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  1. Gerry_Mcdougall

    4-Up TTT Championships

    Clarnecourt CC - Alfold/Kirdford - 4-Up TTT Championships - 34 miles http://www.surreylea...ep2012/sep8.htm
  2. Gerry_Mcdougall

    I Finished The Marmotte On Sunday - But Only Just...

    Great effort Guy a very clear demonstration determination and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.
  3. Gerry_Mcdougall


    Time for a break
  4. Gerry_Mcdougall

    An American Tale

    I thought this a great write up Alan.
  5. Gerry_Mcdougall

    Mission Accomplished (Sort Of...)

    Great report Guy and as for next time me and Peter have already commited to this.
  6. Gerry_Mcdougall

    Southern SPORTIVE

    Southern SPORTIVE

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