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  1. National Pursuit Title once belonged to the South Harvey, Looking at the way you ride reminds me a great deal of the fella that won it before one Tony Mayer. You have a fantastic Style and attitude to match, I for one am wishing you the very best I am sure you will make us proud
  2. Great Blog round up! Really looking forward to seeing how you get on as a second CAT, U wont be short of club mates to "Smash it Up" with this year so fitness shouldn't be a problem for you ;-)
  3. Paul_Webb

    Duo Normand TT

    Duo Normand TT
  4. Surrey League 4 Up Team Time Trial Championship Alfold Crossways Village Hall 01:30PM Great event!
  5. until
    Remembrance Day Supported YHA Ride Alfriston
  6. How about this ..... i can honestly see myself doing stuff like this when i retire http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/article/london-to-istanbul-cycle-race-open-for-entry-36497/
  7. Sounds like a place to have a training camp alright!
  8. It's now a tradition that we take a break at Easter (you get a lot of holiday for your money with the bank holidays and all). We generally spend some time with my old Da in Le Busseau (near Poitier) then j(once I have eaten all his food and had enough of his smelly pooches) jog on down to the Pyrenees. Last year we spent some time in the Barousse Valley ( with some scary B&B owners) and this year we headed across the valley east to Puivert near Foix. Now Easter is very early this year so we did not really know what to expect of the weather. Martin ( this years B&B owner - not a psycho ) tells us they have had some days of 25 degrees since Xmas! We arrived on the Sunday night at about 4 o clock and I was encouraged to get a ride in before dinner! Off I set (found a 6 mile climb) at this point the heavens opened up and ended to 19 degree sunshine we had Been having up to now! We had brought the weather with us. Next day Martin suggested a route that would take in 2 or 3 large climbs and end on the hors category plateau de belle 1700m. Wendy to be following in the car by then, it was a pleasant ride taking in the Pas de Soloumbre 1000 metres (highest Wendy has clmbed so chapeau to her) we then dropped like a stone off of the edge of the mountain into Cabannes and the foot of the Plateau de Beille (I am so glad that I didn't have to climb back up that drop it averaged 15% on the way down). I then made my way up the Plateau, it's at this point I realised that the 39 @ 25 ratio was going to make this a difficult week, the col had snow from 1000 metres and at the top lots of skiing going on. After crepes and coffee having suitably let myself get nice and cold i decided to ride back to Puivert avoiding the previous said descent like a soap dodger dodging soap! The next day I was given a 75 mile route that takes in 6 cols, (Wendy had made a French friend by then and they were being more sedate). The weather started out hot I mean I thought I had way too much clothes on and I was getting tanned, the route was superb after the first col (col de Paradis) I was feeling great but too hot, then the mountains decided to show me a display of its awesome power by trying to drown me, I mean I was so wet I might of well have been swimming, and still 5 cols and 50 miles to go. Then the sun came out and burnt me to a crisp, I was cold to the core yet unbelievably sweating my nads off..... The mist as the rain was burning off of the road was. Ecoming a problem as my Rudy Projects were misted up, I was beginning to feel like a Benny Hill sketch. I had the. Company of some rather large Raptors, I realise they were eyeing me up as a prospective meal! Another 10k in the bag it decided to thunder and lightening all the way around me, it rattled up and down the valley in a very frightening manner, I was now completely drenched and turned my iPod up in order not hear the Awful thunder! I was so far into the ride that there was no escape I had to finish what I started, no cafes no shops...... Just pain and wet, I started to think What would Jens Voight do ..... But let's face it I'm no Jens Voight. Inevitably the mountains hadn't finished with me I was roasting and shivering again at the same time........ Only to be broken by another complete soaking just before the very las Col of the day the Col de la Portel (I was hoping it was a time portal). By this time I had no feelings below my waist at all which was probably for the best, So the moral of this story is * Easter in the Pyrenees is best described as unsettled! * The Mountains are stronger than you ....... * If you can't decide what to wear ..... Wear it all it's bound to come in handy some time in the ride * I ain't no Jens Voight But what of Puivert? Well it's perfect for the cyclist lots of Cols and Valleys, big Cols like pailheres at 2300 metres (I was so pleased it was closed), massive climbs in Andorra if you have the nerve. Today I have just done 3 Col Day and again spent 30 miles soaked to the skin! Got chased by some bulls that i spooked! Cant wait to come back next year. What of the B&B? Www.petitverger.com Martin was a fantastic host a passionate cyclist, footballer, wine drinker and is known on occasion to combine all three disciplines, the B&B is a traditional French style house with large bright warm rooms and a massive plus for me is there is a bath! We ate mainly at the B&B as there is. It much open at this time of year, the food was resturaunt standard and plenty of it, Martin dealt admirably with the veggie also. We 50 euros a night for room and 15 euros for the scran. If you like cycling book this B&B!
