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Registration Terms


  • The club will abide with British Cycling’s Equality Policy and Code of Conduct - however eligibility for membership is subject to the following being satisfied
  • Verification of Identification and Waiver of Liability:  In the interests of all members, (current and future,) all members must sign an agreement form and liability disclaimer and forward a photograph of good likeness with their membership application - 2015-i-Team-membership-agreement.pdf
  • All members must give consent to some of their personal data being used in accordance with our GDPR Statement - 2018-i-Team-GDPR.pdf
  • All members must agree to abide by The Club’s Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy - 2015_i-Team PSoCR - child-protection-policy.pdf
  • All member’s using the Team Website must agree to abide by the Forum Guidelines - See Below
  • With the possible exception of Associate Membership, i-Team.cc must be a member’s ‘First Claim’ club, i.e. members who take part in competitions and organised cycling events shall not represent any other club than i-Team.cc
  • Members should familiarise themselves with the club constitution - 2015-i-Team-constitution.pdf
  • With the exception of Associate Membership, British Cycling (i.e. Race or Ride membership) is a requirement
  • Please ensure that your British Cycling Membership is up to date by renewing via the British Cycling website when it’s due (i.e. annually starting 12 months after you joined BC.)

New Joiners ‘To-Do’ List:

  1. Purchase British Cycling Membership
  2. Purchase i-Team.cc Membership
  3. Complete and return i-Team.cc Membership Form and Passport Photo
  4. Post a stamped addressed envelope
  5. Set up your i-Team.cc online profileOnce you have completed the above ‘To-Do List’ your membership will be confirmed by email and you will be sent your i-Team.cc Members Site log in details and / or membership card.

Saftey: Members & guest agree to use common sense regarding saftey and agree to take part in club activities at their risk - however we do insist on the following:

  • Members & guests must wear an appropriate cycling helmet on club rides
  • Members & guests should not wear headphones on club rides
  • Please keep your British Cycling membership profile up to date, especially your next of kin details. If you were ever unfortunate enough to have an accident and we were contacted – we would access your British Cycling membership profile via our British Cycling club management tool
  • If an accident or miss occurs on a club ride - please complete and return an incident report form (in confidence) - 2015-i-Team-incident-form.pdf

Team Forum:

  • Remember Public Social Media sites such as Facebook can be very devisive because not everyone uses Facebook and people can get left out of group messages - so unlike Facebook, The Team Forum is private and the one place where you are garanteed to be able to communicate with all members
  • The Team Forum is the main area where you’ll find out what is happening in the club and also where all important club information is stored, so the sooner you start using the Team Forum, the quicker you will feel part of the Team
  • You can also find out the name of the person you were riding with by checking out their profile pictures
  • Your first point of call is the 'Ask / Chat / Announcements Area - there will be a topic announcing the latest members
  • When making posts, please read the post back to yourself - if you need to change anything, use the Edit function
  • You can access the search system at the top of every page
  • If you have a question, use the search system to find out if it's something that has already been asked and answered
  • Status Updates are for giving your team mates a quick update on what you've just been up to...
  • Don't forget what it felt like to be a new member and always give new members a friendly welcome by replying to their first status update
  • N.B. Status Updates should not be used for long messages, to ask questions or to give opinions etc. - use the Team Forum for these purposes.


  • Always remember that your input is valued and you can get involved in the i-Team organisation as much or as little as you want
  • Please advise of any change in your preffered email address using the details below
  • If you need to contact the club’s administrator for routine enquiries, the preferred method is to contact Guy Watson using the Private Messaging System on the Club Members Website, or alternatively send an email to members@i-team.cc

Annual Membership Subscriptions:

  • If you haven’t yet received your ‘credit card’ type plastic membership card and/or an I.C.E. sticker for your cycling helmet, just send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Guy Watson, 102 Park Lane, Bedhampton, Havant, PO9 3HNPlease keep your membership up to date by renewing via the British Cycling Website
  • Annual membership subscription fees are due on January 1st. Any member who has not paid their membership subscription by 31st of January in the year that it is due, will cause their membership to lapse. Lapsed members may have their online member’s profile deleted but their details will be kept on file. Lapsed members can renew their membership at any time by paying their annual membership subscription fee.


  • i-Team.cc is supported by sponsored by InTandem Systems Limited - any recognition you could give them when mentioning our club would be much appretiated

Club Clothing:

  • i-Team.cc club clothing is exclusively available to members and so when you wear it, you are making a statement that you are a club cyclist – and your club is i-Team! The article on this link takes you through the current range and how to order, and there is a dedicated forum topic on the Members Website

 Ways to Help & Support Your Club:

All cycling clubs rely on a core group of individuals who help make things happen, and a club cannot keep going as long as i-Team has, without active participation from it’s members. Depending on how much you want to get involved and/or how much time you have available, there are many ways that you can contribute:

