but you need to know the PCD (pitch circle diameter) - it should be etched on your existing chain rings next to where it says number of teeth. Modern Campagnolo are typically 135mm PCD Shimano are 110mm PCD Some FSA cranks are different again and are 130mm PCD. It may be easier / cheaper to buy new cranks to suit the rings that are available - in which case, you should go for 165mm cranks. 170mm are just about OK but 172.5 are more difficult to spin with restricted gearing and long cranks over 165/170mm in length are far from ideal as they place a lot of strain on knee joints. BBB do a range of SRAM and Shimano compatable Youth and Junior casettes with a 16 tooth smallest sprocket "Guy, what would you recomend is the best combination for a me? I am a Youth B (U14) I'm currently allowed a maximum gear of 6.45m, e.g. 46 tooth biggest front chainring and a 15 tooth smallest rear sprocket. The trouble is that my bike came with 53 and 39 tooth chainrings and a 13/14/15/16/18/20/23/26 rear cassette - but if I wind the rear deraileur screw all the way in, I can't stop the chain from going on to the small sprockets..." The no-cost option is to adjust the front deraileur so that you can't use the big chainring (but can still trim the front mech to avoid chain rub) The problem with this set up is that gears are really not designed to run that far out of line (bigest sprocket and biggest chain ring or smallest sprocket and smallest chainring) - this combination will run rough, wear out your chain quickly and may jump in a sprint. I would recommend buying a 45 tooth chainring - put your 53 ring aside for a few years. This will then give you 45 & 39 tooth chainrings up front - pretty close ratio but stll usable and it will help with keeping the chain from unshipping. Depending on how narrow your tyres are, you might get away with a 46 tooth chainring up front, which would be ueseful for Youth A gears in a season or 2. "Can I buy a Youth bike with everything set up correctly for Youth racing?" Definitely, I recommend the following: Road Bikes: Isla Bikes offer a great range Track Bikes: Dolan make some of the best Youths grow out of their bikes quickly, so you should be able to find one of the above 2nd hand on eBay etc. and purchase it for less than the cost of a new so-called youth bike that has gears that are not appropriate for racing. Alternatively, if you are mechanically minded, you can start form scratch with a small frame and build up with 2nd Hand parts such as in these 2 examples: Above, keeping it all in proportion: Youth C custom bike, built from scratch around a 43cm women's frame, with: Full size 700c wheels 155mm cranks 45 x 34 chainrings 16 up rear casette Above, money-no-object for a very lucky Youth E - imported from Italy! 550c wheels (tubulars) 145mm cranks 42 x 34 chainrings 15 up rear casette
  8. New Ordering Window for Club Clothing now open until the end of April


  9. Oops! I broke the website! (my new update didn't work on the latest software) I've had to do a restore back to 16th of April so some of your post will have been lost - 'will try harder next time :)

