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  1. Metric Challenges for May and June posted. Rankings Target -are you on track? Check out the post to see how you are doing

  2. Metric Challenge is now being updated... Please post your rides... Thanks

  3. The Metric Century Challenge 2015 is now open for participants!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wendy_Hall


      Come on Jon, your bike needs you:)

    3. Paul_Webb


      Come om you lot get your names down!

    4. Wendy_Hall


      Not too late to enter the metric challenge, just 1 100k ride this month and you are in. Thanks Andy R for the suggestion, if you do the ride in 3 hours or under, you get another point!!!!

  4. Wendy feeling impatient - wanting to order the new kit.......:)

    1. Guy_Watson


      I may have some for you by Saturday... :)

    2. Wendy_Hall
  5. Does anyone have a rapha discount code they could give me please.?

  6. Does anyone have a rapha discount code they could give me please.?

  7. Tried out some bike maintenance today, albeit with Paul's help..... Have we fixed the clicking noise..... Tomorrow we shall find out!!

  8. Come on Guys and Gals lets get you all signed up for the Metric Century Challenge!!

    1. Rob_Capel


      yep great day for getting the first point in of 2014 get i afew when in spain

    2. Steve_Gillette


      good motivation for the winter months !

    3. Steve_Gillette


      come on Lee, sign up now !

  9. Through and off up forestside yesterday! Yeh! Very enjoyable ride to Bosham Harbour and back.

  10. 52 mIles today:). Furthest this year for me, but just short of a 100 for the week! Thanks to Paul E, Roger and Charlotte foe the company.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Wendy_Hall


      Thinking of Thursday ride from The Churchillian Pub. Will post later.

    3. Gavin_Hartley


      Good effort Wendy

    4. Wendy_Hall


      I'm shattered! Can I have a new pair of legs please!

  11. 42 miles on new bike! Got wet - steep hills -awesome. Bike

  12. Rode up Mount Teide yesterday, hard ride but well worth it.

    1. Lee_Marples


      Nice one Wendy...22% gradient I hear...

  13. Great ride in the sun today, Paul E choose a really good route north of wiickham.

    1. Lee_Marples


      Would have loved to make it out...will see you all Saturday

  14. Still not able to ride after op, Missing the saturday rides, hope to be back soon!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gerry_Mcdougall


      Dont rush it Wendy there is plenty of Saturdays left this year and next.

    3. Gavin_Hartley


      Hope you are back and at it soon Wendy

    4. Wendy_Hall
  15. Wendy_Hall

    I Wet Ride At Goodwood

    It was good to see the track racing and the iteam boys doing so well, it wasn't the best conditions to be riding in and that wind was quite strong in certain parts on the track which couldn't been easy. Riding home was fun and I am defo investing in a pair of mud guards, my shoes filled up with water but I didn't even notice.... Well done Rob on all the training you are doing, you will be flying round the track on Fridays in no time.

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