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  1. well i am back in spain this week been out everyday this week yesterday was a great day and a hard day did the hondon ride which is used in the veltra espana tour it a tough climb alright from albaceta to he top its 11kms long with some serious steep bits in after about 4-5kms its starts to ramp up it goes 13 percent drops to 10 per cent then near the top with the crash barries it has 2 13 per cent sections brutal is one way of loooking at it . today was easy ride this afternoon diong the lake ride via terrmendo this is a decent climb from the bottom the local clubs are very helpfull here there is always a group to ride with today i saw 2 groups this afternoon on a thursday both groups had about 30 riders. in them did it split on the climbs just fragmented but the costa blanca is great cyling place always someone out at weekends its heaving with cyclists i have had had a great week here on my second trip to spain i have already booked next months just look on a sunday here loads of big groups well i just thought i would post up a blog i dont think anyone will read it or post as normall long ride friday cheers rob cheers rob c
  2. nice one chris off to alicante next weekend for another week
  3. nice one chris been in the bay i afew times in rough conditons to say the least just to let you no down here its 18-20 degree very pleaseant hope you both have a great trip in portugal and southern spain its well worth it rest day today
  4. Rob_Capel


    hi all 2013 was an intresting year for me miles wise was just under 7000 miles started of with some decent base miles over the winter months done some good sportives dragon i ride is always a good one of mine but time for some new sportives this year big thanks got to andy and sam sayner for the hungerford support after i got lost to guy for waiting for me and andy redding for the lifts its a great club to be a part of long my it continue also did the southern sportive in very bad weather thanks to graham for the support lat year was a transision period for me with parents moving to spain having a permant job always helps of to spain in the morning for some new roads and climbs cant wait i trip to annecy that will be fun i now have 1000 pounds for a new bike anyadvice folks on what to get have 3-4 holidays planned for this year its giong to be very good for me plenty of miles for me next week . would just like to say a massive thankyou to all the people that have helped me last year you know who you are we are a great club and thats a credit to guys hard work looking forward to 2014 cheers rob c
  5. nice one chris have a great time i am off to sunny murcia at the end off jann looking forward to it cheers rob c .
  6. supberb write up gavin and fulll respect to both of you i have ridden these roads and now what they are like a great achivement by you both chapaeu
  7. Rob_Capel


    what agreat year was for me last year started of in early january fist sportive was hell of ashdown a really good sportive then the new fforest sportives dragon ride la marmotte what a great event pleased to get under 10 hrs for this one both pauls tranning camps were great fun top effort for sorting that out . the metric challneges compleated every month under a shade under 7000 miles last year so many highs for me last year just the one low point when someone nicked my pinnerello we have had some great club rides last year some pbs to go with it as well always a bonus whent out on new years day day felt the effects of last weeks hard effort of over 200 miles its great to be partof a postive club were everyone encourages each other i good example of how good the club is run the new members woh jioned 6 months ago are making big progress which is good too sse do i plann to top last years effort yuo better last year was just soo good i am raelly looking forward to another postive and great year ahead o yes and i hve tickets for bothe the lords and the oval testmatches this year really looking forward to the club trip again in july nearer the time i could do witht a lift down again . cheers rob c
  8. nice on ashley my uncle lives in north wales awsome part of the world
  9. hi its been a mild winter apart from one cold snap working really hard for la marmotte objectives being completed and new goals being set jannuarys training weekend was really goood fun jannuary and feb were really good months for me both with over 500 miles in each month time to raise the ante this month.great to see somany new faces to the club just goes to show how good wee are which is great news be positve be happy . as part of marmoote prep i did the hell of ashdown for the first time was not giong to miss out this time and another objective set and done very pleased with my time of 4 hrs 34 mins all bodes well when out today and did a feel the benifits today from sunday you bet but the sunny barmy conditions did help as well 77 miles in the legs today another century at the weekend me thinks thank you for all the positve feedback and comments folks very much appreciated working hard for july i have the new forest sring sportive in april . but i am also looking for a sportive for this month i can see the improvements when i am out traininng there are sections i do not suffer anymore its great being part of a reallygood team be positve stay focus thank you folks cheers rob c.
