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User's Guide - New & Existing Members


Please take a moment to read this article and get up to speed with how the club member's website works.

Once you have joined British Cycling and paid your i-Team.cc annual club subscription, you'll be sent your log-in username and password for the member's website areas.

Why don't we just use Facebook?

In the old days, a cycling club member would be expected to make some time to attend their weekly club evening at a village hall, scout hut etc. to catch up with team mates, and find out what the club plans were for upcoming events. If they didn't attend the club evening, they would only hear about things second hand and by word of mouth.

With i-Team.cc the village hall has been replaced by the Team Hub Website - but the principle is the same - members are expected to make the effort to come to the club to find out information, and not sit around expecting the club to find them.

So although i-Team.cc uses various social media feeds to promote the club to the wider world, these posts typically only tell the world what we've been doing recently - we will only use Social Media for member annoucements in an emergency, such as if the club website is down. There are some very good reasons for this:

  • Social media feeds are not private - although that might not matter to you - it might matter to other members
  • We would flood social media feeds with routine announcemnts and dilute the impact of using social media for it's best purpose - does Facebook really need to know that we've bought some new race numbers?
  • Not everyone uses Facebook & Twitter - it would be easy to exclude someone if we formed a Facebook Group - we are about inclusion
  • Emails lists are great if you are on the mailing list in the first place, have remembered to tell everyone your new email address, and the message doesn't end up in a spam box - and providing everyone managed to read the email about the new start venue in time!

So nearly all communication between the club and it's members is via the member's website (there's a clue in our club's name ;)Having a degree of privacy enables members to share information, so that the Team Hub website can be a one stop shop for everything i-Team with has some great features:

  • You can search a list of members and look for other members with similar interests, who are near to you
  • You can use a private messaging system to contact other club members and they can get in touch with you
  • Easily share a lot of information that can be accessed in the future using the search tool
  • Everyone finds out about the lastest plans and is asked for their input at the same time, in the same way

So, please take a moment to read this article and get up to speed with how the club member's website works.

Below you will find some important information about how to get the most out of your i-Team.cc membership, including your unique User Name and Password for the members website areas.

I would strongly recommend that you set aside an hour or so when you can, to visit the member’s forums and read through the “Info & Help - Find Club Documents Here” Section and have a good read through the information and documentation there. Afterwards, have a browse of the various forums and check out the ones that interest you the most. Thereafter, please visit the forums at least weekly if you can to keep up to date with what your team mates are up to.

We understand that not everyone is completely confident with I.T. skills but we hope that this step-by-step article will help you get started.

If you are a new member starting out, you should be prepared to invest some time to read through this article and complete all of the tasks - but this is something you'll only need to do once and the reward will be that you'll feel more part of the club and members will be able to interact with you more easily. Existing members, please note that this article will be revised regularly, so it will be worth revisiting and skimming through for changes and any new features every few months or so.

A quick scroll down will reveal lots of screen shots - don't let this put you off working your way through the article, most of these screens just represent a mouse click. Remember, you don't need to learn everything all at once and complete all of the tasks in one go!

Your co-operation in completing your membership profile and keeping it up to date is really appretaited.



  • Please look at the image above to familiarise yourself with the member's website layout

Signing In:



  • You cannot create your own account - accounts can only be created by the Administrator, this is done only after you have purchased i-Team membership via British Cycling and you've signed and returned a completed membership application & disclaimer.
  • Once your account has been created be the Administrator, you will be sent your user name and password to the email address you specified on the application form.
  • Your user name and password must not be changed - if you do this by accident, your account will become locked.
  • If you forget your password and/or if your account becomes locked for any reason, just send an email to members@i-team.cc and the administrator will sort this for you.
  • You must not disclose your log in details to anyone else.
  • If you share a computer with another member, remember to log in as yourself.

Membership Profiles:

Being active on your bike is core to being an i-Team.cc member but you also have many opportunities to contribute to your club and benefit from being a member. No other club provides it's members with such comprehensive facilities for communicating with other members online and this is part of what makes i-Team unique.

Once you are logged in, you can get a snap-shot view of one of your team mates by mousing over their Profile Picture in any part of the member's website areas. A pop-up window will show an enlarged profile picture, their real name and contact details. This is great if you've been introduced to someone out on a ride but forgot their name for instance.


If you click on the user name in the pop-up window, their full profile can be viewed and you can learn some more about them, including their posts, blogs and interests


Accessing & Editing Your Membership Profile:

Now you've seen how useful a member profile can be to fellow team mates, it's now time to check and complete your own Membership Profile. If you are starting from scratch, allow 30 minutes or so to work through the instructions below.