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  11. Engage / Contribute / Benefit... Whether you like to cycle solo, or as part of a group, you can still take an active role in our club. As is always the case with any organisation or club, you may need to make some form of initial commitment before you get anything back. To get the most out of being a member of i-Team, you ideally should try to stay in touch with other members either using the member's web areas or by taking part in club rides when possible. i-Team is definitely a club that rewards do-ers! Membership Benefits For All... Membership of an active, friendly and professionally run club - proven track record for providing a quality cycling club service for it's members since 2003 and acreddited with Sport England Club Mark & British Cycling Go-Ride status Membership of a club affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, & more - so you can represent i-Team.cc in races and organised cycling events, wherever you live in the U.K. or Worldwide. (N.B. i-Team has the largest number of British Cycling members in the South division) Access to discounted introductory British Cycling Membership packages - B.C. membership provides adequate 3rd party insurance when riding - If you ride with us, you'll know that other members have some level of insurance Access to organised Club Rides - Only members can regularly take part in club rides and activities - (non members are allowed a maximum of 3 rides to make up their minds if we are the right club for them before joining) Access to purchase our professionally designed, pro-team quality club clothing - as previosuly worn by riders like Dani King, Jon Dibben and Joe Truman Access to our own integrated Cycling Club Social Network that pre-dates Facebook & Twitter - Uniquely to i-Team - everyone uses their real names and photos, so it is easy to get to know everyone online, ready for when you meet them out on the road - Interact and ask questions and receive qualified answers from experienced and helpfull team mates, including our British Cycling qualified club coaches. Access to Our British Cycling Qualified Coaches - Save time and money by talking to our British Cycling Level 1, 2, & 3 Qualified Coaches before you purchase that expensive set of wheels, or start following that training program you've downloaded from a source on the net (how can the source know what is right for you - why do tennis players, track & field athletes, pro cyclists etc. have coaches?) Types of i-Team.cc Membership... Full Standard Senior Membership (£25) - i.e. you intend to ride with other members - and/or you intend to take part in British Cycling sanctioned Races and Events - N.B. i-Team.cc MUST be your only or 'First Clain' cycling club Concessionary Membership (£10) - i.e. you are under 18 years of age or over 65, or on limited income (unemployed or full-time student) - you intend to ride with other members - and/or you intend to take part in British Cycling sanctioned Races and Events - N.B. i-Team.cc MUST be your only or 'First Clain' cycling club Family Membership (£1.50 when purchased with a Full Membership ) - For non-racing members who are close family of Full Standard Members - N.B. It is strongly recommended that this is added to under 18's membership so that a parent can access club forums to check for upcoming events, access feedback from coaching sessions etc. Associate Membership (£15) - For non-riding members (but sometimes this is made available for former members etc, who want to maintain links and ride with ride with their former club - please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP Terms & Conditions... All members must agree to read & abide by our Membership Guidelines All members must agree to read & abide by our Child Protection Policy If you plan to take part in any group rides or coaching sessions you are requested to become familiar with the i-Team Group Riding Guide All members must agree to join i-Team and take part in any events at their own risk and not hold i-Team as a club, or other members liable for any loss or injury To remain a member, British Cycling membership with 3rd Party Liability Insurance must be up to date If your membership subscription is not renewed by 31st January in the year that it is due, your membership will lapse, and you will not be eligible to ride with other members on club rides, or access the members website. If we do not hear from you by June 1st., you will be deemed to have left the club and we will delete your membership profile and you may not be eligible to take part in club rides and events N.B. With the exception of 'Associate / Family Membership' i-Team.cc must be your first ‘claim club’ (i.e. you don’t race for another club and then expect to benefit from our club rides, coaching sessions, chain gangs, or training rides,) Joning i-Team is now easier than ever before.. Click on this link to purchase i-Team.cc membership via British Cycling's website Complete all sections of your British Cycling membership profile - especially next-of-kin details Click the i-Team.cc Terms & Conditions & also the B.C. Terms & Conditions links at the payment gateway Because i-Team.cc uses the British Cycling Club Membership Tool, your personal details are automatically added club records You will normally be sent an email to the address on your British Cycling profile within 24 hours, with the disclaimer form that you will need to sign and return to complete your application In the rare event (it hasn't happened yet,) that your membership is not accepted, you will be notified and will recive a refund of your i-Team.cc membership fee in the form of a cheque, sent to the address that you regsistered with British Cycling. You will then be sent a welcome email with your log-in details for the members areas of club website, where you can access lots of information about club activities and get to know your fellow team mates better. If you send a stamped self-addressed envelope - we will send you an i-Team.cc plastic 'credit card' type membership card and QR code ICE helmet sticker Individual, and Family Memberships - Example Total Costs Including British Cycling Membership Example One: You are a single adult member over 18, who wants to ride with our members: You will need to pay £25 for i-Team membership and £43 for British Cycling Race Silver membership - total £68.00 (price correct of 01/01/2018 - see Britsh Cycling Website to check) That's £1.31 per week, for the opportunity of being able to ride with your club at least once a week and/or compete for your club, plus having the peace of mind from being adequately insured whilst cycling Example Two: You are a single adult member over 18, who wants to take part in Sportives: You will need to pay £25 for i-Team membership and £33.30 for British Cycling Ride membership - total £58.30 (price correct of 01/01/2018 - see Britsh Cycling Website to check) That's £1.12 per week, for the opportunity of being able to ride with your club at least once a week and/or having the peace of mind from being adequately insured whilst cycling Example Three: You are over 18 and you and your partner and 2 children want to accompany you on some club rides with other members: Purchase Full Senior Membership for £25.00 Plus 3x Partner / Family Membership £1.50 Total = £29.50 Add British Cycling Family Ride Membership at £79.20 (price correct of 01/01/2018 ) Total £104.20 / £26.05 per rider, or £2.00 per week for the family to be a member of a club, for the opportunity of being able to ride with your club at least once a week and/or having the peace of mind from you all being adequately insured whilst cycling Example Four: You are not a cyclist yourself but your 14 year old child want's to race: Purchase i-Team.cc Youth Membership for £10.00 (includes one non-riding Associate Membership for you) Purchase British Cycling British Cycling Under 16 Youth Silver Race Membership for £20.70 (price correct of 01/01/2018 Total: £30.70 for both of you to be members of i-Team.cc, plus your child can race & and be adequately insured whilst cycling Example Five: You are over 65, Full Time Student or experiencing financial difficulties: Please contact us (in confidence) to discuss Typical Member Profiles... Here is a bit more information about what our members do... Racers: Youth (8-15 years) - Learn to ride fast & safe with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - Progress to riding with older members on club runs and chain gangs - train with our Racing Development Squad - be eligible for selection for our R.D.S. Race Team - Compete in British Cycling sanctioned events Junior (16-17 years) - Develop racing skills with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - Progress to riding with older members on club runs and chain gangs - train with our Racing Development Squad - be eligible for selection for our R.D.S. Race Team - Compete in British Cycling Road & Track events U23 / Senior (18-29 years) - Develop & Maintain racing skills with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - Progress to riding with older members on club runs and chain gangs - train with our Racing Development Squad - be eligible for selection for our R.D.S. Race Team - Compete in British Cycling Road & Track events Master / Veteran / Super Veteran (30-39 / 40-49 / 50+ years) - Develop & Maintain racing skills with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing - Progress to riding with older members on club runs and chain gangs - train with our Racing Development Squad - be eligible for selection for our R.D.S. Race Team - Compete in British Cycling Road & Track events and LVRC events Club Rider: (All Ages) - Ride with other members on club runs and chain gangs, U.K. Sportives such as Ride London, Tour of Wessex, Dragon Ride - or overseas sportives such as Tour of Flanders, Etape du Tour, Marmotte - overseas cycling holidays organised by members for members Female Rider: (All Ages) - Ride with other female members on club rides, U.K. Sportives such as Ride London, Tour of Wessex, Dragon Ride - or overseas sportives such as Tour of Flanders, Etape du Tour, Marmotte - overseas cycling holidays organised by members for members Novice: (All Ages) - Although we are not a club that is dedicated to novices, we all remember what it was like to be starting out. perhaps a bit unsure of riding in a group, or a bit afraid to look daft by asking basic questions - fear not! - If you are keen and want to improve your cycling, bring a positive atitude and are willing to learn - there will be a special welcome for you and lot's of encouragement garanteed Off-Road / MTB / Dirt: (All Ages) - i-Team.cc has it's own off-road circuit in private woodland for exclusive use of i-Team.cc members. We organise weekly group MTB rides and also in the summer evenings we organise coaching sessions, delivered by our British Cycling Level 2 MTB coaches. If you have any enquiries - please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP
  12. New clothing ordering window now open until the end of September - See Club Clothing Forum at the bottom of the Team Hub Page - http://www.i-team.cc/forums/topic/12467-september-2017-club-clothing-ordering-window-open/  See Club


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      thanks Guy I have finally managed to order a new shirt for Eli - he is still wearing one from aged 10 when he first joined! It works better on the Mac than on my iPhone which was probably the problem I had before.  S

  13. 22:37! Caitlin sets a new Youth / Junior / Senior Female club 10 record! http://www.i-team.cc/articles/ctt-time-trials-club-records-r74/

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      Well done Caitlin !!!

