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  1. First points of the season, 8th place at Mountbatten today. Fairly brisk pace 27mph average.

    1. Andy_Redding


      Nice one Howard. Did we have anybody else racing?

    2. Howard_Radcliffe


      George Stainton Ellis was in the 3rds, but he seems to have switched teams

  2. Howard_Radcliffe

    2012 Summary

    I think I did most of my review of the year a few months ago, after my neck issue, but I thought I'd write a quick update. After visiting the neck specialist again, the prolapsed disk has shrunk enough to stop pressing on the nerve and my neck pain has mostly gone. The nerve impingement over the summer resulted in a loss of muscle mass in my left tricep and pectoral muscles, so I've spent some time over the autumn and early winter trying to get some strength back into those muscles. The strength has been improving recently, but there is still some way to go in terms of building up the muscle mass, but at least I can lift some reasonably respectable weights again. In terms of riding, I'm now able to ride for around 3 hours, with the Mince Pie Ride before Christmas the longest ride for probably 6 months. So now its time to start to train again, to lose weight and to gain power. I've got a way to go on both fronts, but I like a good challenge. The Christmas flu is just about gone, so time to get cracking. Looking forward to 2013.
  3. Membership renewed, race licence purchased, Surrey League provisional calendar up.... time to start training!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Andy_Redding


      We were on the same page Howard - I renewed all mine last night too!

    3. Wendy_Hall


      Pay day tomorrow!....don't forget lvrc

    4. Alan_Thew


      Didn't know Wendy had started racing lol

  4. Howard_Radcliffe

    Where Do I Start?

    It will be good to see you back out on the road Kent and I'm pleased to hear that work seems to be a little more secure.
  5. I've got the lurgy!! No cycling again today :-(

  6. Very cold today, had a day off, but still didn't venture out. Did a couple of hours on the turbo in the garage and still needed my winter jacket on!!

  7. First 2hr ride since the beginning of August. Also managed 18 hrs this month, the most I've ridden since June.

  8. Howard_Radcliffe

    2012 The Year So Far

    A quick update on my neck and riding. Saw Doctor last week about my neck, it looks like I have degenerative disc disorder in two discs in my neck. Its not as bad as it sounds, apparently its quite normal for someone 'my age' (cant believe I've got to that age!!). Basically it means a couple of the discs have shrunk a little and become a little fibrous. The main issue is that one of the discs has prolapsed and is pressing on the nerves that go across to my shoulder and down my left arm. Hopefully the disc will heal itself and to be honest, its a lot better than it has been for a long time, I even managed 2 hours on the bike today without any real pain, so thats good news!! Off to see a neck specialist in a week or so to see what physio / exercise I need to do.
  9. Howard_Radcliffe

    2012 The Year So Far

    I thought it was about time for my annual blog update, one of these days I will start to use this more often 2012 has proven to be a bit of a non-event compared to most years. Early season form looked promising, but a very busy summer at work and having two young children to soak up my time has meant that 2012 was a year of trying to stay fit and trying to get some racing done. I've managed to enter a few road races and a couple of the Vets races at Dunsfold, but I've got to admit that the year hasn't gone according to plan. In early July, I started to have some issues with what I thought was back pain, which seemed to get increasingly worse through the month and despite a few visits to the Chiropractor, things did not improve, in fact the pain spread to my shoulder, left arm and neck. After a few more visits to the Doctor, then a physio and then a shoulder / back specialist it looked like the issue was actually with my neck. I had an MRI scan last week and am due for a review of results next week, which will hopefully show what the issue is. Needless to say, I havent done a huge amount of riding in the last couple of months. The last time I was out on the road was 3rd August. Things have improved to the point that I can now ride my turbo trainer for 45-50 minutes, so I'm starting to try and get some base fitness in my legs and hopefully avoid going too far backwards. I will try and race again this season, but it looks like the focus is now moving to 2013. Perhaps 2013 will finally be the year I get below 13 stone and win a race again !!
  10. Looks like Dave Mitchell won the 4th Cat race at Dunsfold tonight, congratulations!!

  11. Great day to be out on the bike today

  12. Great day to be out on the bike today

  13. Easy day for me, 30 mins recovery on the turbo. 9 hours training last week, biggest week for a while. Fitness starting to imrove now.

  14. Easy day for me, 30 mins recovery on the turbo. 9 hours training last week, biggest week for a while. Fitness starting to imrove now.


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