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  1. Is there any interest for the curry night this Friday?

    1. Neil_Lucas


      Can’t do Friday, shame it’s not a pork pie evening!!

  2. did anyone pick up my scarf at tea on green charity night? Ta

  3. Are you out on the ride tommrrow?

    1. Craig_Robertson


      Hey Jordan, sorry missed your message, my laptop was playing up and wasn't able to log in properly. Did you get out? I am sure we saw you out on the bike...you went past me and my mate on his MTB on the was bay through Leigh park??? Hope you are well, and your dad

  4. where have the photos in the galleries gone? Did I miss something?

    1. Steven_Evans


      I thought the same yesterday, I think it may have been moved to instagram?

    2. Craig_Robertson


      Hmmm. Instant-gram? What's that? :mellow: Think I need to catch up with technology

    3. Guy_Watson


      Hi Craig,

      Yes there will be 2 club websites, this one plus another that uses several instagram accounts to look like pages, so members just tag a photo rather than having to upload it so that it appears in a gallery. It will make more sense when I've done it rather than trying to explain it now :)

  5. Lance Armstrong 4:30 BBC News

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Guy_Watson


      I would watch the movie though - with Keifer Sutherland playing 'The Kaiser' ;)

    3. Jon_Belfield


      He will always interest the 'shallow' media world but not the 'real' cycling world - thankfully, he's got to live with that everyday and every second! (I wonder how much it counts now?)

    4. Howard_Radcliffe


      I still admire him in a strange kind of way, however I was never under any illusion that he was a 'nice guy'. Still not quite sure just how different todays sport is to yesteryears sport to be honest!!

  6. Craig_Robertson

    Trek - 6 Madone - Project One with Ultegra Di2

    nice bike mate! I wondered, with all the options, why u had picked black. then i clicked on the 'real fire' paint scheme...now i know
  7. Craig_Robertson

    TDF Yorkshire 2014

    Some pics from the TDF Grand Depart Yorkshire
  8. Is it that Firefox doesnt like the drop downs from the title bar?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Craig_Robertson
    3. Guy_Watson


      I use Firefox and Safari with no probs

    4. Guy_Watson


      I use Firefox and Safari with no probs

  9. Craig_Robertson

    calshot 14 apr 2013

  10. so i rushed back, straight into car without stopping strava. now i have a kom! can i delete this ride? who uses strava on android?

    1. Alan_Thew


      You can edit the ride on your PC version deleting the unwanted portion of the ride.

    2. Craig_Robertson


      Thanks Allan, I'll do that...eventually :-)

    3. Steve_Gillette
  11. track cyclin on telly sun half one bbc2

  12. Looking for new brake blocks after Alfreston- never knew there was so much choice!

    1. Alan_Thew


      There's a post in the reviews and recommendations forum which might help. Otherwise Swissstop or Swissstop.

    2. Craig_Robertson
    3. Rob_Capel


      craig have alook on wiggle or merlin cycles chain reaction worth a go as well

  13. Craig. Thanks for dropping off said such items. What a mate. See you soon Alex


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