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  1. Thanks for the ride today Luke (I assume I have the correct one, think photo might be a bit out of date). Good route and well led.

  2. Finally hit this year’s target and I am officially a 2nd CAT rider

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Guy_Watson


      Very well done Luke - time to learn to suffer now :)

    3. Luke_Stace


      cheers everyone

  3. Broke my arm yesterday in a mountain bike accident, so out for 2 months now.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Luke_Stace


      thanks everyone

    3. Andy_Redding


      Sorry to hear that Luke.

      Take it easy and don't rush it to get back on your bike

  4. Does anyone know when the Wednesday sessions at Mountbatten start again.

    1. George_Moore


      yes they start on the 3rd of october

    2. Andrew_Hutchinson


      The usual seniors and U16/14 session starts at 7:30 tomorrow.

    3. Luke_Stace
  5. Bought my first track bike today, can’t wait to test it at Mountbatten

    1. Alan_Thew


      that's great, good luck with it

  6. I miss cycling. Been out ill for a month and a half

    1. Paul_Webb


      The roads will still be there when you are better fella

    2. Alan_Thew


      Keep your chin up...

    3. Guy_Watson


      Good to see you at the track last Friday - stay keen

  7. Only 2 and a bit weeks left to go till my dad finally gets back

    1. Alan_Thew


      Good news Luke

    2. Andrew_Hutchinson


      That will be good. You will have to drag him out on a club ride.

  8. First really good ride in weeks the rolands ride.

    1. David_Priscott


      Good to see you are recovering, well done


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