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  1. Plenty of miles there Rob. The most I've done in a month is 750 and I thought that was a lot. Keep it up
  2. Have a good Journey down Paul, See you there on Wednesday. It'll be a blast
  3. Blimey Barbara you've been busy, I hope things get better, and you can get out to dust the bikes soon
  4. Sounds like a hard day in the saddle Ashley Well done.
  5. You certainly picked the best day for it Rob. Stuck at work I had to make do with wet windy conditions on Saturday and Sunday getting in 100 miles altogether. Keep safe
  6. Bob_Hatton

    My New TT bike

    The New commuter ready for next years racing
  7. Bob_Hatton

    MBMR 07

    2nd visit to Gloucester docks
  8. Sorry to hear this Paul. Please accept my deepest condolences. Hope to see you when your feeling ready.
  9. Bob_Hatton

    MBMR 08

    Mark Brooks Memorial Ride Southern crew
  10. 3 hrs on Sunday Paul Come over to Fareham wheelers Randonee 50 mile hilly, should just do it
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