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  1. It's my 1st ever match sprint event  this Saturday, excited is an understatement!

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    2. Andy_Redding
    3. Caitlin_Peters


      Best of luck with that Steve. Have a good ride. :)

    4. Steven_Evans


      Thanks everyone, been looking forward to this one for about 3 months!

  2. I have been having a sort out and I have stumble across some decent leg warmers with zips that no longer fit my ever growing quads.

    Looking to give these away for free if anyone is interested, first person to give me a message can have them.

    They are Endura, size S/M.


  3. Last night at Bournemouth track league for this year :unsure: sadly its most likely to be my last as I am determined to progress into a track sprinter. 

  4. Hi Brian, I seemed to have managed to delete your message by accident some how, i will be there at 5.00 at the sprint session, maybe a bit rushed as I have to pick my little girl up at 4.30.

    Will be a bit of a reduced session for me as I am racing tomorrow at Herne Hill.

  5. Really enjoying racing at the Bournemouth track league at the moment, decided it was about time i ride with the A league, so far I am getting stronger and gaining valuable race experience and points :D

  6. At bournemouth track league and it's a tad windy B)

  7. It was nice having a blast around Calshot again last night, always takes me a few laps to adjust to them corners!

  8. People taking my hard earned strava KOMs using their car is really starting to get under my skin.

    1. Alan_Thew


      What like Arnaud Demare?

    2. Steven_Evans


      Something like that, then completely denies it when confronted? 

  9. All set for winter riding!!!!

    1. Guy_Watson


      You entered for Calshot Winter League OK?

    2. Steven_Evans


      I still need to give the event organisers a bell to make sure they received your email, hopefully they did!

  10. Track league rained off :-(

  11. Never eat a foot long sub two hours before racing, stomach was done for.

  12. Made a Daddy on Fathers day, little earlier than expected!

  13. Accreditation done, I can officially start racing!

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    2. Steven_Evans


      Thanks Guy, looking forward to it!!!

    3. Harvey_McNaughton


      Well Done! See You At Bournemouth Track League!

    4. Steven_Evans


      Cheers Harvey, might take me a bit to get to your level lol!

  14. Bournemouth accreditation going to be complete tomorrow, new wheels and bars ordered, things just got serious!

  15. Selling my motorbike to fund some new components, I must be mad!

  16. No Bournemouth today due to weather, was actually looking forward to complete my accreditation and start racing the league.

  17. Great session with the team today @Lee Valley, look forward to more!

  18. looks like I am getting the train to Lee valley this saturday, car is dead.

  19. Cars playing up right before Lee Valley this Saturday, hopefully it won't ruin the day for me, fingers crossed.

  20. Back to a regular routine with training on the track, bit of a journey to Bournemouth every Friday night but will be worth it.

  21. Back to Bournemouth today to make a start at the accreditation process.

  22. Steven_Evans

    Elimination race

    From the album: Bournemouth GP 2015

  23. Steven_Evans

    Bournemouth GP 2015

    Track Omnium
  24. Steven_Evans

    25 Lap scratch race

    From the album: Bournemouth GP 2015

    Rushed to put my numbers on before my event, can you tell.

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