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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE . Best of luck to all doing the Marmotte this year enjoy the training.

  2. OMG Beautiful smooth tarmac surface from Hambledon to Worlds End, a dream come true :)

    1. Paul_Webb


      Cant wait to try that out!

  3. Oh the joys of walking around the country side trying to get a little white ball in a hole :-) wish I was out on my bike

  4. Well done Paul great write up
  5. How to keep motivated for the rest of the year?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Paul_Webb


      Ride 2 ups with me?

      Oh and race

    3. Gavin_Hartley


      ..bear in mind you'll get no drafting from Paul ;-)

    4. Guy_Watson


      Spend a couple of weeks just riding your bike when you want to, as hard or as easy as you want to - the motivation will come back when the pressure is off.

  6. Bob_Hatton

    Its Been A Cracking Month

    Plenty of miles there Rob. The most I've done in a month is 750 and I thought that was a lot. Keep it up
  7. Bob_Hatton

    The Marmotte Est Arrivee

    Have a good Journey down Paul, See you there on Wednesday. It'll be a blast
  8. Flipping Suunto Speed sensor seems to have packed up, just what I need this close to the Marmotte. :-(

    1. Paul_Webb


      time to by the edge 800

  9. Bob_Hatton

    Since I Last Blogged...

    Blimey Barbara you've been busy, I hope things get better, and you can get out to dust the bikes soon
  10. i hope Metcheck is right and this clears up by 7

  11. just watched Galibier and Alpe duez on Cycling the alps. com, I'm knackered now. :)

  12. Bob_Hatton

    My Cat & Fiddle Experience

    Sounds like a hard day in the saddle Ashley Well done.
  13. Marmott weight acheived and still 61/2 weeks to go better work on the power now :)

    1. Paul_Webb


      ive reached my Marmotte weight unfortunately marmotte 2012

    2. Alan_Thew


      Still coming down and on target to reach the weight on July 3rd, is this ok?

  14. With family things going on this afternoon and the rain 1st thing. I have decided to take the day off :(

    1. Paul_Webb


      Good for you!

      Bob can i buy that top box off of yer?


  15. 740 miles in April Wonder if I can match that it May :)


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