  10. hi ihave not blooged for a while had another great ride today felt like an early spring dy it was goooooood another 100kms for me today elevation gained today was 3537feet just over 1000 meters of climbing today calories burn off 1772 .forgot to reset my garmin untill i got to cheriton had a bling ride reaally put some good miles in . the route today out to lovedean over to bat and ball ver nice up to top of mercury into east and west meon over the crossroads over to the a32 via some back roads turnned right on the a32 where the garage is over to ailsford . headed out to grundelton bighton commen hill some very good back lanes chalky hill aera you know were i am now folks up to lower and upper wield back to preston candover spinning back into old ailsford into new ailsford. along passed the golf course into cherition up over kilingston top of wheellie down down to corhampton turnning right up swanmore via hampton hill over to wickham for cappachino and cake sat outside heade back via hundred acres and hambledon pass the vine up halpenny down into clanfield and home and ha great morning on the bike left home before 10 am got back around 14 05 pm hope this clears up the early part of the ride everything giong very well for la marmottr and next weekends 2 day ride hope wee get goood weather for it done between 400 -500 kms already this month be out at the weekend it will be i bit cold
  11. hi all it looks like its giong to be a very very wet day today this is the first full weekend off the bike fo me 5 months so its time to recharge the batteries i have been soaked enough time this year i now have a new shimano front wheel really happy with that the garminn 500 is a great bit off kit really glad a brought it will be definately giong to the xmas do next week so will want to go out on sunday for a spinn also looking forward to trainning weekend should be good fun plenty of hills please its what i like form is still realy gooood and for this time of year. i have now signed up for the following. la marmotte the big one . will defintely be there this time mdeical from doctor sorted out. hampshire hilly hundred. dragon ride. hell of ashdown forest. some wiggle events. acouple of audaxs in jannuary. get some early 100 miles in . have a target in mind for next year. hoping the will be a boxing days ride will will also be able to make the new years day ride if there is one next year is giong to be a very big year for me next just want to prove myself in the mountains again setting great challenges thats were there about is it me are sportives opening up very early this year its nice just to have an easy day for once cheers rob c.
  12. hi all first things first nany thanks for all your help with my new garmin 500 edge what a fantastic bit of kit it is there is so much data i can use form this over the winter . in getting ready for 2012 sportives . my main objectives are. 1 hell of ashdown 2 hampshire hilly hundred. 3 dragon ride. 4 new forest sportive. 5 la marmotte which is why i have got the garmin for . deposit already paid and balance will be done before xmas. 6 turn up and do each sportive which i intend on diong 7 stay at or under 11 stone . 8 its been a tough year for me this year with evertying that has happennd. bee positive. 9 the sportives i have done since august have been fantastic i can see the improvements and also helping others . 10 bee very positve over the winter months . really looking forward to the la marmotte. whent out today after 11 oclock warm november day saw at demmead for the sevive today so many there on the green this was about 11. 15 only did 41 miles today but it was good to have a rest . many thanks for reading folks keep positive
  13. well plenty of hardwork on the bike lots of solid quality miles plenty of hilllllls looking forward to the devils punch bowl sportive end of season now i get weekends off the cycling has improved so much i will be having my driving test at the end of november yippppppe back to the cycling i have had some great results. this year its great being out with the team at weekends missed that early in the year new forest sportive was just a bling day out fantastic 5 hrs 33mins for hundred miles was one of some many highs and lows for me this year will be entering the hell of ashdown next weeek and will be diong it for definately and the draggon ride ialso like le puncher on ditchling beacon. and of the hhhh will be done as well. i have a weeks leave in november i will be 40 something ish looking forward to the sunday club rides had a great ride on the south downs challenge a great massive effort by andy sayner wo got a super fast ride that day there are so many fantastic positves for and and its a great team to be a part off looking forward to a great but hard winters tranning o yes and watch some chelsea matches at the bridge it has to be done . might even go to the gym as well dont like them but it will help me
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