  • Access your membership profile by mousing over your name, wait for highlighting and then click your left mouse button.
  • Select 'Profile'

Loading / Changing Your Profile Picture:


  • Click on the small grey camera icon


  • Select 'Upload Photo' and Choose Single file


  • Browse to select a suitable photo on your PC (max size is 0.5 MB and you will need to crop and resize your image to 500x500 pixels or smaller, and idealy the image will be in .jpg format. If you don't know how to do this - just send your un-edited picture to members@i-team.cc and it will be done for you

N.B. Your Profile Photo must be a head and shoulder shot, so that other members can recognise you. This is a condition of i-Team membership because it fundamental to how i-Team works as an internet based cycling club. Once loaded, the photo will be used various locations, in various sizes, so please use a passport type image, or you can use a cropped photo of you cycling as shown below.


  • Once your photo has uploaded, you can make a few adjustments on position and size and then click save


  • You Profile Photo should now be shown as a circular image like the one above
  • You may want to experiment and repeat the process a few times until you get the best result.

Loading / Changing Your Cover Photo (optional):

Cover photos are an oportunity to add a bit of personality to your Membership Profile, and are like a Facebook Cover Photo. Cover photos don't have to be to do with your cycling activities, they can be about anything really - as long as they are suitable for our younger members.


  • Mouse over 'Cover Photo' amd click the photo frame and select 'Upload Photo' (maximum size is 2.0 MB)


  • Browse to select a suitable photo on your PC. Ideally it needs to be a 'letter box' shape


  • Once the file has been uploaded, click 'Save'


  • You may need to use the 'Reposition Photo' tool - once selected, you'll be able to drag your image into the best position


  • Once you are happy, click 'Save Photo'

Completing Your Membership Profile:


  • Access your membership profile by mousing over your name, wait for highlighting and then click your left mouse button.
  • Select 'Edit Profile'



  • Work down the list and add as much detail as you can into the text fields.
  • As an absolute minimum, you must include your current email address, current town & date of birth (this can only be viewed by other members)
  • N.B. All communication between the club admin and yourself is by email - therefore it is essential that you ensure that your email address is up to date and that you check that any spam settings on your email program are set up so that www.i-team.cc is not classed as span or junk main.
  • A link to your own business or personal website should be fine
  • N.B. Any content or links must be suitable for ages. Please seek permission before displaying any text or links to commercial sites or businesses. This is to avoid conflicts with any Team Sponsors current or future.

Account Settings:

This is where you can update you email address and signature etc.


  • Select 'Account Settings' from your drop down menu


  • You can change your email address on this tab


  • Password tab above is shown for info only - N.B. if you try to change your password from the one that was originally sent to you when you joined, your account will become locked. If this happens, or if you forget your password, please send an email to members@i-team.cc for it to be reset.


  • You can add a signature to your profile like the one above if you want to, this helps other members get to know a bit more


View New Content:

Select 'View New Content' to view the content that has been added since your last visit


  • This is always a good place to start. Click the 'View New Content' button.


  • You may see 'Articles' highlighted in the left hand menu by default. If there are no new articles since your last visit, you will get a 'No new content' message.
  • Highlight and click the 'Topics' tab in the left hand menu to display all of the new forum posts since your last visit - click any topic in the list to go straight there.
  • You can then work your way down the left hand menu to look for new content in the Blog, Calendar etc.

Activity Streams


  • Similar to 'View New Content' but this is a list of constant feeds of topics / Articles / Blogs etc. in the order that they were posted


  • e.g. You can look back through a record of all Status Updates

Starting a new Topic on a Forum


  • Browse to the forum that you want to post in and select 'Start new topic'

Alternatively, you can do this:

  • Use the CREATE tool to start a topic


  • Browse & select the forum that is the best fit for you topic.


  • Browse down and there will be a topic announcing the latest members
  • Always read the post back to yourself - if you need to change anything, use the Edit function
  • N.B. You may want to use the Search System to look for similar topics before posting

Replying to a Topic on a Forum


  • Reply to a topic by writing in the blank text box at the bottom of the topic thread


  • Once you've written your reply and attached any files that may be relevant, click 'Submit Reply'


  • Alternatively, you can click on the 'Reply to this Topic' button above the first post in the topic thread
  • You can click on the Quote button to include the original post (or part of it) in your reply
  • Or if you want to quote more than one member, click the + sign against each post that you want to quote in your reply


  • Once you've written your reply and attached any files that may be relevant, click 'Submit Reply'


  • You can allways edit your reply afterwards if you need to (N.B. this won't change any posts where members have already quoted your previous post)

Status Udates:


  • Status are intended to be used a bit like a short Facebook update or Twitter message, i.e. how you are feeling or what yu are thinking about in the moment
  • Status Updates are not intended to be used for detailed messages, or to post something that will be usefull to others in future because unlike forum posts, they will get overwritten
  • However, you can cut and paste a link to a forum post though into a Status Update to raise awareness of something that is currently important
  • Use the Create Tool to make a Status Update

Forum Guidelines


Hopefully you are now ready to post some replies and maybe a status update or two! :) - Just ome last thing before you do - please read through the Forum Guidelines & Rules

If you can spare a few minutes each week to contribute to your club online, your reward will be an increased sense of belonging to your team, it will help you build and maintain friendships and ensure that you get the maximum value from being an i-Team member :)

Thanks for reading - see you online!





Edited by Guy_Watson

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