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i-Team Jersey Design

  • Well designed, good quality club kit has always been a priority for i-Team.cc and our members are rightly proud to wear the club colours that have been worn by the like of Dani King and Jon Dibben.


Even our own members are sometimes surprised to learn that there is quite a bit of symbolism in the design..


  1. The two globes = The real and the virtual worlds
  2. The star at the base of the swoosh lines = The location of Portsmouth velodrome, which is where the club started from - the gold is for Dani King, who started racing in an i-Team jersey and went on to win Olympic Gold
  3. The swoosh lines = Illustration of how the club membership is not confined to a geographical base & the white stars represent the members young & old (we hope to convert more to Gold in future!)
  4. White = Newcomers to cycling
  5. Black = Respect for the history of the sport of cycling
  6. Red = the passion we all share for all forms of cycling

Original Thinking:

  • in 2012 i-Team.cc was the first club / team in any sport to put a QR code on their clothing - if someone wants to know about the club, they can just scan with a smart phone


Over the years our unique 'CyberRider' team jersey has evolved with subtle changes from year to year, as manufacturers change and as sponsors come and go - but if you compare a 2003 jersey against the current one, there is no doubt that they both share the same origin:





Ready to get your hands on some club clothing? >>> Read More


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