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  1. Hi Guys and Gals time to pay up for the Remembrance ride please


  2. Hi All Please remember to read the instructions for the Remembrance ride!

  3.  Guys and Gals - Could do with some payments for the Remembrance Sunday ride please?



  4. Please read Remembrance Sunday Ride Final instruction 

  5. Please  give me your Menu Choices for YHA Ride .... Remember I control the room allocations!

  6. Get your Orders in for the I Team Calendars (Bargain at £9.99) http://www.i-team.cc/team/index.php/topic/11904-i-team-2016-calendar-for-air-ambulance-and-psocr/

    1. Jon_Belfield


      Definite Bargain and has very quickly become an i-Team tradition

  7. Remembrance Ride actions! Can you please check the begining of the thread and check or supply your telephone numbers and next of kin please

  8. YHA TRIP COUGH UP! - Its pay day or soon will be for most of us, its a great time to pay your bills lol - please bear in mind that I have to pay the YHA in full by 1st September, if you make a transfer please remember to update the post or PM me to let me know ;-)

    1. Neil_Oakley


      Hi Paul,

      Would I be correct in presuming that all places have been taken for this ride ?

  9. Ride London Photos - Please send me any Ride London Photos that you have (for 2016 Calendar) info@pickledimages.co.uk

  10. Has anybody got a decent size gazeebo we could borrow for Sunday? ;-)

  11. Any donations of Booze, Cake etc for Howies ride will be well received (see thread)


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