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  1. I've checked my profile picture and that's how I feel on most climbs. 

  2. Hi Alan,

    Not sure if you got my message yesterday regarding the London 100 Ride

    The Best email address to use for the Ride Registration is;


    Thanks for taking on the task of coordinating this.


    Steve E

  3. If you have ever been on the Flanders thread please check the details to make sure that I have a room for you or have removed you if you cancelled. There are two rooms spare if anyone wants to come along. I'll cancel them 2nd week March

  4. Only 500 entries left for Tour of Flanders. If you haven't completed your entry you may miss out if you do not get a move on.

  5. 2016 metric century challenge threads now started, a few changes so please take a look, let me know what you think, but most importantly sign-up :)

  6. Please note that the Mince Pie ride from Rowlands Castle on 12th December will depart at 9.30 sharp.

  7. Don't forget Flanders registration opens today (1st November). Cost for full distance including shuttle around €80

  8. Update on the thread about the Brighton recon ride Saturday. 

  9. How to ruin a bike race!!

    1. Paul_Webb


      Real sad - the more i think about it though i cannot understand why the Sky rider didnt swap with him, heat of the moment i guess

    2. Kent_Thompson


      If they had turned a blind eye to it (like they so often do), no one would have said anything. While I understand the need for the rule, this case is not what it was for.

    3. Alan_Thew


      doesn't matter now...

  10. Alan_Thew

    2014 - A Year To Be Thankful

    Nicely put Andy, thanks for taking the time to sum up the year.
  11. Alan_Thew

    Trek - 6 Madone - Project One with Ultegra Di2

    Liking that stealthy look... Before anyone else points it out check The Rules on photographing your loved one...
  12. Tonight at Goodwood it was generally awesomeness from the i-Team racers. Well done everyone...

  13. Wiggins rides Sunday.

  14. 3 more sleeps, 4 more 'till Flanders day

  15. Flanders attendees, please read latest post


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