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Alex Fund News:

Welcome to the Alex Tindal Recovery Fund Web Page

A young cyclist, with life changing injuries, needs help with his rehabilitation & recovery - please support in any way that you can - all donations, no matter how small, will add to Alex's Recovery Fund and help make a real difference to Alex's immediate future
Alex's Prom Night

Alex loves cycling and joined his first cycling club i-Team.cc in January 2013, aged 15. He quickly established himself as a very popular member of the club and dedicated himself to becoming a better rider, riding his bike as often as he could. On the night of 5th July, Alex had a great time at his school prom night, dressed up for the occasion in his suit and bow tie...

Alex Medal

Alex was out on his regular Saturday morning club ride on a beautiful summer day... Towards the end of the ride, Alex appeared to loose control of his bike on a downhill corner and crashed through a hedge and in to a field. Thankfully he was out riding with others and not alone, otherwise he might not have been seen from the road. Alex was unconscious (still wearing his helmet,) and several of Alex's club mates, who were qualified first aiders, attended to Alex for over an hour until medical help arrived. Alex was eventually air lifted to Southampton General Hospital

Post Accident:
Alex hospital

Alex was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm with multiple bleeds - tests so far have been inconclusive (and we may never know for certain) - but several factors (i.e. relatively low speed & no evidence of Alex braking or taking evasive action,) would indicate that the aneurysm happened before Alex lost control of his bike. What is beyond doubt is that the accident caused a broken left clavicle, right knee and compound fractures to his spine.

Rehabilitation Begins
Alex hospital

Alex was in a coma for around 3 weeks and was on a ventilator until 20/07/2013.
He then started to make slow progress and on 27/08/2013 he was able to sit in a chair.
He spoke his first word "Mum" on 14/10/2013.
On 01/11/2013 was able to eat normally for the first time.




Help From The Children's Trust
Alex hospital Alex received months of specialist help from The Childrens Trust at their specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey
Friends in High Places
Alex hospital Alex has the support of his family, friends and i-Team.cc club mates and also, he can count 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist Dani King M.B.E. as one of his supporters, as she generously took the time to send Alex a signed T shirt, photo and also a set of first edition olympic stamps, signed by fellow Women's Team Pursuit Gold Medallists, Laura Trott O.B.E. and Joanna Rowsell M.B.E.
Donations & Help Received
Alex Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle It cost up to £100 per journey to transport Alex by taxi. Although Alex was entitled to lease a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle under the Motability Scheme, all new WAVs require an Advance Payment, which must be paid upfront to cover how the vehicle will be adapted to Alex's specific needs. The Alex Tindal Recovery Fund helped raise £5000 to cover the W.A.V. advance payment and Alex can now get around in his new specially adapted Ford Transit. Alex and his family have had to move to a home specially adapted for wheelchair access
Alex's Bike Club
Alex hospital

Alex's is still a member of his bike club i-Team.cc and his team mates were thrilled to see him at the Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing awards night in December 2014.

The Future
Alex Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Alex will remain partially paralised and has other complications that will mean that he will need ongoing support throughout his life. Unfortunately, Alex's mum suffered a stroke just before Christmas 2014 and this has impacted on Alex's support network.

Despite the challenges, Alex remains motivated and hopes one day to ride his bike again. Although that target will be a long term goal, on 28/05/15, Alex managed to do a few pedal strokes on a turbo trainer for the first time since his accident.

One thing Alex's bike club are keen to help with is a fixed wheel track tandem for use at the Mountbatten Centre Velodrome, so that Alex can ride with his club mates again one day

How You Can Contribute to the Fund:


Alex and his family will need support in the years ahead - please help if you can:

If you are a Twitter user, follow us and retweet @alexrecoverfund adding #helpalex using the button here

If you are thinking of good causes to support for your next fund raising event, this is one cause where you could make an immediate difference to the lives of Alex and his immediate family.

Alex's mum, Andrea Turner, has set up a dedicated Pay Pal account that is linked to the bank account that she has set up for Alex's Recovery Fund. You can make a donation by clicking on the button on the left.

Alternatively you can send a cheques, payable to 'Andrea Turner' to her address at 12, Foxtail Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO7 7LF

A Message From Alex's Family:

"Andrea, Dave and family would like to thank everyone who has sent their good wishes and donations towards Alex's recovery fund. Alex is a determined young man, who is a credit to us all, and his willingness to get better is just inspirational to see. Alex will be thanking you all personally in the future for sure! "


This web page has been set up by Guy Watson on behalf of Alex's family and all information is provided here in good faith. It is intended that details of planned fund raising events, donations received and how the fund is progressing, will be announced using the @alexrecoverfund Twitter Feed. (If you wish to donate anonymously, please let us know.)

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