  9. What a great feeling, asking where you are to find ... you are on the last hill!
  10. Hi Rob Im going to float the idea later this year, it seems like GC is the favoured island, however i reckon the Guys would like Tenerife for the climbs
  11. Here i am enjoying my March Holiday in Tenerife (Puerto Cruz - in the North of the Island). The question i ask myself is "Is Tenerife a Cycling Paradise?". From the minute you arrive in Puerto Cruz your mind is assaulted with road dimensions that seem to make it fold into itself! (I am wondering whether its just Cyclists who can see these dimensions in this way, Cyclists because they are the only ones who will truly understand the magnitude of pain that you would suffer should you have to ride up said dimensions)...... The roads just do not compute.... they make San Francisco look like a feeble cousin. There is simply just no flat, its either up or its down, none of that inbetween stuff When you look North towards Mount Teide (one of the biggest volcano in Europe) the houses look like they are clinging to the mountainside and could not possibly still be there in the morning. The roads are almost vertical and look impossible for the cars to get up, and if you are unfortunate enough to be in a car that attempts these roads you will fill your pants! Tenerife is a place that a trip up the road to get a loaf of bread can include a climb of "Hardnot Pass" proportions.... i am not exaggerating. Saturday I have just taken a little 2 hour trip to shake off yesterdays 108k and i climbed 900 metres from sea level, the ICOD EL ALTO (i was disappointed that this was not an mp3 player shaped like a fish). The Cyclist of Tenerife are great at map reading, the reason for this is that a simple mistake can put you on the wrong side of a 1000 metre 10% climb, you dont want to be doing that too often i can tell you Mount Teide National Park being the most dominant aspect of the island and will involve a 20 - 25 mile climb from almost any angle, the gradient being anything from 3% - 9%. The road surface on Teide is quite good and the Mountain provides plenty of entertainment along the way, the scenery at the top is just breathtaking and well worth the effort. The Traffic on the Mountain is quite heavy but in most cases prople are patient and treat cyclists with respect. There are loops available to do, at the top from route de la Aquamanse you can turn left and complete a 104 KM route to Esperanza and back to Puerto Cruz, this is a killer as if you didnt have enough climbing at Teide there is more to be had on the way to Esperanza, just when your legs are in that Twighlight Zone of having climbed and deserving a descent, you get more climbing back up to 2300 Mtrs. The best thing about this loop is that you spend a LONG time at the top of the mountain and the views back over Teide past the Observatory are amazing, the bad news is that eventually you will be taking the coast road back to Puerto Cruz, the roads are literally like roller - Coasters and by this time your legs are like mush. The traffic is really bad on the coast road as well ...... I climbed Teide 4 times whilst i was here, the weather was fantastic each day in shorts and short sleeves (with plenty of layers for the descents) 20 - 30 degrees each day, the first day we climbed the mountain there was heavy cloud, we rode through this into absolutely brilliant sunshine at 1300 metres, a great experience, on the way back down visbilty of about 6 feet! Amazing. The bike hire Guy (Tenerife - training . net) told me that the route to Teide via the TF326 was crazy steep, so red rag to a bull i had to have a go, i recorded 23% at one point ... thankfully not for too long after that it was about 10 - 12 % average... great views! So is Tenerife a Cycling Paradise? Not quite.... but so close! as with most small islands there is a LOT of concentrated traffic and the busy roads are at the coasts and here it is no different, you have negotiate the traffic in order to get to the nice roads of the great mountain. The Weather was superb and the people are very friendly indeed. What would we do differently? 1) We would look for digs inside the Autopista probably around Ortava this would avoid the busy roads and make the mountain more accessable. 2)I would probably take my own bike and not hire (although the bike i hired was more than adequate Planet X Carbon and Wendy was really pleased with Hers. 3) I would take a good camera and tripod! Would i do it again, deffo.... just for the Sun and the Mountain! If you are thinking of a trip here are our rough costs! Half Board and Flight 250.00 each 5 Days Bike Hire (2 Bikes) 200.00 Transfers 40.00
  12. Nicely balanced reply ... you certainly have impressed me with your improvement, on top of the you still love the bike which is a BIG plus Im going to miss the blogs
  13. piscatarian diet then Al? I found the Gi message really useful when i looked at my diet
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