  14. Amering Youth Series - July Raiding Party!


  15. New ordering window for club kit open until 21st April - see topic in Clothing Forim

  16. Latest clothing order has arrived - see forum topic for details on collection :)

  17. Clothing window has now closed and manufacturing of several £1000's of your club kit is now underway - delivery should be with me by end of March - I'll post up when it arrives :)

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    P.S.o.C.R. - Information For Parents

    As a parent, you will want to ensure that your child is safe whenever they undertake any type of sports activity without your supervision. You will no doubt be reassured that for your child's saftey. Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing is organised by i-Team.cc, which is accredited with British Cycling's Go-Ride & Sport England's Clubmark Accreditation, which require clubs to operate to the highest standards of organisation. As part of i-Team.cc's ClubMark Accreditaion, Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing is administrated by a dedicated committee that consists of coaches, parents and helpers: All P.S.o.C.R. committee members, coaches and helpers are members of i-Team.cc, individual members of British Cycling and have passed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check P.S.o.C.R. has two Club Welfare Officers, who are required to attend a Child Protection Course P.S.o.C.R. has Go-Ride sessions for under 16's are delivered by British Cycling qualified coaches, who are also required to attend courses on Child Protection & Equity, follow British Cycling's Code of Conduct, and hold a current First Aid certificate P.S.o.C.R. operates under the i-Team.cc Child Protection Policy, which follows British Cycling guidelines for Safeguarding & Protecting Children Quality coaching in traffic free, controlled environments: P.S.o.C.R. delivesr coaching activities in traffic-free environments. For most sessions, any type of bike can be used, so long as it is not to big or small for your child, in good condition and well maintained. Suitable clothing and a cycling helmet must be worn. The sessions teach the necessary skills to make riders more competent, safer cyclists and be able to progress on to racing, should they so desire. What will my child gain from this? The Go-Ride programme of cycling activities promotes good health and includes fun activities that are easy to learn. As obesity levels in young people rise, cycling can be seen as a very enjoyable way of getting exercise and countering a sedentary lifestyle. We also enforce good behaviour and promote good social skills. We have experience with children on the Autistic spectrum and ADHD. Will my child be safe? All Go-Ride clubs have a commitment to ongoing training for their volunteers, coaches and officials, to have a sound structure, to be fair and equitable and to undertake training to support British Cycling's Policies and Guidelines for child protection and best practice. All parents are required to sign a disclaimer before their child takes part in our sessions. P.S.o.C.R. coaches and/or helpers may take suitable photographs of participants to use for promotion of our coaching sessions. Parents may also take photographs of their children with other participants. If you do not want pictures of your child to be used for these purposes, just let one of our coaches or helpers know. What are the risks of cycling / cycle racing? Like any sport, Cycling does have its inherent risks, which all riders and parents must accept - especially when new skills are being learnt. Even the best professional riders still fall off occasionally. To mitigate these risks, all coaching sessions are risk assessed and i-Team.cc / P.S.o.C.R. takes all relevant actions to reduce risks to what coaches decide to be a tollerable level. P.S.o.C.R. follows British Cycling's strict limits on coach/rider ratios, which is specific to the coaching facility, coaching activity, coach qualifications and the ability mix of the group. As such, we do everything in our power to provide a safe environment in which your child can cycle and can learn the skills that will ultimately make their cycling safer. What qualifications do our cycling coaches have? All P.S.o.C.R. coaches are British Cycling qualified or coaches or coaches in training. All British Cycling coaching awards include sports coach UK's Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop, which helps to ensure that our club provides a safe and welcoming environments for young people of all backgrounds. Coaches are also encouraged to broaden their knowledge to suit their particular requirements, for example, attending the sports coach UK workshop How to Coach Disabled People in Sport. Usefull Links: For more detailed information, see >>>British Cycling Safeguarding
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    Rob Hayles- World Champion & Olympic Medal Winning Professional Bike Rider - "Since 2004, I have been the President of i-Team. This team has been set up by one of my oldest friends in cycling, Guy Watson. Guy was a member of my first ever cycling club, Portsmouth CC, way back in the late 80's and he helps me today with the Team KLR Elite Team. I like original ideas and i-Team is a unique concept, that works for a hell of a lot of cyclists." Kevin Knowles - Kendal, Cumbria "I took up cycling after fell-running took its toll on my body! I tried to follow my previous footsteps on a Mountain Bike, but after a holiday in France I came back a convert to road biking. I was looking for help and support, but not really confident enough in my ability to join a traditional club, so I thought I'd give i-Team a go. After 2 years I am now riding sportives, audax and social rides. I even attacked the Etape du Tour last year. What an experience! (albeit let's just say I have some unfinished business in this event!) I've gone from complete novice to competent rider in no time at all, thanks to the help, information and support given to me by fellow team members at various events around the country, as well as a few that even traveled up to my local sportive event, The Fred whitton. Plus the members only forum is in my opinion the best forum of its kind in the world. My partner, having seen my experience and confidence grow since I joined has also now joined the team. Will you be next?" Phillip Chandler - Portsmouth, Hampshire "I have been with i-team for nearly a year now and can confidently say that joining the club has been the best move that I have ever made. Prior to this I used to puttle around the back lanes of Purbrook at my own sedate pace in an attempt to lose a bit of body weight and trying to achieve a modicum of fitness. I had always enjoyed cycling but was very sceptical about my own ability level and whether somebody of my age (49) and weight (ex prop forward) would fit in with the numerous club opportunities available – A vision in Lycra I am not! What I really needed was a little bit of 'positive stroking' or a 'kick up the backside', then somebody at work suggested I look at the i-team site – from that point I have never looked back. You can do as much or as little as you like and there are no pressures or commitments placed upon you. Everybody (and I mean everybody) that I have met through the team has had the time to listen to my probably naive questions with great patience and has proffered me some excellent advice. The camaraderie of the 'team rides' really does have to be experienced. At first I was always at the rear but coached and encouraged by my fellow i-teamers, I can now at least hold my own and thoroughly look forward to these weekly events. With improved performance, comes confidence. This time last year, if someone had told me I'd be entering 65 mile-plus sportives, I'd have referred them to the nearest psychiatrist. Now, I've invested in a new bike and am looking forward to new challenges. The team is run in a most impressively professional manner. The Team Manager always has time for everyone (where he finds it, I know not) and his coaching advice is of the top drawer. So, if you're like me and would like to improve but are a little