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  1. Great read Andy and just rewards for all the effort you put in.
  2. David_Shaw

    My Year

    The Marmotte was the highlight of the year for me Andy,thanks to you and the rest of the gang but it was a little over 8 hrs not 9 LOL
  3. Hope things improve for you Howard,looks like you and me both will have to make a comeback next year...
  4. About time you put them legs to use Paul.
  5. Fantastic effort Guy,i know how you felt on the Alpe as i have been there myself,chapeu for sticking with it and making it too the end.
  6. Fantastic achievement Ashley,it's hard enough just getting around these type of events without the threat of the broom wagon hanging over you in what sounds like atrocious conditions. A really great ride you can be proud of..
  7. Onwards and upwards Alan,i'm sure your make big strides this coming year.
  8. Sounds like a fantastic weekend Alan.
  9. I've still got a pair of leather shoes with the nails poking through somewhere
  10. If you can ride 42 miles on your own Andrew you will have no problem completing a 100km sportive in a group.Get out there and give it a go.
  11. A great read Guy,i told you to take it easy on the Telegraph or you would pay later.Listen to your uncle David in future
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