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  1. Another one: MTB ride today. Distance shade over 35 miles, average speed 10mph, fastest speed 31.3mph, total ascent 3249 feet, average HR 149bpm, max HR 185bpm in 3 hours 30 mins (Clanfeild to Denmead)

  2. Just so you guys can compare. Mountbatten race data from Saturday. Average speed 26.9mpn, fastest speed 34.7mph covering 26.66 miles in 59 minutes, 22 seconds

  3. Got yet another cold. I can't believe it. Cold, then a Flu now a cold again.

  4. just got back in from the mtb ride. 3.5 hours of riding through 6 - 8 inches of fresh snow. Such good fun and well worth the day off work. legs are very tired now

  5. Took the day off work today and about to venture out on the woods on my MTB machine. Gona go up the Meon Valley Railway line I think too.

    1. Guy_Watson
    2. Richard_Pearman


      Have fun guy. Just charging up video cam and then Im off.

  6. Well it's finally here..Snow that is. Coming down steadily here in Denmead

  7. 3.5 hours completed today with 8 others. Great ride with good company and another 60 odd miles in the bag.

    1. Andy_Redding


      Thanks for leading us round Rich. That hot bath was good when I got home!

  8. 3.5 hours completed today with 8 others. Great ride with good company and another 60 odd miles in the bag.

    1. Bob_Hatton


      Great ride today Richard 60 miles for me makes it 116 for the weekend now i just need to thaw out :)

  9. Howard how was the race today?

  10. Just come back from a fast 2.5 hour ride and it was blinking windy. Hard ride.

  11. Phil Peters crashes at the end of stage one. He know has to pay for a set of SRAM Rival levers and also a Campy Neutron front wheel. Said to him, when racing a stage race you also need a heathy bank balance. Team Wiigle has sorted out his race bike after he rides today's stages on a spare neutral service bike.

    1. Guy_Watson


      Cheers Richard - for stuff like this a forum post is better as members can reply and give more feeed back / subscribe to threads etc :)

  12. Riding the 3rd stage of the Ras De Cymru today. A 14 mile Team Time Trial followed by a 60 mile road race in the afternoon taking in the climb known as the Defynnog. Apparently its a bitch. Gona hurt today. Glad you guys are riding the E12 races. Far better quality even though you get a kicking, just like me at this stage race.

  13. Richard_Pearman

    Norman Halewood Mem RR 2008

    Photos taken whilst cycling the other way to the race

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