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Club Ride 10.00am Rowlands Castle ('Amber Ride')


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This event repeats every week forever

Event details

Purpose of the 'Amber' 10am Saturday ride from Rowlands Castle:
  • To provide i-Team Members with a structured, safe and friendly group riding experience for a mixture of ages & abilities
  • To encourage and support i-Team Members & Guests develop their cycling skills and ability.
  • To give experienced riders an easy 'recovery ride' the day before races etc. - and also give them the opportunity to put something back into the club by helping newcommers etc.

Meeting Time:

Meet at or shortly after 09:50 The ride leaves at 10.00am PROMPT - please do not expect everyone to wait even a couple of minutes for you as this is unfair on those who arrived early and for those who've ridden over from Cowplain.

Meeting Place:

Outside The Village Coffee Shop, 2 The Green, Rowland's Castle, PO9 6BN


  • Please keep the entrance to the shop clear for their customers and also keep the pavement clear to maintain our good relationship with the residents of the village.
  • If you are going to use the shop services (tables & chairs, toilet etc.) it goes without saying that you should buy a drink or some food from them and keep the facilities clean.

Typical Ride Structure:

  • N.B. on Alternate weeks, the 09.10 'Red' Ride from Cowplain will arrive to meet up in time for this ride. Some members may switch from this ride to the 10.00 Green Ride, or both rides me join up for a few hours before spliting at an agreed point - make sure that you are aware of what the arrangement is by asking other riders, so that you don't end up in a faster group unless that's what you want.
  • Around 2 hours, typically 14-16 mph average speed
  • Before every ride starts, there should be a quick chat about the route, saftey points (which is allways ultimately the responsibility of the individual participants, who take part at their own risk,) and also a quick introduction for any new faces
  • We allways have a 30 mins steady warm up at 14 mph max.
  • Everyone rides with the group and does not up the pace set by the most experienced riders
  • We generally ride at the pace of the slowest rider - but if for some reason you are really struggling, we will chat with you and make sure you are able to get back home OK
  • At pre-agreed points, on a hill etc, everyone can press on at their own pace but we will allways regroup at the top of the climb.
  • About 15 minutes from the finish, the 'red flag' goes down and everyone who want's to can up the pace to the finish (This helps to thin any big bunches out and so helps getting the group back through any Saturday traffic.)

We try to organise some of the best club rides in the area. The success of these rides is due to the fact that they stay well structured. These rides are mainly intended for i-Team members only, or for those thinking of joining i-Team. Guests are allways most welcome but please read the notes below about preperation, commitment and ability

To manage expectation and to ensure progression, we have 4 main categories for our club rides:

  • 'Green' - Typically 14mph/23KPH Average speed - lots of regrouping at tops of hills etc. - you wont get left behind intentionally - this is the entry level / social ride speed for our official group club rides
  • 'Amber' - Typically 16-18mph/25-30kph average speed - frequent regrouping at tops of hills etc. - if you frequently get dropped perhaps this isn't the ride for you yet - this is the standard level for our official group club rides
  • 'Red' - Typically 18mph/30kph average speed - some planned regrouping at tops of hills etc. - if you frequently get dropped perhaps this isn't the ride for you yet - this is the advanced level for our official group club rides
  • 'Black' - Typically +20mph/35kph average speed - no regrouping (if you get dropped you are on your own or regroup with others - this is the advanced level for our club training rides

How everyone on the ride can help:

  • Everyone must arrive promtly at the start
  • If this is going to be your first ride with us - please send notification in advance using the Contact Form - please introduce yourself before the ride departs.
  • Any new faces should be approached and made to feel welcome
  • The route and aims of the ride should explained to everyone before the ride departs
  • The first 30 mins HAS TO BE STEADY to allow everyone to warm up.
  • The group has to stay compact - front riders do not up the pace or sprint out of corners If you are fit - stay on the front on low gears but for no more than 5 minutes but DO NOT UP THE AVERAGE PACE.. Rear riders should try hard not to let gaps OF MORE THAN ONE BIKE LENGTH open up out of corners - or when riding at a steady pace - NO MORE THAN 1 meter from the wheel in front (This includes descents - just ride to the side of the rider in front - this gives you effectively 3 Meters.)
  • There has to be good communication - if a rider is about to be dropped, or punctures, or has to answer the call of nature - he should shout out 'EASY!' before he looses contact with the group. The exception may be on some hills where we ride up at our individual best pace and regroup at the top - but the group does not start the descent before group has reformed. EVERONE MAKE SURE THE FRONT RIDERS KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING
  • These rides can be a good training session but they are not the place to show everyone how fit you are, to the extent of splitting the group up on every climb. If you are in good form, gear down and spin. Help other riders by protecting them from the wind, giving the odd helpfull push on a climb
  • Saftey is everyone's responsibility - don't blindly follow others - relax but keep alert and be aware of the potential risks to yourself and others
  • Bikes must be fit for purpose & very well maintained.
  • You must have at least 1 spare tube and proper pump and/or CO2 pump and know how to use them.
  • N.B. Everyone punctures from time to time and if it happens to you, don't panic - shout out and everyone should stop and someone will be able to check if you are OK. Assistance will be on hand to help with this but riders should try to be self sufficient and have a spare tube and either full size pump or CO2 pump to minimise time lost. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL HALF WAY THROUGH THE RIDE TO START PRACTISING HOW TO CHANGE A TYRE!!!