self-conscious and unsure – take the plunge and join the best cycling club in Britain. Trust me, you won't regret it. Jonnie Woodal M.B.E. - Shrewsbury, Shropshire "This is just to say thank you and to let you know how much I've enjoyed my first year with i-Team. I have ridden 5168.26 miles since acquiring the Zeppelin and 4680.79 in the 12 months since 1 Jan 04. My weight has gone from something like 110kg down to 97.1kg and my RHR from 53 to 45. I feel about 10 years younger and am no longer knackered at the end of every day. A great deal of this is due to the support and encouragement that membership of i-Team brings and the good advice I have received from our Coach. So I can honestly say that joining i-Team, more than anything else, has had the biggest impact on my cycling." Kevin Astle - Ibstock, Leicestershire "Before I joined the i-team in May 2004 I weighed about 15 and a half stone.Since then over the past 7 months I have lost about 10 pounds. Although I still weigh about 14 stone 10 pounds,I feel generally fitter and I am enjoying cycling once again after a 14 year lay off,during which I gained weight and led a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Being part of the i-team has given me some focus and has inspired me to aim for new goals,the usual ones for those on the comeback trail; Get fitter,lose weight,train more,race again etc. Of course when one is middle aged as I am,it is not easy to get fit again after a long lay off.However I have found that age is no barrier to fitness as other members older than me are much fitter and have given me the inspiration and self belief to continue to strive to achieve my goals with determination. I believe that the i-team has been so successful because of it's non-elitist policy towards all comers that are made welcome regardless of age, experience,sex etc.I can easily foresee that in a few short years the i-team could go on to be one of the biggest cycling clubs in the U.K. Certainly, the clubs website has been the key to it's success.With such ease of access ability and great communication between the club coach and founder Guy Watson,it's president Rob hayles and members it must have one of the best cycling club websites on the internet.Whilst being art of the i-team I have found new avenues of the sport that I have never tried before. This year for the first time I have ridden a number of challenge and endurance rides that have revealed a much loved non-competitive branch of the sport as a way of building up endurance fitness and socialising with other riders from all over the U.K.This has further demonstrated to me that cycling can be enjoyed by anyone at any level regardless of age,sex or fitness. It is my ambition to further develop with the i-team throughout 2005 and to continue to ride challenge and endurance rides. I would also like to race again in road races and time trials as well as perhaps ride on the track for the first time. I look forward to many more years in the sport and with the team as I continue to develop and contribute as a rider and member. I wish our founder Guy Watson,our president Rob Hayles our sponsors and all of our members every success in the future." Andy Jones - Winchester, Hampshire "At the age of 40 years, it is safe to say that I have belonged to a few cycling clubs and sports clubs over the years. I can honestly say that the i-team concept is a master stroke that fits perfectly with my hectic lifestyle. As an amateur racer it is always hard to find the time to train, get good advice on how to improve your performances and hold down that all important job. I used to train very much on my own, the clubs that I belonged to always seem to be unable to organise and co-ordinate training or race meetings etc.. this is something that i-team excels at and the communication between the club members is superb! I don't think I turned up to single race last year to be without a team member at my side, sharing the work, absolutely fantastic. Advice is always available from a huge user group that are always willing to give support at the click of a button. This has saved me countless hours in trial & error experiments on deciding new training routines, type of diet best for me, to the latest bit of kit for the bike. I recommend anyone interested in cycling, whether it be for a bit of fun or to become a serious racer to join i-team, you won't regret it!" Jon Williams - Alderley Edge, Cheshire "I found i-team in the winter of 2004 while looking at various web-sites, I could see from the start that this was the team for me and my son, Sean.Why? because it different, modern, up to date, very friendly and most important, is doing all it can to get "Bums on Bikes" to improve them and if they want to help them to race/train better - this as always been one of my main objectives. Up until 2000 we were in a Racing Team that had strong links with the cycling mad people of Ghent in Belgium, due to the death of the co-founder of the team and the winding up of it we were not happy with the "old ways" of our other local clubs and needed more. We found it with i-team..........." Robert Towers - Gosport, Hampshire "i-team is more than a club for me, its a chance for people to share their knowledge and experience with others in a friendly environment. Which works very well, the members are first class as is the way the club is run. People are always willing to help others. I look forward to staying a member for a long time and the beauty of i-team is if i move away i can stay a member. Thanks i-team!" Steve Smith - Lee On Solent, Hampshire "I've been with the i-team since September 2004 and during that time have gained in fitness on the bike I used to be in a cycling club about 20 years ago and made some good lifelong friends, only problem was that it was another night a week out of your life, with the i-team web based club you manage to keep more of your free time available for everything else that is just as important having real names and real pictures of members on the bulletin board is something that really helps, also the ability to look back at previous posts means that the information is always available to those questions you need the answer for I would say that for todays pace of life, i-team is the perfect solution for the busy cyclist." Nick Fitt - Bognor Regis, West Sussex "i-Team is the only club I have ever seen or heard of that caters pretty extensively for any kind of cycle sport at pretty much any level. Hats off to Guy for creating cycling Nirvana!" Richard Stephens - Shrewsbury, Shropshire "I echo all the comments above. I was introduced to the club by Trevor Payne in Portsmouth (spinning instructor and top end biathlete) and have not looked back since. For me the club is ideal; I live in Shrewsbury @ weekends and leave periods and work in Portsmouth. To that end, I train @ weekends with Jonnie Woodall and the boys and during the week meet up with the Portsmouth boys whenever possible (Goodwood racing in particular and hopefully training @ Mountbatten centre during winter on Thursday nights). The strength of the club is the website; this medium enables me to keep in touch wherever I am (once logged on in Canberra Australia while awaiting a flight) and act as a very effective on-line training manual by drawing on the vast array of talent out there, from doctors to coaches, as well as very experienced enthusiasts. I look forward to many more years with the club and would encourage anybody interested in cycling, who wishes to receive a warm welcome and encouragement, whatever their age, sex or ability, join at the earliest opportunity. PS: The team kit is very noticeable as well (my wife thinks I look like Spiderman!)" John Rogerson - Southsea, Hampshire "It is now one year since I joined i-team. I initially joined with the sole purpose of getting through the Etape, crossing it off my list of things done and then finding another challenge to get my teeth into with a see you later i-team. Needless to say, I've thoroughly enjoyed the year. I'm signed up for next year's etape and am currently getting my teeth into some racing. I think I'll be sticking around for some time - Cheers"
  20. Guy_Watson

