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  1. I have been persuded to take part in the Help for Heroes Dawn Raid ride from Portsmouth to London in July. I have added details of the ride and my fundraising link in the Members Rides. Any donations however small would be greatly appreciated

  2. Didn't know you joined. Have you left Fareham now? Welcome

    1. Caitlin_Peters


      Hi Andy. Yeah it's true, I'm an  i-Teamer now. I left Fareham Wheelers on Monday.  Hoping to get some great rides in with I-Team now. Thanks for the welcome. :)

    2. Guy_Watson
  3. Uploaded a few photos from Lee Valley Velo Park from last month

  4. Just to let everyone know how I’m doing after my spill yesterday. Went to QA to get checked over. Don’t think there is anything broken this time!! Feel very sore and bruised. Lost nail on pinky finger which is a bit tender and messy. Helmet trashed. Front wheel buckled. New bar tape required. Shifter requires re-aligning. Bike a bit scratched up but biggest concern is the carbon front fork. Looks like it may need replacing. Thanks to Dave and Paul who stayed with me and to...

  5. Have uploaded some photos to my gallery for the latest youth races at Winchester and Goodwood

  6. Went out on Sunday with Paul Everest, Paul Marples and Dave Prescott. Really enjoyed the ride, 40 fairly hilly miles (including Old Winchester). Forgot to say thanks guys. Really enjoyed the good company. Hope to join up with you again. Starting to get my cycling legs back after my enforced break.

  7. I have uploaded some photos of the recent Palmer Park Youth Omnium at Reading. Gloriously hot sunny day with some superb racing. Full out efforts from all the I-Teamers who took part. The club can be proud of all of them.

  8. I have uploaded some photos of the chain gang rides that I took over the last few week. Tried to catch everyone who rode. Hopefully I will be riding this Thursday instead of taking pictures!!

    1. Kent_Thompson


      Some good pictures there Andrew.

  9. Four weeks down since my accident. Seem to be healing well according to the hospital. Ordered a new helmet. Same one as I had before. Why change a tried and tested bit of kit!! Hope to get on the turbo soon and at least give the legs a spin. Hopefully not too long and I will be out again.

    1. Gavin_Hartley


      Look forward to seeing you back out on the road soon


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