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  1. Silly question but I cannot seem to find address where kit is to be delivered to, can someone let me know please?.
  2. Well done Guy, fantastic effort considering what you have been through..I should take note.
  3. http://www.hargrovescycles.co.uk/main.asp?sitepages=events-garmin-sportive
  4. Nice one Andrew, I certainly see where you are coming from in finding the time and I usually am only able to get on the odd weekend but try and sign up for as many sportives as I can....a few of us are doing the standard (66 miles) Liphook sportive on 21st August so why not sign up and ride with us?.
  5. Nice one Andrew, a lot of what you say in your blog mirrors me...I really look forward to the club ones also and it is great to see so many youngsters in the club....it is truly a great sport, challenge next year for me is to go abroad with the club on an overseas sportive.
  6. Bit late I know as it has been almost 2 weeks since I got back but I wanted to put down how this event went for me and hopefully not put anyone off with intentions to do this in the near future... With departure scheduled to start at 6am on the 22nd June I managed to blag a taxi (my Dad) to take me up to Crystal Palace on the 21st for a pre booked overnight stay at Crystal Palace lodge (or should I stay Colditz)...anyway after some meet and greet with fellow riders it was an early night ready for the start in the morning... Day 1: London to Calais The challenge began bright and early (6am) from Crystal Palace and we headed south on route to the coast, one poor guy had just left the car park and his rear axle snapped and had to borrow a hybrid for the whole journey. The long journey took us us through rural Kent- the garden of England. The path winded it's way though traditional British countryside, along the North Downs Way before we reached the white cliffs of Dover. We all had to wait for everyone to arrive at the meeting point so we were able to spend an hour or so at the pub over the road waiting for everyone to arrive and enjoy a well earned non-alcoholic drink, we then had a wait at the ferry which took us across to Calais and our first nights resting place and no punctures or mechanical issues, 95 miles (approx). Day 2: Calais to Abbeville La belle France! Another really early start and not much sleep I really found the 1st part of day 2 to be a struggle but after 10 miles or so it became a little easier. Stunning picturesque countryside awaited us in northern France as we traveled south through some beautiful quaint villages, we cycled through Desvres, a market town known for its ceramics!! and continued with the windy roads along the valley of the Canche River. The Artois region was amazing with the Spanish influenced town of Hesdin and its tremendous architecture and close proximity to the battle of Agincourt. We spent the night in Abbeville – steeped in history from the war and despite being destroyed in just one night it has managed to retain its beautiful gothic church and no punctures or mechanical issues, 75 miles (approx). Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais Our route in the morning followed the river Somme out of Abbeville. The Somme is perhaps most famous for its battles and you cannot fail to be reminded of the thousands who lost their lives in the war. But the Somme is also a Celtic word meaning tranquility… so summing up the feeling of the day as you cycle through this superb region. After lunch we enjoyed the countryside with a little less ‘undulations’ than previous days. We finished the day in Beauvais where the market square, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, is a true highlight and no punctures or mechanical issues, 70 miles (approx). Day 4: Beauvais to Paris Our final day of cycling was the big push to Paris, our final destination. We were still treated to some stunning countryside including a fantastic lunchtime in wooded area next to the River Oise. After lunch we were near the outskirts of Paris and started to spot the familiar sights of the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine. We rendezvoud in a park just north of Paris before joining together to cycle the last few miles along some of the famous boulevards. Our finish point can be seen for miles above the Paris skyline and on arrival the celebrations really began! and no punctures or mechanical issues, 60 miles (approx). Day 5: Paris to London The day was ours to soak up the Parisian way of life, explore the city, and visit the landmarks that only yesterday you were cycling by. Sod that for a laugh, I had a nice lay in and got up for breakfast about 9:30. We all then met in the afternoon at the Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar home, arriving at St Pancras where we were reunited with our bikes and commenced the long onward journey home. All in all I thought the organising for this event was 1st class and there were no hiccups, all routes were clearly marked and it was a brilliant experience and one which I am so glad to have taken part in....now cannot wait for next years challenge... Did I say I had no punctures or mechanical issues, my trusty steed was a diamond
  7. Lee_Marples

    Wiggle Bournemouth Sportive

    My first sportive and managed to complete the full 75 miles
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