    What is Coaching?

    Effective coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level - so access to quality coaching is just as important to someone preparing for their first sportive as it is to an experienced club rider, or even a professional athlete. But what exactly is a coach and what does coaching have to offer the club cyclist? Coaches can be volunteers or highly paid professionals, they can be unqualified, highly qualified, be new to a sport or a highly experienced athlete - but none of these things automatically mean that a coach will be effective. To become an effective coach, it's not about reaching a finishline, such as gaining a qualification, it's about a commitment to an ongoing process of self development. In basic terms, coaches are responsible for training athletes by analysing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and by providing advice on how to prepare for events. In addition they can potentially be an instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, motivator, counsellor, organiser, planner and the Fountain of all Knowledge. However, very few individuals on earth can do all of the above (especially the last item ) but an effective coach should tick most of the following boxes: Have sufficient knowledge of the subject - i.e. knowledge that is demonstrably applicable to the specific to the task Can analyse what the real need is - e.g. don't make presumptions, check a rider knows how to correctly perform the basics, even if they've made an initial approach about something advanced Can communicate effectively - sometimes experienced riders struggle to explain the things that they do instinctively to a beginner and so the best riders don't always make the best coaches. Be open to new ideas and be committed to ongoing development - sport science and coaching techniques are constantly evolving, so a coach who was an expert in their field ten years ago won't necessarily be at top pf their game today, unless they keep in touch with current best practise and the latest knowledge. British Cycling offers coaches some of the best training available and their qualifications are recognised by Sport England, so all i-Team coaches start their development by taking a Level 1 or 2 qualification. The information and techniques used by British Cycling qualified coaches are based on the experience gained from the Great Britain Cycling Team Olympic Performance Pathway Once qualified, British Cycling coaches are authorized and insured to perform activities ranging from assisting in facilitating a coaching session, through to providing 1-2-1 individual coaching programs - the following table gives an overview and comparison on some of the different types of coach: What can coaches do once qualified? Within cycling generally, there is an anomaly. At Elite level, athletes will regularly mention how they work with their coaches - i.e. even though they are at the top of their sport, with years of experience and fantastic technique, they still need coaches to provide objective analysis and advice. Level 2 and especially Level 3 coaches can often be far more useful to a rider than they may realise, - e.g. they can provide qualifed & objective advice on: Equipment Choices; e.g. saddle height, crank length, bar width, gearing, tyre pressures (notice no mention of how light something might be ) Training Advice; e.g. how to prepare correctly for a sportive, what to do the day before a race, how to come back from an illness Performance Analysis & Benchmarking; e.g. how fit are you compared to where you were last month / year / compared to your club mates and rivals? - how do you know that your training having the desired effect? Tactics; e.g. how to position yourself in a group, when to initiate an attack, how to observe rivalsNotational Analysis; e.g. do you know why you won? Do you know why you lost? A coach can observe you performance and identify strengths and weaknesses by observing your performance live or using video and analysing things like your average position in the race, how many attacks you could make and follow, where you lost contact with a group, what gear were you in on the climb? Who was on your wheel most often...
  21. Guy_Watson

