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  • i-Team.cc Racing Development Squad


    From Go-Ride to Gold Medals!

    Normally a Race Team is set up around a headline sponsor such as a bike shop, and then riders are recruited from surrounding local cycling clubs. i-Team.cc takes a different approach, with a Racing Team that completes the club development pathway that starts with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing...


    A Development Pathway That Works: P.S.o.C.R. > R.D.S. > ELITE RIDER & NATIONAL SQUAD


    How do we do it?

    • Coaching – 121 coaching provided or we’ll help you find a coach
    • Shared experiences in races & training - builds trust & bonds a team (whilst still being part of cycling club community with club runs & social events)
    • Support given – but riders must supply the desire, motivation & commitment!



  • 2017 Team Supporters





    We owe everything to our supporters. We would like to thank the following people and organisations who believe in what we do and have supporters provided us with cash, products and services -


  • Team Riders


    Riders are selected for a place in the Racing Development Squad by the Team Manager & Team Coach when they have demonstrated that they possess the right combination of talent, potential & attitude - i.e.:

    Good Character, Strong Morals & Loyalty

    • No posers or prima donnas - Your bike is just a tool for winning races & if you need to feel special, please go and join another club
    • Team Player - You must be committed to training and racing as part of a team
    • Be open and transparent - Share your feelings and don’t keep things to yourself – if you need help ask
    • Fairness - Cheating will not be tolerated

    Self-Motivated & Committed

    • Motivation - You must be self-motivated and bring a positive attitude to the team
    • Desire - You must want to be the best you can be - you must try to be a winner
    • Dedication - You must enjoy riding the bike, enjoy training hard, enjoy suffering in races. Always train and race to the best of your ability Attend RDS training sessions whenever possible Work with coach to agree to a program of team races (this will be different for each rider and will take into account individual aspirations, individual rider development needs, together with overall team objectives

    Recognition & Promotion

    • Help promote the people and organistations who support you
    • Always represent Your Team to the best of your ability on and off the bike


  • Team Bikes


    For 2016 our team our proud to be using Moda Bikes. We chose Moda because they are UK Designed, Tested and Assembled, and we were able to spec exactly the build we need for our Junior Race Team, right down to handlebar width, crank length, gear ratios etc. We have been very impressed with how the bikes have handled and perfromed in training and races.

    Like most race teams, we sell some of our bikes at the end of the season, so if you need a bike for racing or training - you could grab a bragain!


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    Racing Development Squad

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