  • Always welcome new members by replying to online updates and out on club rides
  • Wear your club kit whenever you can – especially on club rides
  • When wearing club kit, you are representing your club – please set a good example to others
  • Try not to drop off the RADAR or Keep in touch with your club and other members – e.g. just post one topic per week on the Team Website Forum, or write a blog page once a year. Please send any feedback that you may have to members@i-team.cc
  • Join our Strava Club
  • Follow us on Twitter and Retweet: @iteamcc - https://twitter.com/iteamcc - make sure you tag us in your tweets
  • Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/iteamcc - make sure you tag us in your photos
  • Follow us on Instagram - https://instagram.com/iteamcc/ - make sure you tag us in your photos
  • Use the hashtags #iTeamCC #PSoCR and website www.i-team.cc on social media and online cycling forums etc.
  • Help organise a club event – e.g. marshalling at a road race, making tea at a club time trial
  • Help out with our Portsmouth School of Cycle Racing www.psocr.com  If you have a son or daughter who is a member, bring them along to one of our coaching sessions. Or if you are interested in becoming a coach, or becoming a committee member – see club Roles & Responsibilities - _2014-i-Team PSoCR - ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.pdf
  • Support our Racing Development Squad and help our Youth and Junior riders make it into an Elite Racing Team or on to an Olympic Development Program. You can do this with a cash donation, by donating any unwanted bikes and/or equipment, or by helping organise training days – or simply by coming along to races and giving them a cheer – please contact members@i-team.cc for more details
  • N.B. All communication between the club admin and yourself is by the Team Forum or by email - therefore it is essential that you ensure that your email address is up to date and that you check that any spam settings on your email program are set up so that info@i-team.cc is not classed as spam or junk main.

A Few Simple Rules For Team Forum:

Theses guidelines basically outline the way that this board has been run since we started in January 2003 and are certainly not meant to stop everyone having fun. Rules may come accross as a bit inconvenient sometimes but as the provider of this service, I am the one responsible for ensuring that both existing and new members get the best possible service, that is suitable for members of all ages and from all backgrounds, so could I ask you:

PLEASE: All material posted must be suitable for the youngest member in the club to read. Do not post anything that you would not want your 10 year old daughter, nephew to read etc.

PLEASE: No 'Fanning the Flames' or 'wind-ups.' They have back-fired so many times and I have to sort it out when I could be riding my bike! smile.gif .

PLEASE: No blatant advertising. If someone requests a recommendation for a product or service - please use discretion if your recommendation might possibly conflict with one of the i-Team Sponsors. If in doubt - please advise by Private Message or email.

PLEASE: You must not change your user name or password from the one that was allocated to you when you joined.

PLEASE: Your profile photo should be an image that allows other members to recognise you. It should ideally be of you on your bike in your i-Team jersey. Please refer to the News & Information Forum for more information.

PLEASE: Do not be offended if your post or topic is deleted or mofied without notice, as there is not enough time to maintain the forum and send out advice messages or explainations.

PLEASE NOTE: The Team Manager reserves the right to adjust these rules as situations arise, as he sees fit. Please remember that this is always done in the best interests of the club and never take it personally.

Always try to be respectfull, courteous and positive - even if, in 'reality,' you know the other member really well. Chances are that most people reading a thread only 'know' of you online or may even be a new member. A certain amount of banter and humour is perfectly acceptable but the best place for banter is face to face in a group, or by private message. Please remember that it is VERY easy for other's to take a post the wrong way. Something you might think is funny when you say it in your head, can come accross to others as sarcastic for instance - because others can't hear the 'tone' of your message or see you laughing.

By the same token - please give others the benefit of the doubt. If something comes accross in a way that upsets you, please remember that the poster may have meant the message to be read in a different way. Also, we all come from different backgrounds and have come into cycling by many different ways.

Try to be as inclusive as possible and refrain from 'one to one' conversations. These can be easily taken to private messages and e-mail.

Please read the post back to yourself before posting. You have the ability to edit your posts, please use this function as opposed to double posting. Use your best judgment before hitting that 'send' button!

If anyone is offended by a post - please contact me so that the issue can be fully understood and resolved

Before posting a new subject - you might want to use the forum 'Search' or 'Help' functions - but never be put off asking a question - it's one of the main purposes of the forum - chances are that if you don't know, a lot of others don't know either - and remember, all of us were beginners once.

NO 'Net speak!' Some of the more well known abbreviations such as LOL (laughing Out Loud) and the like are fine but we don't want things such as: "U R so gr8! R/Hr 4Evr & evr!" and the like. Not only are such things hard to read but it tends to disrupt the flow of discussion. Same applies to cycling jargon - try to use plain english as appropriate.

You are entitiled to your opinion but this forum might not always be the best place to air it. For instance, do not be deliberately devisive. It is perfectly possible to prompt an open minded, many-sided discussion without dividing the whole club into 2 camps - e.g. All those that think a certain rider took performance enhancing drugs and those that think the some rider is a saint. Try to be open minded and never expect everyone to agree with you.


The information and articles on this website may not represent official statements or views of i-Team, it's members or contributors. You use any information at your own risk. In no event shall "i-Team" "i-Team.cc" "Guy Watson" accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information contained in these web pages. Information on this website is provided by many different people. While we try to keep it accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it always will be. If you see something in a document that offends, should be corrected or updated, please send an email to webmaster at i-team.cc This site contains links to external, non-i-Team websites. i-Team is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.

i-Team.cc : The Internet Cyclists' Club, c/o The Mountbatten Centre, Alexandra Park, Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 9QA

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