    Racing Development Squad

    Normally a Race Team is set up around a headline sponsor such as a bike shop, and then riders are recruited from surrounding local cycling clubs. Coach-led club i-Team.cc's innovation is the formation of a Race Team that completes the club development pathway, from our youth section, Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing’ for 8-16 year olds, and then progressing on to our Racing Development Squad for 15+yr olds. A Balanced Approach: Previous to forming The Racing Development Squad, i-Team.cc was like most Go-Ride clubs, in that we would identify and nurture talent, and then pass talented riders on to either the Olympic Development Program. (Dani King, Kate Calvert, Jon Dibben, Joe Truman,) or an Elite Team (Richard Heathcote, Dave Sinclair.) Unfortunately, not all talented and ambitious riders are able to follow the same paths, and that's where the Racing Development Squad comes in to provide the support during the transition from ambitious Club Rider to Elite Sportsman or woman, and so help avoid something that no doubt many club cyclists and coaches will be familiar with: Young rider starts to win some local races, attracts attention of a shop race team or sponsored club, gets offered the chance to ride in a jersey with lots of writing all over it, possibly some help with a bike or equipment and decides to 'move on.' All too often a young rider with ambition (or overly ambitious parents,) will look at where they are now and where they want to be, draw a line between their current club and a professional team, then think that moving to a new team ot club is the logical next step towards their dream. The reality is that all too often, riders learn that moving to a new club does not suddenly make them a better rider, and in fact what they have done is remove themselves from an environment that was one of the reason they started to be successful in the first place. Some riders niavely think they can always have their cake and eat it, i.e. move on to another club and then expect to still be welcomed on club runs etc. Most clubs will be very supportive if a new club offers new opportunities, i.e. access to National or International races, coaching supports, help with bikes and equipment - however, if a rider says they are 'moving on' and on the face of it, they are just satisfying their ego more than anything else, they should not expect their former club mates to always be as supportive, because essentially the leaver is saying 'I'm better than you lot!' Now in terms of talent and ability, that may well be the case - but talent without desire to work hard, or ability without guidance, will mean that for the majority of riders who decide to 'Move on,' the reality usually follows one of these 2 scenarios: A perfect storm of trying to manage the biggest transitions they will ever make, from Youth to Junior, without the support network that got them to there in the first place, then not achieving the results that they (or their parents) were expecting, increased pressure & decreased enjoyment. Rider then either spends a season or 2 in the wilderness, with variable results, or worst case 'moves on' from cycling completely. Rider continues to steadily progress towards their goals without dissruption Unfortunately the last scenario is quite rare and the first scenario is far more common than it should be - so what's the alternative? Riders and parents need to take a reality check and ask themselves: Has anything really held me back yet? - i.e. is the reason that I got a kicking in a National Race, or Overseas Event down to the jersey on my back? How can I get access to better coaching? - i.e. can I stay in the club I'm in and employ my own coach - have I even discussed my training and goals with my club coach yet? What the Racing Development Squad provides for our riders is a clear route to progress. If we can feed you in to an Elite Team, we will - in the interim, we will teach you how to train, push you to be as good as you can be - and most importantly, teach you how to recognise and appretiate those who support you. What the Racing Development Squad Provides: What the Racing Development Squad Expects: Our Racing Development Squad Riders have very clearly defined responsibilities to their club, sponsors and supporters, and are taught how to maintain their bikes and not expect everything to be done for them. Riders are also taught how to be ‘Brand Ambassadors’ for suppliers associated with the team. In short, we want riders to feel that they have some support – but not feel like ‘they’ve made it,’ so we want them to get used to looking after their sponsors and fulfilling obligations to the team, club and supporters. Advantages: The riders already know each other well, including their team mates’ individual strengths and weaknesses The riders are already well bonded as a team, and already motivate, encourage and support each other The riders know their coach and Team Manager, now how to train smart and work hard. The Race Team is being funded by some generous patrons and together with support from Southsea Cycles and some negotiations with suppliers, we have been able to secure an excellent team package that includes: 1-2-1 Coaching Package from PowerCoach Plus, any additional help that can be negotiated with any suppliers & supporters who wish to be associated with our team Riders continue to steadily progress towards their goals without dissruption, with the help of a process combining quality coaching, mentoring and self-reflection Making 'The Grade,' Harnessing Ambition & Managing Transitions : In 1997 Peter Keen studied the sporting careers of Senior World Champions - statistics showed on average it took 8 years of training to get Olympic Medals. Shorter (e.g. Nicole Cooke) or longer (e.g. Joop Zoetemelk) timescales are possible but there will be increased risk of failure though burn-out & injuries. Go-Ride & Talent Team became an important priority for BC, the thinking being that starting the 8 year climb early will result in younger champions. Up to 2008 there was a high drop out rate from talent team because the ‘numbers game’ wasn’t working as well as originally thought, because the 8 year climb can only start when a rider is ready mentally & physically. More emphasis is now being placed on forming club clusters or 'Super Clubs' (ClubMark) to support young riders who start early, or develop late, plus catch any riders who drop off the ODP pathway. This where i-Team.cc sees it's role and how the Racing Development Squad fits in to our development pathway. Who's Next?
  22. Guy_Watson

    What is i-Team?

