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  1. Graham_Kay

    Taking A Quick Look Back...

    Been a while since my last entry, so let's call this a mid year update! Have certainly been getting out and about and finally managed to join my first club ride this Saturday just gone, thoroughly enjoyed it and will be along for more when my shifts allow Anyhow, I've been finding Strava's Challenges have certainly added impetus to my riding getting me out for longer than I otherwise might choose. This evening I completed their Take on the Tour Challenge which consisted of completing of 1680kms (half the distance of this years Tour) in 33 days (the length of the Tour plus 10 additional days). Have covered 1684kms in 25 days, well chuffed to have completed it with over a week to spare. I know Rob Capel is also doing this one and close to completion too Stats thus far then are 2852 miles covered including 57 commutes, so I'm well on target for my totals - might even try to get the total mileage for the year up to 5k! I never did join my other chums on the Roubaix Challenge, an off in Jan impeded my training somewhat and various other factors acted against that one. However, I've signed up to do the GSD Giant sportive again next month and aim to also complete the New Forest 100 in October so still a few things to keep me busy! Keep riding...
  2. Graham_Kay

    Taking A Quick Look Back...

    Brief history... I got back on a bike three years ago after many years away from two wheels. The aim was to get a bit fitter, save some petrol cash and lose some excess weight! I purchased a Guess RB1 road bike, weighing in at 10kg, and set to getting back into the spirit of things In that first year, 2010, I covered a total of 770 miles and managed to commute to work and back 41 times. I was pretty pleased with that at the time. More of the same followed in 2011 but I managed to up my total milage to 1006 miles and commuted 56 times. Was much happier with that, especially breaking four figures for the total milage. After that I set my targets for 2012 at 1200/60. It didn't take long to realise I was going beat those figures hands down and just carryied on as long as I was able. The end result was a total of 3038 miles and 96 commutes! Was very pleased to surpass 3k distance and only missed out on getting the commutes to three figures thanks to bad weather and other pressures on my time. 2012 also saw me take part in my first sportive, the GSD Giant through the South Downs early in September covering 104 miles in a little over 6.5 hours. Was pretty pleased with that, and will admit that a fair chunk of my total milage went into training and building up the endurance. I also purchased a smart phone back in May and got hooked up on Strava - http://strava.com/athletes/mook - which also helped provide a much increased level of encouragement, and was indeed where I found about this club July also saw me purchase my second bike, a self built machine consisting of a carbon frame direct from China mated to the latest Shimano Ultegra 6700 groupset, CSN Ultraleggera 50mm rim carbon/alloy rims and a few other odds and ends. This one comes in at 8.6kg and the difference in performance over the old bike is very noticable. This is now my summer bike, and the old one is the winter tramp. So what does 2013 hold? Having survived the Mayen apocalypse I suspect things will only get better. For one I'll pull my finger out and get on some of the club rides! In terms of my targets I'm thinking I should be able to achieve 3500 miles and 100 commutes - the fact I done my first commute this evening is by far the quickest start to a year I've achieved, so that bodes well. I've also made some friends via Strava and have been invited to join them on the Paris-Roubaix Challenge - riding the 170km course over the famous cobbles of north east France the day before the pros. That would be quite some challenge for me and I've not yet decided one way or the other. Perhaps I should just believe in myself and go for it, how hard can it be... just another day in Hell In terms of my initial objectives, despite knocking on the door of 40 I've comfortably lost over a stone in weight, feel as fit as I did when I was 25 and have probably saved around £600 in petrol. Job done I reckon

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