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  2. Isle of Wight Ride. 0800 ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne arriving at 0900. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise depending on the wind direction.
  3. Guy_Watson

    'Mince Pie' Ride

    Team Sponsors Jon and Wendy Belfield again extend a warm welcome to all i-Team members and guests who take part in the 'Mince Pie' club ride, which will be on Saturday 11h of Janurary Both rides will proceed smoothly and everyone should arrive at Jon and Wendy's between 1100 and 1130. Anyone who was on last year's ride will know that almost nothing can go wrong with this plan. Club Kit is requested please for the photos at Jon's The traditional format is for a main group to head out easy from Rowlands to Britian's best Man-Cave at Belfield Towers in Bishop's Waltham. For the last few years the format has been as follows: Cowplain group leaves from Nico's at 09:15 and follows this 48.3km route: https://www.strava.com/routes/1215762 Rowlands group leaves at 09:55 and follows this 34km route: https://www.strava.com/routes/7131848 Jon & Wendy's address is: Little Hoe Lodge, Rareridge Lane, Bishops Waltham, SO32 1DX Jon will be Joining us at Rowlands at 09.30 so please arrive early for a prompt start! After a mandatory mince pie, there will be a photos around Noon and then the ride will depart around 12.15 for what individuals / groups think is the quickest / best route back to rendevous at Nicos Cowplain, then on to Rowlands for cake. Thanks Jon & Wendy Edited November 18, 2018 by Guy_Watson
  4. Hi Everyone Just to confirm the arrangements for our Christmas/New Year do! Let me know if I have missed anything or you need to know anything else. Its quite a long post so scroll down for all the menu choices. When: Saturday 11th January 7.30pm Where: Robin Hood Rowlands Castle Cost: Two courses £21.95. Three courses £25.95 What you need to do: 1) Make your choices 2) Leave a message on the members forum by 2nd Jan: 3) PAY IN FULL by FRIDAY 10th JANUARY LETS PARTY!!!
  5. Well done Ben, great ride 👍
  6. Update: I set a 10 Mile Record of 18:59 on the P881R course on the 14th of September this year 👍
  7. Hi Everyone, For My Bikefixers Sunday Shop Ride on the 8th September I'm planning on doing a 100 mile Ride from the Shop to Brighton and Back. It's going to be a steady no drop ride with a stop in Brighton for Ice Creams. It would be great if some of the i-team club members could join the ride and every member who does I'll buy them an ice cream 🍦 😁 when we get to Brighton. All I ask it that you register for the Shop Ride at the Bikefixers Website (https://www.bikefixers-portsmouth.co.uk/new-registration-page) just so I know who is coming & I have emergency contact details just in case (needed for the Shop Ride Insurance cover). I'd like to use my shop rides a feed ins for new members to join the i-team, so any help would be very much appreciated. Steve Eneas
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