    What is i-Team? i-Team (The Internet Team) is a cycling club, affiliated to British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, & more - so you can represent i-Team.cc in races and organised cycling events, wherever you live in the U.K. or Worldwide. i-Team is not a commercial organisation or owned by a company - it is run by it's members for members - so we won't try to sell you something. Members young and old come from all walks of life and compete in all forms of cycling at all levels - some are complete beginners, some win races. We don't care what bike you ride or how fast you ride it, as long as you respect the history of the sport and share our passion for cycling. How & When Did i-Team Begin? i-Team was founded in the Portsmouth area in 2003 by Guy Watson with support & encouragement from John Hayles (Rob Hayles' Dad) - none of us really knew if the club would grow any further! But i-Team quickly took off because a lot of non-club cyclists got what we were about - or probably more accurately, what we were not about. Back then, we might not have been steeped in history, but that meant we could easily adapt to our target market - the thousands of new cyclists who were taking up the sport. By 2005 the i-Team had 270 members, and in association with then sponsor Wheel2Wheel, entered a team of 40 members and guests in the Etape du Tour. On 19/11/2003 i-Team became one of the first clubs in the U.K. to become Go-Ride registered and on 28/11/2014, i-Team was awarded Sport England ClubMark status, the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. What is an 'Internet Cycling Club?' Before Twitter & Facebook, and long before a lot of clubs even had a web site, i-Team.cc (the Internet Team) provided a dedicated social media website that reached out to cyclists wherever they were, and also allowed members to easily interact with each other, without having to physically get down to a club house meeting (the idea being to maximise the time available to meet up and cycle with each other.) Because we were ahead of the curve in anticipatting the Social Media explosion, we've had time to grow and adapt organically, and continue to provide our members with something that is unique to i-Team.cc: - a private, safe, professional and friendly environment for our members to meet up on-line, to discuss their passion for cycling and arrange rides with each other. So, like most clubs, we use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to reach out and make public announcements - but our members use private forums to discuss club business, plans for future rides, give feedback, encourage each other, ask questions and pass on experience. Doing Things Differntly, Doing Things Well, Olympic Gold Medals, 100's of Members... Members only - no trolls, no put downs from people who don't know you Everyone uses their real names and photographs in their member profile Quality information - coaches are British Cycling Level 1, 2, & 3 qualified - members are experienced - (Know it all's don't seem to hang around long) In time, other members will get to know you really well and be able to help you with specific answers Ask basic questions without fear - everyone remembers that we all started out knowing nothing! And because members use their real names and images in their online profiles, members can get to know each other more easily and recognise each other when they meet up out on the road - simples! As well as introducing 100's of cyclists to the world of club cycling, our British Cycling qualified coaches organise The Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing. i-Team has been proud to help many members young and old progress in their chosen sport, and some have gone on to win National, World & Olympic titles, including Jon Dibben, Joe Truman and 2012 Olympic Champion, Dani King M.B.E. Some of our original ideas may now have been duplicated by other clubs ( with our blessing,) but what makes i-Team unique is the sum of all it's individual features: i-Team is genuinely open to all, including complete beginners - of course, like any organisation we have some conditions to protect the interests of the existing members and for child protection purposes The organisation is set up to be as lean as possible - what you see is what you get - the Team Founder looks after most of the administration, so that members can organise social events and ride their bikes If you are U.K. based and want to ride with other members, membership of British Cycling is a pre-requisite to becoming a member of i-Team. As well as supporting the organisation that sends riders to the Olympics - this means that members should be adequately insured in the event of an accident and this is why i-Team is the club with the largest number of British Cycling members in the South Division Member-only club runs on Saturdays (why were clubruns always only on Sundays?) Ladies only rides 3 choices of club jersey design (Official Red, Pink, Retro) First club to put a QR Code on their clothing! We were ahead of our time with regard to placing quality coaching at the core of what we do and placing a big emphasis on getting young riders learning skills while enjoying riding their bikes. Quality Team Clothing (Only available to members) Fantastic quality and good value - thanks to Champion System Sizes XXS to XXXL in Race, Club, Womens and Youth specific cuts Members order their kit direct from the manufacturer Team Hub Since 2003, i-Team has offered it's members access to the i-Team Members Hub - a private social network that offers many oportunities for members to engage with the club and communicate with each other. Of course a lot of clubs have bulletin boards and / or forums - and there are some really good cycling forums out there that you can use for obtaining information - but none of them offer all of what the i-Team Member's Hub offers: Forums - Meet, Chat, Ride: Ask questions, make suggestions, plan rides, get advice, have your say One you've recieved your password for our Team Hub, you'll have access to forums with 100's of topics and 1000's of replies including: Road Racing, Circuit Racing, Track Racing, Time Trials & Hill Climbs, Triathlon, Off-Road Racing, u18 Racing & Coaching, Overseas Sportives, U.K. Sportives, Official Club Rides, Member's Rides, Ladies Ride Group, Routes & Tests, Commuting & Leisure, Metric Century Challenges, Coaching Advice, Club House, Tea Stop, Pro Racing Fans, New Stuff & Wish Lists, Tech Help & Equipment Choices, Sales & Wants, Reviews & Recommendations,The Rules, Archive Members can use their profile settings to have a regular digest of all new posts automatically sent to them - choose which topics to ignore and which to follow Personal Messaging - Send a message to one member, or multiple members all at once. Messages remain in recipients' inbox and recipients are alerted that they have mail. Personal Blog - Record your own mission statement and objectives to help with motivation, write about your experiences Keep it provate or open to other membrrs for their comments, support and feedback Calendar - Featured packed events calendar. Encourage other team mates to accompany you on an event or ride Register your intention to attend an event, and see who else is attending. Status Updates - Write down what's on your mind - other members can reply Low Cost Membership Subscriptions - all of the above plus more for a low annual cost Full Senior Membership - £25 per year Associate Membership - £15 per year Youth / Concessionary Membership - £10 per year Family Membership - £1.50 per family member added to a Full Senior Membership No joining fee - just purchase an annual membership subscription Membership subscriptions paid every January Join after September 1st and the following January to January subscription is included Yearly Targets Events: Every year a core group of members get together for a yearly target, normally an overseas sportive. In 2004 & 2005, i-Team member's formed one of the biggest club entries for the Etape du Tour. In recent years, focus has switched to the La Marmotte and we will be returning again in 2014 and we also have a team returning to the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Weekly Club Rides: Every Saturday, i-Team organises rides from Rowland's Castle in Hampshire for the following categories: Ladies Only Cafe Club (14mph ave) Club Run (16mph ave) Members also get together throught the year for Sunday and mid-week rides. Racing: Although we aren't a Racing Team, every season we get race wins. We have a hardy group of 'weekend warrior' 3rd and 2nd category riders who take part in local races and Surrey League events. Our original year one members are now mostly veterans but thanks to our big Youth Development section, there is a talented group of Juniors in the squad. As well as Road and Circuit Races, our members take part in Time Trials, Track and Cyclo Cross. Club Promotions: From the start, i-Team members have put something back into the sport. Our first club promotion was the 2004 Women's Cycle