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  1. Thanks Steve! Would be great to hear any 'wacky' races you have planned?!
  2. Thank you Guy for your comments, that would be great if you could post it on the forum - I'm a bit out of touch with the website! Many thanks Harry
  3. Ok, here it is, my latest wacky idea! I’m looking for some like-minded folk to join me on a trip through England, France and Spain, including a ‘detour’ to Ibiza! This trip is not about, get as fast as you can from point A to point B but more about enjoying the people we meet and the journey that we create. I’m posting this blog just to get an idea what people think (probably tell me that I’m crazy, I know!) I know that for a lot of people, taking the time off from work/studies would be difficult. If you are however able to come on part of the journey, or meet me on a leg of the journey that would be fine. The rough plan is to leave the UK around the 20th July and return around 31st August (42 days). The main route plan is: Catching the ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre. Cycling to my parent’s house near Cosne-sur-Loire for a couple of rest days. Cycling from Cosne to Barcelona (more detailed route to follow!) Catching the ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza. Spending around 7 days in Ibiza. Catch the ferry back to Barcelona. Cycle from Barcelona to Bilbao. Catching the ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth. The total cycling distance will be around 2000kms. I imagine the average distance per day would be around 80-100kms. The plan would be to as self sufficient as possible, so would need to carry tents/camping gear etc. If you think this trip is something you may consider, let me know and I can post up more details… Here’s a ‘taste’ of a similar trip a good friend of mine completed (make sure you check the videos out!): http://africaexpedit....uk/p/blog.html Ciao Harry P.S Oh, and if that didn't sound crazy enough, I'll be riding a 1950's Humber with a Sturmey Archer 3 Speed gear box!

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