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  1. Ben

    Have you entered the Etape on 16th July ? Most of us going on the summer trip have, to that end if you are interested it would be worth while trying to get an entry.



  2. Hi Ben

    Seem to keep missing you on the rides, thought I better tell you the plan for next weeks trip to France. Me and Luke will pick you up about 2030 hrs on Friday 8th July then we will drive to the ferry port in Portsmouth, the ferry leaves at 2315 hrs and arrives in Le Harve at 0830 hrs. With stops the drive will most probably take about 9 - 10 hrs, we might stop off at some French friends of mine for coffe / drinks. We do have a cabin so there will be a bed for you on the outbound sailing. I will need your address and a contact telephone number.

    Best Wishes



  3. Just thought I would say that I was the first rider back in the LiDBA ride on Sunday! Completed in just over an hour having done a solo break away from Rogate back to Liphook

  4. Illness is just the worst thing...

    1. Guy_Watson


      I think you find death is a touch more serious... Get well soon :)

    2. Ben_Williams


      Haha probably is to be honest ;) nearly recovered, just a cough now. Thank you though!


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