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  1. I have a space on the Pru Ride London sportive up for grabs (Sunday 31 July). PM me if you are interested. 

  2. Peter_Lyons

    How to Order Club Clothing From Champion System

    Hello Guy, I logged in using the left hand side box and made an order. It didn't prompt me to put my credit card details in which made me realise that I had done something wrong. I did go in using the correct login option and ordered using my card. Hopefully I haven't duplicated the order. Can you confirm? Peter
  3. 2015 Ride London ballot entry now open: www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk

  4. I hope all those who went to Alfriston today got there safely and not too wet!

  5. Planet X frame sale - extra 15% off until midnight tonight: http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/

  6. This time last week I was standing in the Madonna del Ghisallo where I spared a thought for the i-teamers who are no longer with us.

    1. Guy_Watson


      That's a touching thought Pete

  7. At last ! An admission. Now lets move on and focus on what is positive in this sport.

    1. Matt_Doe


      I've put a post on the Club House, but its on Discovery channel at 8pm tonight

  8. New cycling programme called 'Bespoke' on BBC Radio 5 Live at 21h00 tonight.

  9. Still getting used to my 'new face' and the nickname my kids have given me. . . . .Frankenstein!

    1. Andy_Redding


      Hope you are well on the road to recovery and the scars are healing up Pete

    2. Guy_Watson


      Great to have you back Pete - and with a sense of humour too! :)

  10. Stitches now out. Head more or less back down to normal size. Still waiting for the concussion to wear off. Told it could take weeks!

    1. Warren_Hannington


      glad to hear your healing Peter

    2. Peter_Lyons


      It will be a while before I am on two wheels again :(

  11. Peter_Lyons

    I Finished The Marmotte On Sunday - But Only Just...

    Well done Guy. You did it and that's all that matters.
  12. Defeated by the Rosedale Chimney 1 in 3 climb on Saturday ! Only managed to get 2/3 of the way up without putting my foot down. Will return with a set of lower gears !


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