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  1. Hi Gerry. 

    I was just wondering if you were interested in joining Victoria and I in the team time trial at Goodwood on 12th July? There are going to be teams of four and it would be ridden on road bikes. So far we have three riders: Victoria, Tim Powell and myself but we th out that you would be a good addition to make up a team.

    Please let me know if you can/can't do it as soon as possible.



    1. Gerry_Mcdougall


      Hi Caitlin 

      yes I would be happy to form part of the team. Thanks for thinking of me. 

    2. Caitlin_Peters


      Thanks Gerry. That's brilliant.

  2. Didn't know you joined. Have you left Fareham now? Welcome

    1. Caitlin_Peters


      Hi Andy. Yeah it's true, I'm an  i-Teamer now. I left Fareham Wheelers on Monday.  Hoping to get some great rides in with I-Team now. Thanks for the welcome. :)

    2. Guy_Watson

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