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  1. Went to Pompey track tonight and had a potter round on my new track bike "http://www.i-team.cc/team/index.php?app=gallery&image=1501" It was really nice to ride, i had a fun time and the evening gave me desire to train a little so that i could possible go a little faster and join in a bit more.
  2. Nothing on the bike today but some weight training at Mr. Fudge's... Legs felt fine from yesterday, which is good as i only did 12 miles... more on the bike tomorrow .
  3. Well I did a little ride on the road today… once round the Forestside circuit the wrong was round… I was totally crap to be honest and I once again never understand why I let things get so bad so that I need to die for a few months to gain a little bit of fitness… Rode the 66” fixed out and bounced a lot when revving over 100 RPM, this disappears once a get a few miles in the legs. I always know when some level of fitness is coming back as my cadence get higher than my heart rate… :rolleyes: Setup a Strava account but not too sure how I link it to the I-team website… I will get this done shortly. Will try to get out early tomorrow as I have a busy day planned and weight training in the evening.
  4. Well i finished tinkering with my track bike today and it is ready to rock and roll, well me waddle round the track next Friday... Tomorrow i will have a search through my other track wheels and get a couple of spares to take to the track just in case of a puncture... Really looking forward to Friday, i don't think i have ridden the track for about 2 or 3 years and this will be my 4th time on the bike this year (2 x Turbos + 1 x Cafe ride with Marmotters) I will let you know how it goes...
  5. Hi, I felt really good today at work... which is a little strange... I put it down to the training yesterday so i thought i would do a little more today... only 1/2 hour on the turbos again... to be truthful that's all i can do until my bum get use to sitting on the saddle again. I did some stretching again after getting off the bike,always a good time when you are nice and warm. Thinking of popping out on the road on Wednesday for a little ride, but we will see what the weather is doing... Train hard Paul,,
  6. Hi Everyone, Got up this morning and went to follow I-teamer's Brain's for a spot of weight training... It was quite hard early in the morning... as normal was so impressed seeing the weights Brian can lift and the focus he uses to do so... As i was in Pompey i popped over to the track to see the I-team nippers racing on the track... I only stayed for a little while as i was not dressed for the occasion and the early stages of hypothermia were setting it... We have such a lot of good talent with the youngsters, it is a shame we only have one hours track time for the fixed wheelers. Anyway the events i saw the lads did themselves proud. I was all inspired driving home that i got on the turbos when i got there with my recently built road bike and did 30 minutes whiles watching the dvd of the Marmotte... Leg's felt quite good, but that's not surprising as i don't think i have ridden the bike this year...nevertheless it was nice to be on the bike. I then did 10 minutes stretching... WOW i really need that for just general living let alone riding the bike... if i try and touch my toes i miss by about a 12 inches... Quick bath and now i expect i will need a little sleep... actually i think i will have a snooze whilst watching overcoming... that dvd never fails to motivate me and will be a way to finish my little cycling interlude. Train hard Paul,,
  7. Paul_Gatenby

    My 2012 Track Bike...

    Its taken a little while to build... now i suppose i need to train so i can ride it...

    © © i-Team

  8. Hi Everyone, Back training again ... lots to do ... but confident of doing it ... Cheers Paul,,
  9. I am back home and will be back training again full time from next week...
  10. I am off to California in the morning... see you all soon...
  11. Hi Everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates... I have been training but my daughter is not to well so have been focused on her and not updating your lot... It looks like she is going to have some surgery on her brain, which obviously is not so good. I am just waiting for a date for the operation and then I will be winging my way to California to be with her. Be back soon... Paul,,
  12. Hi Everyone,Sorry been on the missing list… the cough got the best of me and struggled last week to do anything… Friday and Saturday night were quite grim as I just could not stop coughing, so much so that I have strained my stomach muscles.Got on the rower this morning and could only manage 15 minutes as it was really uncomfortable on my belly… went weight training tonight and the same happened… I managed to get all done.The weight loss competition is going fine. Brian shot off into the lead in week one and lost 5 pounds and I only managed one… this week I lost 1 ½ and Brian 1 pound, so I have closed the gap.CheersPaul,,Ps. Nice to be back
  13. Hi Everyone, Well this week has been a bit of a disaster… I have allowed myself to get quite upset about the bike being stolen and have a bit of a cough so have been wallowing in self-pity… I spoke with my daughter last night and we agreed that maybe I should “Suck it up” and get on with things… So I will be back in business tomorrow. Cheers Paul,,
  14. Hi Everyone, I was up at 6:00 and on the rower for 30 minutes… I was thinking that I don’t have a major problem getting out of bed now it’s just something I do each day just like cleaning my teeth… My legs were really sore from the weights last night and I found the last 15 minutes on the rowing machine quite hard… I made a major discovery this morning!!! A cheek bone (well two) :lol: … whilst shaving I notice them, which is a good sign that the weight lose is starting to be noticeable. Tonight I went to the sports injury clinic and had my legs massages… they were still sore from the weights and rowing and although I walked in I was nearly crawling out. It really did hurt tonight and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable the rowing will be tomorrow, anyway I will just crack on… I did plan to spend 30 minutes on the turbos after the massage but just felt wrecked so took the easy option and did nothing . I have been very good on the eating front and not overeaten today… although I must admit I’m starving… Cheers Paul,,
  15. Hi Everyone, Brian is home and I went to weight train tonight… as I have had two weeks off we backed off the weight a little and will build back over the next couple of weeks. It was really nice to be back doing them. Rowed this morning for the normal 30 minutes… We did the weigh-in this evening and now the race to lose a stone is on… how strange is it that once I weighed in I suddenly felt hungry … I better get used to it I suppose … Cheers Paul,,
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