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  1. Kent_Thompson

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    Scott Foil Di2

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    Enigma Equinox

  4. Kent_Thompson

    2013 - A Pretty Good Year!

    A good read matey, now for 2014!
  5. Kent_Thompson

    Kent's 2013 stable

  6. Kent_Thompson

    Kent's Scott Foil

  7. Kent_Thompson

    Where Do I Start?

    Following Guy's prompt, and my current situation I thought it may be a good time to start a blog. By situation I mean, that since September I have ridden my bike, oh let me see, once......Well that's not strictly true because I went out today! You don't tend to realise how much you lose when you don't do much for a few months, it was a real eye opener and very frustrating. I'd like to go back a few months when some of you may recall me saying that we would be shutting our buisness down just after Christmas. This was due to a lack of a new contract on the horizon from our customer, and this was also creating tensions between myself and my collegue which wasn't pleasant. This meant that I needed to get our existing orders completed on time, thus meaning not much time on the bike, in fact no time on the bike. However, about six weeks ago, an enquiry we thought was dead suddenlly came back to life, and since then we have been hard at work producing mock-ups prior to a full prototype over the next few months, with a view to a very large order to follow. The upside is that we are for the time being, still in buisness, the downside, well, as usual, no time to ride. Today's ride was short, painfull and depressing. I was so looking forward to getting out and was going to join the others at Rowlands but decided otherwise. A wise decision. One positive, is that hopefully it will spur me on to trying a bit harder to find the time, I might even have to resort to that instrument of torture........the turbo! The plan is to get out on New Years day and do a bit more. Kent.
  8. Kent_Thompson

    Fareham Wheelers RR 2009

  9. Kent_Thompson

    Fareham Wheelers RR 2009

  10. Kent_Thompson

    Ray Martin 150 Distance League

    Ray Martin 150 Distance League Mountbatten Centre Youths 18:30 El/1/2/3/4 19:00
  11. Kent_Thompson

    Goodwood 17-8-08

    4th Cats......Kent
  12. Kent_Thompson

    New TT bike

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  13. Kent_Thompson

    Ray Martin Autumn Finale League

    Race Meeting-Mountbatten Youth U16/U14/U12/U10/U8 E/1/2/3/4
  14. Kent_Thompson

    South Circuit League

    Race Meeting-Thruxton Youth U16/U14/U12/U10/U8 4/ 3/ E/1/2 Women E/1/2/3/4
  15. Kent_Thompson

    Omega Thruxton Circuits

    Race Meeting-Thruxton Youth U16/U14/U12/U10/U8 4/ 3/ E/1/2 Women E/1/2/3/4

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