Racing Association National Road Race Championships and every year we have organised road and circuit races for Surrey League. Youth & Junior Talent Identification & Development: In just 10 years, our hall of fame of home-grown talent includes: World, European & Olympic Gold Medalist, Dani King M.B.E. Olympic Podium Team rider, Jon Dibben Olympic Development Team rider, Joe Truman Club Structure: i-Team is a cycling club that's run by our members for our members (we are not a commercial organisation and we won’t try to sell you something.) Our members buy into our ‘What you see is what you get’ philosophy and this, together with our professional and friendly approach has created a great community spirit. We don’t go in much for committees, we have a strong identity as a team and we are always forward thinking and together, we are allways looking for ways to develop as a club and improve what we can offer our members. Our straightforward, professional and friendly approach maintains a great community spirit and is why around 150-200 members (mainly from Hampshire / West Sussex, but also from across the U.K. & Worldwide,) have chosen i-Team to be their club. Team Founder Guy Watson still provides direction and undertakes administration for the club in his spare time, we have a dedicated comittee for Youth Development and Go-Ride activities, and i-Team is constantly evolving as more members step up and organise events and help run their club.
  23. This guide has been created to help you understand the ordering process and get up to speed with fabrics, sizing and specific information regarding the i-Team.cc clothing ranges - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE END BEFORE MAKING AN ORDER AS IF YOU ORDER THE WRONG SIZE OR WRONG ITEM YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND. i-Team.cc Team Clothing Range: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red Team Range - The Official Reistered Colours For Representing Your Club & Suitable For Racing: Jerseys: Training Jackets: Shorts & Training Bottoms: Skinsuits & Speedsuits: Hats: Bandana: Socks: Gloves: Overshoes: Arm & Leg warmers: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pink Team Range (Not For Racing): N.B. The Retro & Pink versions can't be used to represent the club in road & track races, as they have not officially registered with British Cycling - they have been included to add a bit of fun and variation for training and off the bike use Pink Jerseys: Pink Shorts & Training Bottoms Pink Hats: Pink Socks: Pink Arm & Leg Warmers Pink Overshoes: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Retro Team Range (Not For Racing) & Team Lesuire Clothing: N.B. The Retro & Pink versions can't be used to represent the club in road & track races, as they have not officially registered with British Cycling - they have been included to add a bit of fun and variation for training and off the bike use Retro / Training Jerseys: Retro / Training Shorts: Retro / Training Hats: Team Hoodies: Team Undervests & Base Layers: How to Order: A limited amount of clothing is held by the club in stock - please see 'Club House' section of the i-Team.cc member only web pages to see details of current stock status All clothing is normally ordered by members direct from Champion System, using the CS Direct ordering system - this works as follows: The i-Team.cc Kit Manager will announce when the next window opens for ordering clothing in the 'Club House' section of the i-Team.cc member only web pages. There will be 3-4 purchasing windows every year, depending on demand - also, if you really need it, there is also an option to place an 'Express Order' with a 2 week delivery time (this will double the price though.) Don't Fall Foul to These Common Mistakes! Members have ordered hundreds of items without anny issues or problems - but there is potential to make mistakes if you rush things... Sizing: There are specific sizing charts for Childern / Women / Standard / Race cuts - on first view, this may be confusing - do not order unless you are completely sure of the size you need as the club will not be responsible if you order the wrong size. So unless you have ordered from Champion System before and already know your size - do at least 2 of the following: You can check sizes here Ask you team mates if you can try their kit for size You can request samples from Champion System to get sizing spot on - see details Wrong Item: Open the image and check the detail, i.e. before you order pink logog armwarmers insted of red Information about fabrics and their properties can be found here Information about seat pads can be found here information about women-specific cut can be found here Information on how to order is displayed at the bottom of this page How to Order Your Club Clothing: 1 There will normally be 4 ordering windows per year: Beginning March delivery for Racing - window open during Janurary End June delivery for Summer Kit - window open during April Beginning of September delivery for Winter kit - window open during of August Mid December delivery for Christmas - window open during October To see the status of the current ordering window, and when the next ordering window will be open, please log in to the i-Team.cc Member's Hub and brows to the Club Clothing Section: Open the Club Clothing Secton and read the 'How to Order Club Clothing' topic and below will be the latest ordering window e.g. in this instance it was 'CS Direct 7 Delivery' - open that topic to find the link to the Champion System CS Direct Club Shop. 2 Once you have logged in to the Champion System CS Direct Club Shop, you will see the following screen - click 'Sign In' If you've used the CS Direct system before, enter your email address in the Left hand columns (use forgot password to receive an automatic reminder.) If this is your first time using the CS Direct System, complete the sign up fields in the Right Hand column. 3 Click on the item that you would like top purchase. Make sure you click on the download arrow to download a high resolution image so that you can open from your browser download folder and check that yoou are ordering the correct item. N.B If you click on the '3D' button, you can open up a 3-D image that you can rotate 4 When you click on 'Click to Order' at stage 3, a menu like the one below will open where you can select long sleeve, short sleeve etc. The base proce (less VAT and postage) will be displayed for each option. 5 Next decide options for things like zip length, your individual name on jersey, adding refective piping, zipped rear pocket etc. Then choose cut and size: For information on Champion System Cuts - click here For information on Champion Sizing - click here 6 If you chose to add your name to a jersey, you will be asked to confirm spelling 7 Next review your order - final price including VAT and delivery will be displayed at the bottom 8 Deliver details will be displayed (all CS Direct orders are delivered to Club Kit Manager as displayed - you then arrange via the members forum topic to collect or to be posted on to you.) 9 Enter your contact details 10 Enter your payment details and click 'Process Payment' You will be sent an email confirming your order Clothing will be delivered to the club kit manager - normally within 4 WEEKS of the ordering window closing Keep an eye on the Team Hub forum for progress updates 11 N.B. If you want any item that isn't listed, e.g. a Hooded Coat in Pink, use the left hand menu Select the item that you want to customise Then select the design that you want to apply A proof will then need to be approved by the Team Founder and then yourself - once approved, you can order your custom item (and it will be avaialble for other to order) 12 IMPORTANT: VAT and delivery are added at the checkout stage Members must pay Champion System in full by credit / debit card when they submit their orders, before the ordering window closes No changes can be made after order submission. The kit order will be delivered around 4 weeks from the ordering window closing by FedEx rom Champion System's own factory in Thailand to the Kit Manager's home address. All orders will be individually bagged and labelled by member name for ease of distribution Remember that you are purchasing direct from Champion System and that you are paying them to manufacture your clothing - so please double check everything before you complete your order. If you are in any doubt about sizing and specific garment details, post a question on the 'Club House' section of the i-Team.cc member only web pages. Other members or the Kit Manager will try to help you and may be able to arrange for you to try on items for size. i-Team.cc and / or it's volunteer helpers or officials cannot be held responsible for any loss involved with your purchase. In the event that you experience any issues with your order - please contact Champion System - contact details can be found here
  24. Ordering window for Club Clothing is now open until 19th Feb



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