  • Club Rides are not meant to be like Sportives and other organised events - they can be ad-hoc, with a rough direction and route announced on the day as part of the pre-ride group breifing, this can then take into account the conditions on the day i.e.: Weather / Traffic / Composition of the Group
  • No individual rider is ever responsible for the final route taken - sometimes a group me be just 'following their noses and picking their way through the lanes in a general direction
  • Any rider can propose a route for the group to take but the final choice is always up the the individual i.e.....
    Each rider always makes their own individual dynamic risk assesment throught the ride, based on their best judgement - it is always up to the individual whether to follow another rider or not; to take advice or to ignore it
  • No individual rider is ever responsible for the final route taken - a rider can propose a route for the group to take but the final choice is always a unanmous group decision beacuse each rider always makes their own individual dynamic risk assesment throught the ride, based on their best judgement - it is always up to the individual whether to follow another rider or not, or take advice or to ignore it
  • This Club Ride is not meant to be an mass-participation organised event. it's a gathering of like-minded people who want to share some time togethter on their bikes, so there has to be some give and take


  • To affiliate the organisation to suitable governing bodies such as British Cycling
  • To set guidelines in the best interests of safety and maintaining a good club image
  • To endevour to try to maintain awareness of the guidelines
  • To offer facilities that allow members to interact with each other and arrange to meet on rides
  • To raise awareness of the requirements & responsibilities of individual members and club organisation


  • To organise their own appropriate 3rd Party Insurance
  • To make themselves and other members aware of the current club rules and guidelines in the interests of safety and club image
  • As far as possible to make themselves aware of the nature and format of the ride and to ensure that they are properly prepared
  • As far as possible to ensure that their bike is serviceable with spare tube / pump / tools (and be proficient their use)
  • Wear official club clothing as far as possible / practical
  • To arrive promptly and do their best to ensure that the ride departs at the pre-set time.
  • To become a member of the club after a maximum of 3 guest rides and to keep membership up to date
  • To help ensure that no more than 5 non-members ever ride with any club ride
  • Raise awareness as soon as possible of any hazards or difficulties
  • Try to look out for others in difficulty
  • Help with positive feedback after each ride using the appropriate forum thread
  • Respect and consider any advice given by more experienced members
  • To ride safely, allways following the Highway Code when practical and always riding with consideration for other road users, other club members and your own individual safety
  • All participants taking part in our organised club rides must wear a suitable, correctly fitting helmet
  • Headphones, personal stereos etc. and anything that might unduely affect an individual rider's awareness should be removed while particiapting in club rides - therefore please do not be offended if you are asked by another member to comply with this advice
  • Please feedback on how the ride went from your perspective:
    • Guests - Please use the Contact Form
    • Members - Please post on the Official Club Rides Forum
    • If a member ever member wishes to raise a saftey concern, report a near-miss or incident involving other road users - please complete an incident report form in confidence, to ensure that important information is captured


  • How many take part in these rides? - Typically around 20-30 riders
  • Do you always meet at the same time / place on Saturdays? - Yes - this is most important - that way everyone knows the score and the ride leaves promptly - especially important if it is cold
  • Is it always the same route? - The routes are varied as much as possible but the limitations are that with 20 plus riders, we have to try to minimise exposure to heavy traffic, busy junctions, right turns, roundabouts etc and get back to the start within 2 hours
  • How good does my bike need to be? - It doesn't need to be expensive but it really needs to be a road bike and must be reliable - if in doubt, get your bike checked out at a local bike shop in the week BEFORE the ride
  • How old do I have to be? - Typically, for 'Green' and 'Amber' rides the minimum age is 12 if accompanied by a parent - but it depends on your ability - please contact Guy Watson in advance on info@i-team.cc
  • Do you ride in all weather? - Everything except ice and fog - we often get more turn up when it's raining!
  • Are non-members allowed to come along on these rides? - Absolutely - that's what we are all about! Posted Image - but, to ensure that everyone gets the most enjoyment from it, there are some conditions:
    • ABILITY: We don't wan't to leave anyone behind but there is a minimum ability standard for this ride - please note the average speeds and duration. That's not to say that this ride is beyond the ability of a fit novice, but you will need to be fairly confident riding in a group. To avoid potential dissapointment or embarrasment, the best advise would be to come along on one of the Saturday Morning 'Cafe Club' rides from Rowlands Castle first, and see how that goes
    • PREPERATION: It is a bit disrespectful to other people if you turm up on a group ride and you haven't checked your bike before hand to see that it is serviceable and well maintained
    • COMMITMENT: These rides are organised by i-Team members, for i-Team members. Guests are allways very welcome, but after 3 rides, guests will be expected to make a commitment and purchase i-Team Membership.
    • INSURANCE: It is a condition of i-Team membership that members must organise and keep current, their own 3rd party insurance, e.g. British Cycling Silver or Gold membership. N.B. For our British Cycling Club Insurance purposes, no more than 5 guests can be accommodated on any club ride.
    • LIABILITY: All participants of i-Team club rides do so entirely at their own risk. If members bring a guest with them - they are responsible for them (please stay near to them on the ride and look after them as need be.) In no event will i-Team.cc, or any of it's members, be liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from participating on our club rides

Useful Links

Riders Take Part at Their Own Risk! - If in Doubt, Ask!

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